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Template:DataMonsterPink Succubus

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Pink Succubus |Page=Succubus |Ext=png

|FieldLocations=*None |DungeonLocations=*Rabbie Advanced (Solo Boss)

|HP=~3,000 |CP=4000 |Defense=17 |Protection=60 |Speed=Normal |Element=none

|MeleeHits=3 |MeleeDamage=100-150 |RangedHits= |RangedDamage= |MagicHits=? |MagicDamage=? |ExplosiveHits= |ExplosiveDamage=

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |AggroRange=Medium |AggroSpeed=Fast

|EXP=3,000 (+300) |Gold=1,000-3,000 |DropEquip=*None |DropMisc=*Herbs

|SkillSmash=y |SkillWindmill=y |SkillCounter=y |SkillDefense=y |SkillHeavyStander=2 |SkillManaDeflector =1 |SkillNaturalShield=1 |SkillPoisonAttack=y |SkillLightningBolt=y |SkillIcebolt=y |SkillFirebolt=y

|Notes=*Does not attack until her HP is lowered below 66%.

    • She will keep her distance while loading Defense and Counterattack when her HP is over 66%.
    • She will retaliate when attacked, regardless of her HP.
    • Play Dead is risky because she may use Windmill when you are near her.
  • Hitting her with a Critical Firebolt causes a Pink Succubus Top to drop. Hitting her with a Critical Smash afterward causes a Pink Succubus Skirt to drop.
    • The succubus must survive in order for her items to drop.
  • Has an ensemble effect with Red Succubus, increasing ?.

|Advice=*Deal with her after defeating all of the other succubi.

  • Use Defense or Counterattack to prevent heavy damage and Poison.