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Dungeon Keys

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Basic Information

  • Every dungeon has rooms with a locked door or a locked treasure chest. A Dungeon Key is usually needed to open these locked doors/chest.
  • All keys are usable only on the floor they are obtained on and are automatically dropped from a player's inventory should they try to leave the current floor while in possession of one.
  • Keys dropped by monsters can be picked up by anyone in the dungeon, regardless of who defeated the monster.

Dungeon Room Key

Inventory icon of Dungeon Keys

1 × 2

A key that opens a locked door in the dungeon.

  • Comes in Orange, Green, Blue, Dark Blue, and rarely Teal or Yellow.
    • Color depends on the amount of doors in the way before the next key.
  • Found in every dungeon.
  • Dropped by a random monster in the last wave of a sealed room or found in a chest in the corner of a pre-spawned rooms.
    • Very rarely, no monsters may spawn or one or multiple waves may be missing and a key will drop within the room. This is a bug caused by lag.
    • Using Taming Wild Animals or Control of Darkness on a monster that possesses the key will cause the key to forcibly drop from the monster.

Treasure Chamber Chest Key

Inventory icon of Dungeon Keys

1 × 1

A key that opens the chest inside the Treasure Chamber

  • This key is always Yellow, within the exception of the ones found in The Other Alchemists.
  • Only appears in certain dungeons.
  • Only drops from enemies in switch rooms. There is at least one key from every switch that spawns enemies.
    • That being said, most floors with a treasure chamber will only have three switch rooms, to accommodate all nine chests.
    • Opening the door in a switch room will prevent the player from obtaining more keys provided there are any unhit switches.
  • Also dropped by Leprechauns in The Other Alchemists and used to open the chests in a special room that requires a Mini Potions to access and is guarded by a Giant Leprechaun.

Boss Room Key

Inventory icon of Dungeon Keys

2 × 2

A key that opens the door to the boss dungeon room.

  • This key is always red.
  • Found in the same way as Dungeon Room Keys.
  • It is always found on the same floor as the boss room.
  • Rarely the room right before the boss room will come in the form of a red switch room rather than have a key.
  • Take up 2x2 squares in your inventory

Treasure Chest Key

An equivalent item for Alby Advanced is the Yarn Key.
Inventory icon of Dungeon Keys

1 × 1

A key to a treasure chest.

  • Has no predetermined color.
  • Rewarded to players upon clearing a dungeon boss room.
    • Only players that were present during the dungeon's creation will receive a key.
    • The keys are given regardless of which floor a player is on, rendering the keys of players not on the final floor useless.
  • Rewarded for clearing most Shadow Missions.
  • Dropped by monsters that spawn when uncovering chests through L-Rod Exploration in Iria.
    • Keys obtained from these monsters can only open the chest that spawned with them.
  • Rarely dropped by monsters in Solea and Connous Underground Maze.
    • Players must navigate through the maze in order to reach the rooms that hold the chests.

Yarn Key

Icon of Yarn Key

1 × 1


Name Yarn Key Making Method Weaving
NPC Resale Value
0 G
Item Rank -
Production Exp 5,000 Skill Rank F
Materials Needed Larva Cocoon × 5
Success Rate N F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

A key made of yarn that can open a special treasure chest.

Mercenary Box Key

Inventory icon of Dungeon Keys

1 × 1

This key opens treasure chests in the Lord-ranked Shadow Realms.

  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Always rewarded to player(s) when clearing Lord Missions.
    • These keys cannot be picked up by other players.