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After hitting a zombie one hp at a time. I have gained a general estimate of a zombie's hp, which is somewhere around 500 HP (it took that much damage give or take 10 damage.)--Sinnoaria

You're forgetting to take into consideration the heal rate of monsters. --Zephyre
I'm 99% certain zombies have 250 HP. A windmill that does 249 damage never killed one, a windmill that does 250+ damage usually does. --Naiya 07:44, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

The comment about zombies being in a defense skill if they move at all with a skill bubble seems to be somewhat inacurate. I observed several zombies shuffling to a halt while using a skill ending up in counter stance. You would think that since a normal player use of the counter skill halts the user immediately that the same would hold true for a zombie, but this doesn't seem to be the case. --Tamino

Uhh why are the Whites spelt Wight? Arnt those called Whites? ~ Shadowboy132

Wight should have been the correct translation all along, but Nexon borked it and didn't fix it until all this time. The ones in Peaca Basic have the correct names. The name "wight" in its present usage was totally swiped from Dungeons and Dragons, where it is described as an undead human that inhabits catacombs, evil and hateful, seeking to destroy all life it encounters. --Naiya 07:42, 10 December 2008 (UTC)
Oh thanks ~ Shadowboy132
Swiped from dungeons and dragons? I hate how people say they invented alot of terms even though most of it appeared in The Lord of The Rings, including this usage.--Neouu84 17:49, 23 February 2011 (UTC)
Currently this page has both Wight and Whight appearing. Which is correct? (And the Peaca Dungeon page still refers to White, but I don't want to fix that until I know whether it should be Wight or Whight.) --Librarian 08:07, 30 September 2011 (UTC)

I'm curious on the drop rate of the Traditional Costume of Tir Chonaill from zombies. I've only seen around 3 of them in game on the Ruairi server with my own eyes. Hakumei January 34, 2009. 8:12 PM (PST)

Snow Zombies

Having run a lot of Par Snow Crystal recently I've found that the wiki isn't entirely accurate on the characteristics of them. "Must critical hit to do damage" is clearly incorrect, whilst some of the critical windmills did do reasonable damage, the vast majority of them still did 1 point hits. Another point of contention is the speed at which they move. Can anyone verify that ONLY Snow Zombies with "the Awake" title move fast? I seem to recall many Snow Zombies regardless of title 'choosing' to either shuffle at a crawl or run at people (same goes for Bandersnatches iirc but that's another matter). Someone had added: "Cannot be damaged greatly by windmill or arrows. Most attacks beside stomp will do 1 damage at most." However whilst I've seen crit windmills do 1 damage, I've also seen others in the same party do normal windmills that did more than one damage so this doesn't strike me as entirely true. I seem to remember that someone told me that you need to be able to hit clear of 200 damage regularly, anyone else have anything to add?

Okay, people seriously need to stop assuming and actually check their facts. "Can only be hurt by stomp" is false. I was the only giant in my party, I killed a grand total of 0 Snow Zombies and yes I tried stomp. It was the crit windmills in our case that eventually killed them.


It would seem to me that the Bandersnatches in Par Snow Crystal are stronger than the variety found in Par Normal. Can anyone confirm?

Prof with Bandersnatches is a perfect way to prof fast weapons (1 handed)

I was going on with par ruins runs as usual, and since i wanted to prof my spiked knuckles I tried to mess around by stomping those 10 penguins i spawned... Later on i happen to find out that Bandersnatches makes good punching bags and they heal over time if you don't hit one for 30-60 seconds, meaning you got reusable punching bags!

Try to get to the boss room, eliminate the boss but leave the normal bandersnatches alone, then line em all up and pound em with the spike knuckle's tiny splash range... I got over 17 prof under a hour doing this, with a pet set to healing... As long as you only do 1 dmg, its a good prof plan. --dra6o0n Note: I did this on a Wednesday with a age 17 giant, meaning on a thursday and age 25 giant would gain MUCH MORE prof... Eats up dur though...

TNN zombie

They only have 3 hits, but they always do an N+1 Wuberfeca

Magic/Ranged Cannot Kill?

Well it could be that I was mistaken, but I thought that monsters with Rank 3 Mana Delfector/ Natural Shield were still killable by ranged and magic? Zombies are not, I knocked one into deadly an firebolt spammed it to death trying to kill it quickly.... It wouldn't die.This has happened multiple times and I could have sworn that LV3 PD didn't make everything absolutely usesless.


Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Regarding Ghouls in Peaca Basic020:42, 12 October 2013
White -> Wight013:00, 31 July 2013
Zombies in Another World001:37, 12 August 2011
Elite Zombies015:57, 27 January 2011

Regarding Ghouls in Peaca Basic

Can anyone confirm that one or both of the two ghouls in Peaca Basic (Gray or Blue) can poison? I found out that while fighting them (3 vs 1), one kind seems to have the poisoning skill.

Jun3SK (talk)20:42, 12 October 2013

White -> Wight

It looks like one of the version of the White was fixed and was renamed to Wight. Not sure if it was the Peace Norml version. If someone could check and fix the page accordingly, that'd be nice.

Zombies in Another World

We probably shouldn't add any unconfirmed data such as rumors unless they're integral to the subject. Whether or not there have been rumors of the standard Zombie having Defense is not relevant, since it is confirmed that it does not have Defense.

  • On another note, the page for Small Silver Gem says that the item very rarely drops from the standard Zombie from Another World. However, on this page, it is not listed. Could there be clarification and page editing, if needed?
Seg16201:37, 12 August 2011

Elite Zombies

Shouldn't we add stats for the elite level zombies? Their CP is 5400 btw.

Nandattebayo15:57, 27 January 2011