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Talk:Venom Sword

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rate of poisoning...1413:26, 7 September 2012

rate of poisoning...

Is it like lathering poison onto a sword? or is it higher than that?

LexisMikaya10:30, 23 November 2011

Well a bit of a late response but from what I've seen the rate is relatively low. Blessed Venom Sword, I've knocked it's durability down by 4 and I have yet to see it poison anything. I'll have to use it more though before I can really confirm anything. (Maybe I'm just unlucky)

Holam9212:49, 14 December 2011

Venom sword is glitched until next patch it seems. You can coat the venom sword with a poison bottle with... Strange effects afterwards.

Aubog00712:51, 14 December 2011

So essentially...the rate of poison is 0 and what strange effects happen afterwards o-o?

LexisMikaya13:11, 14 December 2011

The venom sword gets poisoned. But everything else gets poisoned too. Fists too. Effects last until CC

Aubog00715:13, 14 December 2011


LexisMikaya17:44, 14 December 2011

Er, don't mean to necro, but has the poisoning been fixed yet?

Pyroblade21:41, 6 June 2012

Yeah, it's fixed... well... kinda, you can still lather it with poison but doesn't have the side-effect.

Zugon (Talk | contribs)21:45, 6 June 2012

My venom sword never poisoned the Amethyst Golem even once, after hitting it like 100 times in the course of 15 minutes... It's CP must be so high that my rate of poisoning is like 0.1%... You'd think Devcats should have put a minimal rate of 5% chance to poison...

Dra6o0n (talk)22:55, 6 September 2012

Afaik, CP has nothing to do with poison...


So the golem was resistant to poison then?

Dra6o0n (talk)22:56, 6 September 2012

Yes, I already posted a response to your other thread of the golem page.


CP has an effect on the rate of poison along with poison resistance. That much is sure, based on my rate of poison and my Snake's rate of poison.

Aubog007 (talk)10:58, 7 September 2012

Does it? Because every monster has a specific PoisonImmune amount...


Doesn't really matter to me because the golems are 100% immune to it. Makes sense in a way because they don't have actual flesh and is made of rock most of the time.

Dra6o0n (talk)13:26, 7 September 2012