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Torchlight Bazaar is back!

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Torchlight Bazaar is back! Advertisement
For previous Torchlight Bazaar Events, see Torchlight Bazaar Event (disambiguation).
November 1st to November 22nd, 2018


Everyone's favorite night market is back! A limited number and large variety of affordable crafting materials can now be purchased from bazaar vendors... but you'll have to find them first. Have your gold bags at the ready-- the heart of the desert holds many treasures.[1]


  • Similar to the Tara Festival Event, however it does not take place within Tara.
  • The Bazaar appears at the various Landmarks scattered within Connous.
    • The Bazaar only spawns between 6:00PM and 6:00AM and the location of the event changes every in-game day. The location of the Bazaar also varies in location on each channel.
      • The Event Wing intended for the Torchlight Bazaar Event warps to the location of the Ski Jump Event.
    • The Bazaar does not appear at the Rhino Landmark.
  • The Dart Mini Game requires a party of 4 people, while the Hammer Mini Game can have 4-8 people.
  • The Bazaar also has 5 NPC Shops (Weaving, Handicraft, Carpentry, Ingredient, Iron), which all sell materials relating to their names.
    • Only 20 of each item in each shop are sold every restock.
      • Up to 140 of each item can be obtained per night by checking shops on the other channels.
    • Shops will restock at midnight.


  • Holding the left control key will allow for quicker purchase of items. Be warned items DO NOT stack so have inventory available.

Torchlight Bazaar Market Rates

Torchlight Mini-Games!

Compete with your friends for the high score!

Darts mini-game - Requires a party of 4 people
Hammer mini-game - Requires a party of 4-8 people