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Race {{{Race}}}
Gender {{{Gender}}}
Age {{{Age}}}
Occupation {{{Job}}}
Location {{{Location}}}
Part-time Job {{{Part-time}}}
Repair {{{Repair}}}
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[edit]Template Documentation

Do not use this template on User pages. Use Template:CharacterInfobox instead.


|Implemented = 
|Image = 
|Ext = 
|Name = 
|Race =
|Category = 
|Gender =
|Job = 
|Location = 
|Part-time =
|Repair =
|Unofficial =
|Credits =
|Track =

Important: If this template is used on a page then it will automatically add either [[Category:NPCs]] or [[Category:Unreleased NPCs]] to the page, so that the page will be listed in one or the other of these categories. This is why the template cannot be added to a user's page, otherwise, the user's page will be listed in one of these categories.


Parameter Description
Implemented Do not enter this parameter at all or else give it a blank value (i.e., "Implemented=") if the NPC is implemented on the NA server and give it a value of "n" (i.e., "Implemented=n") if the NPC has not yet been implemented. This is used to place the NPC in Category:Unreleased NPCs if they are not implemented on the NA server or in Category:NPCs if they are implemented.
Image Used to provide an in-game image of an NPC, using an image file name. An NPC's image should be the in-game image seen when a player uses the travel diary to talk to an NPC, usually obtained from the game files rather than a screenshot. If no such image exists then use an image of the actual NPC (when not talking to them) from a screenshot.
Race The name of the race or species (for animals) to which an NPC belongs. If an NPC is presented as a member of a particular race outside of the mainstream storyline but in the mainstream storyline is found to belong to another race, then use the race they appear to belong to outside of the mainstream storyline, to avoid spoilers.
  • The main races/species for NPCs are given as the following links;
    • Deity (God/Goddess) - As deities of Erinn have produced children with Human partners then unless the game specifically states these children are actual deities, they are classed as Human. These children usually have abilities limited to the mundane rather than the divine. Humans reincarnated as a deity are classed as deities, as is the case for Nao (their former existence should be separate from their present reincarnation).
    • Dragon
    • Elf
    • Fomor - Fomors that have a specific monster page are linked, e.g., Barker Imp has her race as [[Imp]]. Do not create a monster page just for a Fomor NPC that cannot be directly attacked by a player.
      • Goblin
      • Ogre
      • Imp
    • Giant
    • Human
    • Spirit - Where the type of spirit can be given, e.g., Aer uses [[:Category:Spirit (NPC)|Water Spirit]], but only if there is good in-game evidence that the NPC is a particular type of spirit (do not guess or give your own speculation).
    • Animals - [[:Category:NPC Animals|Non-scientific species name]], e.g., Ruwai uses [[:Category:NPC Animals|Otter]] and Rab uses [[:Category:NPC Animals|Dog]].
    • If the race is unknown then just use "Unknown" until it can be determined.
Gender Male / Female / Unknown
Job What service or job their in-game description states they perform. Note that, race, species, sub-species, social status, or relationship is not a job.
Location Where the NPC is usually found. In the case of Price this is "Various locations around Uladh" as he travels around a number of set locations in various area maps.
Part-time If an NPC offers a part-time job then enter it here, enter "Unknown" if it is unclear if they do. The format for entering a known part-time job type is shown in this example;
[[Part-time Jobs#Job Types|Grocery Store ]]<br />12:00&nbsp;noon - 9:00&nbsp;pm<br />Report From: 2:00&nbsp;pm
  • The hard space code (i.e., "&nbsp;") is used to keep the time and corresponding "am", "noon" or "pm" on the same line. See the Part-time Jobs page for more information and the Job Types table for the type of jobs offered.
Repair If an NPC offers repairs for various types of equipment then enter it here, enter "Unknown" if it is unclear if they do. The format for entering a known repair type is shown in this example;
[[Repairing#Blacksmith Repairs|Blacksmith Repairs]], 95%
  • See the Repairing page for all the repair types and for success rate percentages.
Unofficial If an NPC does not have a portrait in game when speaking to them at any time, put y here. Leave blank or don't include it if the NPC does.
Credits When unofficial artwork is created, put a link to the artist's user page here, or just the name if they don't have an account. (Suggest they make an account first tho.)
Track The title of the song used for the NPC's theme (or the one that usually plays first)