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Question about a revision on critical

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What exactly does this mean? I'd like to run some testing if possible.

Blargel (talk)02:17, 12 March 2014
When used with a Two-Handed Weapon, the Damage and Critical Hit rate increases by 20% and 5%, respectively.


Smash's page.

That and Smash Critical Success reforges. Course everything is theoretical and so far seems to work (at least for me). I no longer have Smash reforges to further test that. I did notice that I have increased critical during calculation at the time when I did my tests 2 months prior to that edit. While it felt like I had more Critical Rate while smashing, it's hard to vouch for this.

I tested all of this on Siren (Hardmode) with 89.7% critical rate at level 200, age 24. My damage at the time was 120~214 with a Highlander Claymore with Lv10 Smasch Critical Success (+5%). The tests took a total of around 79 runs, each Smash calculated at the Siren's listed 60% Protection. A simple check of of Smash Crit = y/n was done. took around 200 Smashes and it was apparent (for me) that I had more critical hits going.

If you want, I can make a google spreadsheet thingy and copy the data there later.

I'm lost, how could you crit smash her with only 89.7% + 5% + 5% crit? She has 60% protection, so you'd need 121% to at least even be able to crit her.

Infodude575 (talk)20:38, 12 March 2014

o-o I was able to crit just fine as I recall. But then again, outdated data is outdated. Maybe the Siren has less than 60? The reforge may have threw something off then if that's the case


2 months prior means before enlightenment. I'm not sure how much has changed between before and now.


Sure, let's see the data. Yay, peer review! Also, smash is the only skill that has this sort of calculation? Theoretically, if I went to smash foxes with a two handed sword at 100% crit rate, I should have a 35% crit rate instead of 30%?

Blargel (talk)09:27, 12 March 2014

That is correct. I'll link the sheet in a bit.


here it is in its entirety. My criticals/Totals sort of match up my critical chance. Just a reminder, this was before Enlightenment and I chose a rather poor target to test all of this (the amount of runs never result in anything decent in siren qq).

here's the rundown:

  • I smash the Siren and only Smash.
  • All of these were done outside of Sunday, so this does not ruin the bonus critical chance given on Sunday
  • I assumed the Siren was a Flat 60% Protection
  • Critical Chance for Smash reforge adds 5% on top of the extra Critical from Smash when using a Two-handed weapon (My Case, Highlander Claymore).

Come to think of, Smash may be the only skill with this sort of calculation...strange.


Man, if it really gives +5% (and another +5% after reforges) past the 30% crit cap, that reforge is actually pretty damn overpowered. I'll go run my own tests after dailys tonight, hopefully with a larger dataset to offset any RNG stupidity.

Blargel (talk)15:43, 12 March 2014

Yes, please further research this and (obviously) pick an easier target. I had an overflow of Suspicious passes at the time when I did this so I was like "Let's spam Siren 8D!"

Although the data points otherwise, I feel like I was just super lucky to even get multiple criticals in a row. I was even luckily to even keep a log of this too :s.

Not to mention the reforge isn't overpowered...just hard to even get considering the numerous amount of reforges for shoes. I just got lucky with the a pair of Shamanness Shoes that was r1 reforged. Kinda wished I kept it =-=;


Preliminary testing has given me 24 crits out of 100 on foxes. Wat. Good thing I plan to do this until my weapon breaks, lol.

Update: Now I'm at 95/300. That's about 31.7%

Blargel (talk)20:10, 12 March 2014

o-o sounds like rough time. How much dura is the weapon?

Okay I give up on breaking the weapon, but I did 1000 smashes total. Here's my data. I didn't track which smash crit and which didn't. Instead I just kept a tally of how many crits I saw and how many non crits I saw.

  • Age: 23
  • Level: 68
  • Smash Rank: F
  • Critical: 72.1%
  • Weapon: Claymore (Brand New, Blessed)
  • Test Subject: Brown Fox/Young Brown Fox
  • Protection: 0
  • Crits: 293
  • Noncrits: 707

This means my ending effective critical rate was 29.3%, which is closer to 30% than the expected 35%. This can mean different things. It could mean that rank of smash matters (I doubt it though). It could mean that having the reforge messes with the formula (I doubt this even more). Most likely, you just got lucky in the 250 smashes you did, similar to how my first 100 smashes made it seem like I was capped at 25% effective critical rather than 30%.

Blargel (talk)22:11, 12 March 2014

Interesting...I doubt smash rank would matter. As far as the reforging, it's possible, but could also be rather negligible. You might be right about the getting lucky with smashes. So time to remov it from the page, or leave it?


I guess I'll delete it. At least, until we get better proof.

Blargel (talk)22:28, 12 March 2014

Perhaps the bonus smash critical ignores protection. Sort of like how a smash enhancement set has the extra damage ignore defensive stats? Not sure if it does, but that's what I heard. Could try smashing the white dragon around a bit.

Meru (talk)18:37, 19 March 2014