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User talk:Aubog007

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Your edits on Tara Missions Crystal Rewards

Are you sure that Shock crystal doesn't come from here? ~kotarou3 TALKCONTRIBS 16:15, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

It doesn't yet. Shock isn't implemented on NA. --- Angevon (Talk) 16:48, 18 July 2010 (UTC)
I know. But it should at least be listed as "(Future Content)" rather than be deleted altogether ~kotarou3 TALKCONTRIBS 16:59, 18 July 2010 (UTC)
That would be rather conflicting to see a reward section of Future content. We could do the same for all dungeon rewards that aren't here yet. I am just following the reward system I see in all the other pages...Which IMO needs a LOT of cleaning up to do... All the enchants and rewards need to be updated to the NA version and I don't even know WHAT the NA version IS.(Enchant wise)--Aubog007 14:00, 20 July 2010 (UTC)
Couldn't we put it at the bottom of the page with a future content banner above that section instead of the page? it gives people a good idea of where to prepare to look while still alerting them it's not yet implemented. Miyani 18:22, 20 July 2010 (UTC)::::
For a nice half year update for those that are curious. It seems NA's Normal Tara mission rewards (not castle) do not drop Frozen Blast or Shock crystals at all. --Aubog007 21:21, 13 January 2011 (PST)

Steel Needle

Despite the name, it goes on wooden gauntlets. Please verify your source before making a change Nandattebayo 17:17, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Asked KR players. Give me a link other wise--Aubog007 17:18, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Or could do the smart thing and wait until it is implemented on NA.--Aubog007 17:20, 22 August 2010 (UTC)
Just asked again. it says as long as it is NOT wood. Enchant enabled for gauntlets. --Aubog007 17:24, 22 August 2010 (UTC)
Ok, I compared my source with JP and KR wiki and it looks like you're right. Nandattebayo 19:17, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Re: Fleet and Quick.

Is it? I thought someone changed the name to Quick but didn't move the template. Well, if that's the case... Chilly (whose enchant scroll calls it "Cold") has the template named after what it appears as on the item. I suppose we can do the same for Fleet --Aramet (Talk) 19:54, 3 September 2010 (UTC)

locked templates

Are you referring to the data for Ghosts or the monster template itself? If it's the template itself, it's that, because it occurs so often, editing it during busy hours have a chance of crashing the wiki. To edit the monster's data, please click on the link called (edit data). -- ladywinter ~{talk | contribs}~ 01:44, 14 September 2010 (UTC)


This is available now? Great news if it is, I've been wanting to get it lol. --Qaccy 17:44, 14 October 2010 (UTC)

Production Mastery

Wait, so rank of Production Mastery doesn't increase the party's bonus?

Nope. Only the skill rank of the skill that you are trying to rank matters. Carpentry -> Carpentry and etc. As a matter of fact. Someone did some research and it's a formula.Other player's skill rank >= Your rank = 5% added to base bonus. Other player's skill rank < Your rank = 1% added to base bonus. Mabination had more research on the exact formula it seems.--Aubog007 09:40, 17 September 2011 (UTC)

Daily Shadow Missions

Thanks for removing the ones that can't be dailies. I didn't know which couldnt, so I just put them all up. Do you know which tara missions cant be dailies?--͟͞ҡ͟͞ε͟͞ѵ͟͞ו͟͞͞η [͟͞т͟͞α͟͞ι͟͞κ]

Mobilizing the Exped Force I believe is the only one, Along with the wine making missions.--Aubog007 03:11, 6 October 2011 (UTC)

My choice of no "threads"

Please do keep in mind when you do post on my discussion page that you remember to post your signature.--Aubog007 09:00, 9 October 2011 (UTC)


Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Crisis CP101:20, 30 April 2013
E-mail102:41, 2 April 2013
Blacksmithing Talent323:53, 11 November 2012
Selecting grandmaster tests for a talent you aren't using110:32, 3 November 2012
Just a heads up on Wine Making122:23, 28 August 2012
Fighter Destiny102:19, 22 January 2012
deleting abbreviations/phrasing shortcut redirects216:35, 13 December 2011
Ladeca Ice Wand421:51, 13 October 2011
Liquidthreads009:48, 18 June 2011
Appreciated518:55, 4 March 2011
What is the list of monsters as that is affected by lowered defense/protection with Brionac and Shadow of Spirit?221:19, 13 January 2011

Are you absolutely sure its a CP variable? Discussion was here.

Infodude575 (talk)21:56, 29 April 2013

The variable is not for aggroing mobs that are unaggroed. It is for taking away aggro FROM you.

For instance, master vs veteran bandits. If 2 veterans are aggroed at me and i use crisis and desummon the puppet, the bandits dont resume aggro against me. However if i use it against masters or say... Elite sulfur spider middle room, those jerks STILL remain as pissed off as ever towards me.

Aubog007 (talk)01:20, 30 April 2013

If you didn't notice it by the time you see this message, please check your email. :) Thanks~

I did, and i sent a response, my email is checked daily so don't worry.

Aubog007 (talk)02:41, 2 April 2013

Blacksmithing Talent

you get none of the PTJ bonuses either?

I get PTJ bonuses and smuggler notifications while playing as other talents, just not the smithing/tailoring/carpentry bonuses

Also no ability to make exclusive items either.

Aubog007 (talk)05:21, 11 November 2012

I'm confused. :c

PTJ/Smuggler as other life talents?

