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Temple Knight Medal

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Inventory icon of Temple Knight Medal

2 × 2

This appears to be a pass to the lair of the Temple Knights, a secret organization.

Methods to Obtain

How to get the Temple Knights Medal:

  1. Talk to Pierrick with the "Temple Knights" keyword. He will tell you to go talk to Lucas.
  2. Talk to Lucas in the pub at Emain Macha with the same keyword. To enter the pub, you need to wait until 6 p.m. game time with a ticket in your inventory. You can buy a ticket from either of the two doormen outside of the pub.
  3. Kill 10 Kobold Bandits, which appear at Reighinalt near Bangor or in the field northeast of Dunbarton.
  4. Go back to the pub and talk to Lucas again. He will give you the Temple Knights Medal.
  • Once you have received this medal, go to Rundal Dungeon and drop it on the altar. The dungeon must be soloed.
  • If you somehow lose the Temple Knights Medal, just talk to Lucas and he will give you another one.

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