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For the monster data, see Ruairi (Monster).
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Portrait of Ruairi
Race Human
Gender Male

Track The Beginning and The End of Tragedy (Saga)


Ruairi was one of The Three Lost Warriors, along with Mari and Tarlach. He was a warrior that was exceptionally skilled with melee combat.

Approximately four years ago, he had a dream where Goddess Morrighan called him to come to Tir Na Nog and rescue her, so he went with Mari and Tarlach to save the Goddess. However, all three apparently disappeared in their journey. His story is later rediscovered by the Milletian and his mission is later completed by him/her.

Over the course of the mainstream storyline, Ruairi drastically changed as he cycled between good and evil. At first, he was a good and kind person who looked after his friends and made sacrifices for them, but his extreme naivety for believing his enemies led him to become a servant of evil. His journey down that path eventually built up to his hatred of Gods and Milletians, and he gained an extreme desire for revenge.

Mainstream Story


Generation 1

Generation 2 & 8

Generation 3

The Saga: Iria

Cursed Labyrinth


  • It is implied in Generation 1 that Ruairi's soul is inside of the Glas Ghaibhleann summoned by Mores.
    • This likely explains why Ruairi wakes up in Generation 2 from a coma, having been released during the defeat of Glas Ghaibhleann.
  • The Trade Assistant Imp mentions Ruairi in one of its dialogues, having heard how Ruairi was doing
  • Strangely, despite lacking the necessary means, Ruairi sees Nao at the end of Generation 3.
  • Ruairi in Generation 1 and the Cursed Labyrinth was 19 years old. In the Dark Knight Quest, he was 23. Before the start of The Saga: Iria (Stab the Shamans to Death!), he was 28. His age during The Saga: Iria is unknown, although his age during The Saga: Iria II (The Mind of Tarlach and The Untold Story) is 39.
    • The age difference between Generation 1 and the Dark Knight Quest suggests that the incident in Tir Na Nog and the length of his coma lasted approximately four years.
  • During the Dark Knight quest of Ruairi's RP, he is shown as wearing Muffler Robe. But in the cut-scene model shows the different robe. This robe is similar look of Muffler Robe with no name but simple called as "??? Robe" in the game code. Later on, Shakespeare wore this robe In Generation 16.
  • In Generation 3 Baol Dungeon final, Ruairi's standing pose is same as the Paladin's. Hinting that the boss version of Ruairi is based on the Paladin's model.
  • Ruairi's Dark Armor set is shown to be an incompleted model. Because the Korean developers had to finish making the Generation 3 in a half year to proceed a 1st aniversary in Korean server together. This explains why Pragarah's model was simply used as Claymore instead of Morgant's sword.  
  • During the G1 RP Quest The Three Missing Warriors Ruairi had Rank F Windmill, Rank E Campfire, Rank D Rest, Rank C Counterattack, Rank 9 Critical Hit, Defense, Smash, and Rank 6 Combat Mastery.
  • During the G3 RP Quest Dark Knight Quest Ruairi had the same skills as The Three Missing Warriors, as well as Rank F Control of Darkness, Rank E Mind of Chaos, Rank C Hands of Chaos, Rank A Body of Chaos, Rank 9 Dark Heavy Stander, Dark Natural Shield, Dark Mana Deflector, and Rank 6 Soul of Chaos.
  • During the G17 RP Quest Stab the Shamans to Death! Ruairi instead had Rank Novice Critical Hit, Rank 7 Rest, and Rank 1 Defense, Smash, Combat Mastery, Counterattack, Windmill, Evasion, Final Hit, Assault Slash, Axe Mastery, Magic Mastery, Ice Mastery, Fire Mastery, Lightning Mastery, Icebolt, Firebolt, Lightning Bolt, Shockwave, Heavy Stander, Natural Shield (Monster), Mana Deflector.
    • Critical Hit went down in Rank between Chapter 1 and Chapter 5. In fact, because the skill is Rank Novice, Ruairi lost the ability to score criticals as that Rank is not high enough to score criticals normally.