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Template:DataMonsterReanimated Corpse (Baltane Mission)

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Reanimated Corpse (Baltane Mission) |Page=Zombie

|Mission=*Avalon Bridge

|MeleeHits=4 |Speed=Very Slow |AggroSpeed=Fast |AggroRange=Medium |Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |Element=None

|SkillCounter=y |SkillSmash=y


|BasicHP=650 |BasicMeleeDamage= |BasicRangedDamage= |BasicDefense= |BasicProtection= |BasicEXP=4,500 |BasicGold= |BasicCrit= |BasicCP=Player |BasicDropMisc= |BasicDropEquip= |EliteHP=1300 |EliteMeleeDamage= |EliteRangedDamage= |EliteDefense= |EliteProtection= |EliteEXP= |EliteGold= |EliteCrit= |EliteCP=Player |EliteDropMisc= |EliteDropEquip=

|Notes=*May explode when defeated.

  • Reanimated Corpses in Nowhere to Run do not use Counterattack.
  • Combat power is matched to the player's combat power at the start of the mission and will remain that amount for the rest of the mission.

|Advice=*Because they use Counterattack, always target them with caution when your allies are nearby. Notice which ones are standing still. }}