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Template:DataLong Swordsmanship School Uniform (M)

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Long Swordsmanship School Uniform (M) |Desc=A uniform for the Swordsmanship School with an added touch from Valencia.
Available for 17-20 year old men. |Category=/equip/armor/agelimit_cloth/steel/human_elf_only/

|immune_magic=0.08 |age_min=17 |age_max=20

|BuyPrice=200000 |Tradability=0 |Width=2 |Height=4 |Color1=1 |Color2=1 |Color3=1 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |Defense=2 |Protection=0 |Durability=8000 |Upgrades=3

|HumanMale=y |HumanFemale=n |ElfMale=y |ElfFemale=n |GiantMale=n |GiantFemale=n

|ObtainList=*Production Gachapon (2012)

|Method=Tailoring |ProductionExp=70000 |PatternRank=5 |PatternLoc=Fleta
Giant Alligator
Production Gachapon |PatternCost=132000 |RecipePerTry=Finest Fabric × 2
Finest Silk × 2
Finest Leather × 5 |RecipeFinish=Finest Finishing Thread × 1
Red Potion × 1
Magical Golden Thread × 1
Fog Silk × 1 |CraftPercent=12 |Recipe=18 Finest Fabric, 18 Finest Silk, 45 Finest Leather, 1 Finest Finishing Thread, 1 Magical Golden Thread, 1 Red Potion, and 1 Fog Silk }}