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For the monster data, see Dark Lord.
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Portrait of MorgantFile:Morgant.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Fomor Leader
Location Tir Na Nog
I can see everything... All of your futures... I see someone who will have to give up everything... There's also someone who gets what he or she wants but won't be able to handle it... There's also one who will live in physical and mental agony forever... Hahaha!! Poor souls! You will live forever in the curse of the Goddess!



...I cannot see what the future holds for you. But I can tell you this. Light and darkness...those are two different names of the same thing....The moment God enters the picture of the humans in the name of goodness and will run into me again.




Morgant, occasionally referred as the Dark Lord, is a high ranked Fomorian leader. He does Cichol's bidding and fulfills the Fomor's plans as he pleases.


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Mainstream Story


  • This NPC cannot be interacted with Keywords.


  • Many NPCs mistake Morgant for a Fomor. However, in Generation 2, he claims to be a Human.
  • When the player uses Transformation Mastery to transform to Morgant, you can hear the breathing sound through his armor. Possibly a homage of Darth Vader from Star Wars series.
  • Despite being a Dark Knight, his model and armor is unique to him.


Track  Title
The Monarch of Darkness
Morgant Appears