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Pragarah after Generation 25.

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After 8 years of waiting, the missing holy sword is finally back.

Despite my long efforts with the theory of Pragarah's variations until now, the official simply decided to make the sword as Ego Sword, but no fixed form.

Which is quite disappointing because we all hoped that the sword may return once again as a sword form. But not like this.

Now that the Imprinted: Pragarah tech exist, any physical weapons can become Pragarah just so long as the power imprint it. Just.. what was the point of showing mutiple variations of Pragarah?

Couldn't they just give the sword like Brionac? I guess I shouldn't expect the Dev from the start after all.

No offense to the Magic Attack users, but this is obviously a miss opportunity for the physical attack users like me.

It's not like we get to see a blade attached with huge symbol in our Mabi life. I'm sure I'm not the only one disappointed with this sword. We all expected as the Ultimate key to finish the G25 like the old JRPG style of holy sword. But what did we get?..

Sigh.. besides the variations and not being actually obtainable sword issues, the new settings for Pragarah's origin still leaves some question for the past wielders.

Are you the stranger for whom the guardian of the absolute god beat back time's flow? The one who would succeed the light of my long-forgotten authority? Conductor of Adniel, I have watched your path through this land, and I have witnessed where it will end without my blessing. Either you shall become the chaos that swallows everything, or the dawn that heralds a new beginning. I am the personification of the gods' blessings, born from the sea, and my fate lies not with those futures which lead to ruin. And so... I place my faith in you once more. I hearken only to those true and noble of will, thereby to protect and sustain the world. And so I shall cross every thread of time's tapestry and liberate you from your entanglement. All who came before you swore to ever walk the righteous path, But each eventually strayed, without exception. I hope you will be different.


Pragarah's will

The official made a quite unnecessary settings to clear up the previous sword model errors with the new condition of wielding the Pragarah.

Before I start, Let me summarize the origin,

  • Born from the Sea by Gods.
  • Guarded by fairies. Fairy queen and Manannan took turns.
  • Some point of time during The Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, Lugh obtained the power of the Paladin armor from fairy queen's blessing, along with the Pragarah.
  • The sword did turn the table during the war and brought victory to the human side.
  • But Lugh's human broke the promise with Siora and destroyed the mother tree. Lugh was fury and sad with disappoint with the humanity that he risk his life. Discard and return the armor to queen and vanished.
  • After Lugh become a Dark Lord, he promised to Ruairi to give the power to revenge and give Pragarah to Ruairi. Ruairi was amazed that the legendary sword from the story is right in front of his hand. But the sword was destroyed by Cichol at the end.
  • Sword appeared out of nowhere with Lugh Lavada with new designed. Used for the evil plan and even Owen saids the Holy sword has become evil. After Lugh's demise, the sword disappeared along with him. Despite the variations, Eirawen mentioned the design was identical like in the recorded history.

So the question is... Fate lies not with those futures which lead to ruin and follow only who are true and noble of will.

  • The condition about being true noble of will to wield it? That's an odd condition if we think about the other wielders.
    • Lugh(After War) ~ Morgant: Despite that he discard his Paladin armor and disappear, he did not return the sword or what happened to Pragarah itself. Only possibility we can think that fairy queen left it before Lugh try to. But when Manannan said he came to retrieve the Pragarah, he only mentioned that he knew the human cannot use the power of Pragarah, even for Lugh at the end. That still leaves some question why Pragarah itself did not leave Lugh back then.
    • Morgant ~ Ruairi: Morgant gave this sword to fufill his promise with the power enough to revenge. Despite the new settings, Ruairi was able to wield the sword and used for his revenge. He use this power to breakthrough the dungeon's maze and destroy the Altar of Goddess, destroy the Paladin knights and damaged the protagonist. So.. then why the sword did not call him to guide what is right but being neglect? even in the G3 final, Ruairi betrays Cichol and attack him with this sword to protect his friend who thought they were dead. But at the end, the sword was destroyed by Cichol. This part still leaves some plot holes with the new conditions. Back then, Ruairi did admire the path of the True Paladin, Lugh. But after his faced the reality about how the current Paladin is corrupted with wrong justice, he lost his way and confused what is right and wrong between the human and fomor. At the same time, he was wondering with Triona about the fate they will meet. Ruairi at the end was to be accepted by his father, not by controlled with unavoidable fate. after meeting Tarlach, Ruairi said that he is not a side of fomor, but following the path that he believes. but after learning the truth, he use the sword to ruin the Cichol's plan and try to save his friends. So why didn't Pragarah help him to stop the Cichol? Could it be that the will has seen the future of Ruairi's fate?... it still does not make any sense.
    • Morgant ~ Lugh(G16): Now that the sword was originally not a sword, but a power itself, Morgant somehow retrieve the power from the broken sword and leave with Triona. And some unknown point of time, the power of Pragarah was used for the bargain with Hymerark to free Triona from the curse. Later on, Hymerark use Morgant and the sword to transform into the Lugh Lavada and test out the protagonist if it can overcome the trial. But how it turned like this it still unknown. The sword was used in evil plan despite the sword cannot wield such condition back then. It can only be think that the sword was restraint by the binding contract similar to Geas. It may explain why the sword couldn't do anything but used only as the Lugh's mad scheme.
  • The part with All who came before you swore to ever walk the righteous path, But each eventually strayed, without exception.
    • Their fate did end up badly, but not convinced enough to explain the full details. I mean.. the only person who swore to walk the righteous path was the Lugh Lavada during The Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh. But even that, Beimnech back then saw him only but a disappointment despite the rumors he heard about him. Overall, it still does not explain the current condition to wield and why the Pragarah's will didn't do anything but remain silent. Using the true power of Pragarah's standard is still a mystery.

I know.. at the end, the dev somehow managed to fill the plot holes from Generation 16. that's without a doubt, they did it well. But despite the model variations, the result is such a misopportunity for users(or sword lovers).

But I still hope that we may obtain the real one in the future. Because we still haven't seen fairy queen, Siora. Who has also a connection with Pragarah.

KorMabiUser (talk)01:09, 23 November 2021