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For the monster data, see Ruairi (Monster).
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Portrait of RuairiFile:Ruairi.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Track Tale Untold


Ruairi was one of The Three Lost Warriors, along with Mari and Tarlach. He was a warrior that was exceptionally skilled with melee combat.


Mainstream Story



  • This NPC cannot be interacted with Keywords.


Generation 1


Track Title
An Old Story From Grandma (Piano Ver.)
Login Theme for Saga 1 Part 1
Ruler of the Dark
Saga 1 Theme (Unused?)
The Beginning and The End of Tragedy
Ruairi's Boss Theme
The Tale That Was Not Told
Saga 2's Intro Cutscene


  • His name, Ruairi, is equivalent to the Irish Ruairí meaning “red-haired king”.[1]
    • The anglicized form of his name is Rory.
  • The Trade Assistant Imp mentions Ruairi in one of its dialogues, having heard how Ruairi was doing.
  • Ruairi in Generation 1 and the Cursed Labyrinth was 19 years old. In the Dark Knight Quest, he was 23. Before the start of The Saga: Iria (Stab the Shamans to Death!), he was 28. His age during The Saga: Iria is unknown, although his age during The Saga: Iria II (The Mind of Tarlach and The Untold Story) is 39.
  • During the Dark Knight quest of Ruairi's RP, he is shown as wearing Muffler Robe, but in the cutscene model he wears a different robe. This robe is similar look of Muffler Robe with no name but simple called as "??? Robe" in the game code. Later on, Shakespeare wore this robe In Generation 16.
  • MabiNovel shows an alternative portrait of Ruairi without his cape in The Saga: Iria. However, comparing the two portraits shows that the head part was moved.