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User pages. What are they usually used for? to get others to understand them or are they for showing off later on. I opted out of making a user page for over 2-3 years as I considered it a waste of wiki space, however I will use this as for others to ascertain my motives on the wiki. Primarily.

1. If there's something I doubt due to general consensus in the Mabinogi community, I will revert it, not particularly because it was edited by a specific person or etc., mainly because it seems highly implausible, if you unrevert it, please provide some sort of proof, a decent explanation is enough to get me by.

2. If I do edit something on the wiki, usually it's confirmed by multiple sources and gone through EXTENSIVE testing. If you further doubt it, discuss with me before starting a reversion war, saves wiki bandwidth and Recent Changes space. (unless someone deletes and restores)

3. I may come off as arrogant or... overbearing, but my actions on this wiki for the past 3 years speak much louder and add much credibility to my future actions.

4. If I seem like I'm attacking you, I'm not.

5. And if you think I wrote this for you. You are mistaken.

This is my user page and someday more will be added to it.

And this is Aubog007 and how I "roll"

P.S. There will be no fancy pictures. Just walls of text on this space.

Just for kicks.

Yes, ultimate goal of capping everything has been achieved. Jack of all trades, done!

2k AP remaining for future skills.

Demigod Awakening of Light.png100Spear of Light.png100Fury of Light.png100Shadow Spirit.png100Wings of Eclipse.png100Wings of Rage.png100
Paladin Spirit of Order.png100Power of Order.png100Eye of Order.png100Sword of Order.png100Paladin Heavy Stander.png100Paladin Natural Shield.png100Paladin Mana Deflector.png100
Combat Combat Mastery.png100Smash.png100Windmill.png100Assault Slash.png100Counterattack.png100Defense.png100Charge.png100Human Ranged Attack.png100Magnum Shot.png100Arrow Revolver.png100Crash Shot.png100Support Shot.png100Critical Hit.png100Evasion.png100Lance Counter.png100Lance Charge.png100Final Hit.png100Blunt Mastery.png100Sword Mastery.png100Axe Mastery.png100Bow Mastery.png100Crossbow Mastery.png100Lance Mastery.png100Shield Mastery.png100Light Armor Mastery.png100Heavy Armor Mastery.png100
Alchemy Alchemy Mastery.png100Mana Crystallization.png100Fragmentation.png100Synthesis.png100Metal Conversion.png100Barrier Spikes.png100Flame Burst.png100Sand Burst.png100Water Cannon.png100Wind Blast.png100Frozen Blast.png100Life Drain.png100Summon Golem.png100Rain Casting.png100Shock.png100Heat Buster.png100Chain Cylinder.png100Water Alchemy.png100Fire Alchemy.png100Earth Alchemy Mastery.png100Wind Alchemy.png100Transmutation.png100
Magic Magic Mastery.png100Enchant.png100Icebolt.png100Firebolt.png100Lightning Bolt.png100Ice Spear.png100Fireball.png100Thunder.png100Blaze.png100Hail Storm.png100Healing.png100Party Healing.png100Natural Shield.png100Ice Shield.png100Fire Shield.png100Lightning Shield.png100Mana Shield.png100Meditation.png100Fusion Bolt.png100Bolt Mastery.png100Ice Mastery.png100Fire Mastery.png100Lightning Mastery.png100Magic Weapon Mastery.png100Meteor Strike.png100Snap Cast.png100Spellwalk.png100
Life Production Mastery.png100Rest.png100Campfire.png100Handicraft.png100Taming Wild Animals.png100Weaving.png100Tailoring.png100Sheep Shearing.png100First Aid.png100Potion Making.png100Herbalism.png100Fishing.png100Cooking.png100Wine Making.png100Milking.png100Egg Gathering.png100Mushroom Gathering.png100Harvesting.png100Hoeing.png100Metallurgy.png100Refining.png100Blacksmithing.png100Mining.png100Carpentry.png100Commerce Mastery.png100Transformation Mastery.png100Rare Mineralogy.png100Shyllien Ecology.png100Hillwen Engineering.png100Magic Craft.png100
Fighter Knuckle Mastery.png100Charging Strike.png100Spinning Uppercut.png100Drop Kick.png100Focused Fist.png100Somersault Kick.png100Pummel.png100Combo Mastery.png100Respite.png100Tumble.png100
Music Playing Instrument.png100Compose.png100Musical Knowledge.png100Enthralling Performance.png100Dischord.png100Lullaby.png100Enduring Melody.png100Battlefield Overture.png100Harvest Song.png100Vivace.png100March Song.png100
Puppetry Control Marionette.png100Puppet's Snare.png100Wire Pull.png100Colossus Marionette.png100Pierrot Marionette.png100Act 1- Inciting Incident.png100Act 2- Threshold Cutter.png100Act 4- Rising Action.png100Act 6- Crisis.png100Act 7- Climactic Crash.png100Act 9- Invigorating Encore.png100
Dual Gun Dual Gun Mastery.png100Reload.png100Flash Launcher.png100Grapple Shot.png100Bullet Slide.png100Bullet Storm.png100Gun Ballet.png100Way of the Gun.png100
Hidden Talent Berserk.png100Counter Punch.png100Doppelganger.png100Shockwave.png100Spider Shot.png100Study- Potion Lore.png100

On a side note, had to fix a faulty if-then statement for the skilltable.