As blacksmith, no blacksmith only manuals, and etc?


You only get to use the smithing manuals under smithing talent (along with the bonuses of smithing) Same with tailoring and carpentry.

However you get double life exp, gathering exp, and smuggler notifications under ALL life talents. Sorry

Aubog007 (talk)23:53, 11 November 2012

Selecting grandmaster tests for a talent you aren't using

I just recently got Grandmaster for Magic and only noticed your request for a screenshot afterwards. At the moment I can't accept any of Lezzaro's requests since I finished them for the day but I'll see if I can get the next set of quests tomorrow despite already being Grandmaster.

If you're willing to take my word that I only just recently got Grandmaster Mage and that I haven't rebirthed yet, this is a screenshot of my Grandmaster Mage title with Holy Arts as my active talent. I got the last 8 or so seals required to become Grandmaster with the Holy Arts talent active.

Blargel (talk)09:11, 3 November 2012

Oh, my questions have been answered, however i will go into testing of it later. I do believe you can continue taking your grandmaster tests while under a different talent as long as you started it under the proper talent. That is what i need tested. But someone else can do that i think.

Aubog007 (talk)10:29, 3 November 2012

Just a heads up on Wine Making

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 22:23, 28 August 2012

I'm sure you saw the Wine Making page. I move the page for skill details here. Edit it from there.

S•A•R•I•A19:12, 27 July 2012


Aubog00719:16, 27 July 2012

Fighter Destiny

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the destiny is Fighter and the skill tab is Martial Arts, but I don't read Korean myself so...

Pyro - (Talk)19:43, 21 January 2012

Verified with korean sources that the skill tab itself is indeed called fighter. Heck. Even made specifically sure to ask koreans who play KR mabi to tell me for sure so i wouldn't make this error. Unless i was flat out lied to. Then in which case that sucks.

Aubog00702:18, 22 January 2012

deleting abbreviations/phrasing shortcut redirects

why delete lowercase redirects for one word titles? lowercase redirect accounts for both uppercase and lowercase titles, whereas uppercase redirect does not account for lowercase, and search will not find it either. The abbreviations allow one get to the skill pages a lot faster as means of shortcut, having to capitalize the letters takes a more time and defeats the purpose of having any sort of abbreviations. Also, another reason for the abbreviation is for new players to look up what someone means when they say, for example "use ar". Abbreviations, phrasing redirects are created for a reason and should not be considered the same thing as the article with the same title.

Hengsheng120·TALKCONTRIBS15:45, 13 December 2011

Then why was Fb Forcefully redirected to FB and suppressed? I did my basis on deletion based on that and other redirects and policies.

Aubog00716:02, 13 December 2011

Ladeca Ice Wand

I beg to differ. i Have a 19 dura smithed wand. want a screenshot?

Jets2fly218:59, 13 October 2011

Smithing Grades + Rank bonuses.

Does not matter.

Aubog00720:03, 13 October 2011

I know for a fact that it's 15 when smithed. come on Ruairi and ask anyone. or smith one yourself. Handicrafted version + 1 ladeca till 99% then 1 ladeca to finish.

19 dura is rank B and made by a rank 1 smith.

Jets2fly221:02, 13 October 2011

therefore 20 durability is max at B+ grade.

Jets2fly221:03, 13 October 2011

~_~. 13 dura is base dura. I had people smith them for me. Think of it like a gladius.

Doesn't it match?

Aubog00721:51, 13 October 2011


I read your little note on Kotarou's talk page.

Add to your talk page

if you don't wish to use liquid threading.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)09:48, 18 June 2011


I (hopefully) represent the entire staff and community when I say thank you for making the effort to revert the vandalism by User:Nightgale, also known as User:Shelbifer. :)

κєνıи тαıĸ«)18:29, 3 March 2011

I would like to point out I know Shelbifer isn't Nightgale. She was at school when Wiki was being "attacked" I guess you would say. And she also has friends at school who play mabi as well. But smooth move banning someone all she did was change pictures of outfits wether it be the Wing Bolero or anything else she changed. But to go as what you've done now is completely harsh since if it was from the ip she was at when wiki was attacked it could have been anyone. The changes to wiki weren't even made from the user Shelbifer anyways.

Substance19:39, 3 March 2011

From the checkuser results, Shelbifer and Nightgale were using the same IPs.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)20:08, 3 March 2011

I quote from mabimods:

LOVELY, they IP banned me. But they banned my home IP and not my school LOL?

~小太郎 TALKCONTRIBS 2011:03:04:05:36 (Friday)

~小太郎 TALK<sub style="margin-left:-26px21:36, 3 March 2011

Newly created user account to defend shelb? Some reason you don't want us to know who you are? :P

Tellos07:05, 4 March 2011

I didn't mind. Doing what other people would have done.

Aubog00718:55, 4 March 2011

What is the list of monsters as that is affected by lowered defense/protection with Brionac and Shadow of Spirit?

E-mail me the answer at

Miyuna18:43, 13 January 2011

Thanks for the email! Now to sell to spambots...
Now what's the morale of the story...?

Just check racedb.xml or something, it should be in there ~小太郎 TALKCONTRIBS 2011:01:14:05:17 (Friday)

21:17, 13 January 2011

It is. Just had to filter a long list of names to a slightly less than long list of names. It's really specific...

Aubog00721:19, 13 January 2011