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o.o; *going to add onto this as time passes*

Table-Test 1

Actual Character Name Nicknames
GuildMasterIcon.pngKauru Mr.FluffleWuffleTruffle
June Beetle
File:OfficerIcon.pngwolfsrain Wolfy
Twil Twix
Tweetie Bird
Reimstar Reim
Tin Head[2]
Libraa Libs

-going to add more later-


  1. That is a nickname.
  2. It's highly recommended not to call me by this, for I take serious offense to it, and I hold grudges for a very long time...Untill I forget them.
  3. Except no one calls me this anymore.


Bleh, forgot how to add a title D:
The biggest jewels I've gotten lol...

Jewel Type Size (cm)
Jasper File:Jewel jasper.gif 4.19
Star Sapphire File:Jewel star sapphire.gif 7.21
Ruby File:Jewel ruby.gif 7.24
Aquamarine File:Jewel aquamarine.gif 6.06?
Garnet File:Jewel garnet.gif ?
Topaz File:Jewel topaz.gif -
Spinel File:Jewel spinel.gif -
Emerald File:Jewel emerald.gif 2~
Diamond File:Jewel diamond.gif 3.86


Cuz I find these links somewhere, and can never really remember where I do.
Special:SpecialPages Cuz its speshle.
Special:WhatLinksHere Cuz I love being a stalker.
Stats and Skills *nerd*
Template:StyleMonster/doc A guide for the new monster templates
Castle Dungeons Saw it somewhere, forgot where I did, then found it again.
Carpentry_List I didnt even know about it till today. Random Page button ftw.
Dagger Cuz idk how to format the weapon pages into the new style.
Bow_Spirit_Item_List/Male Don't worry, Amusia. I love you just about as much as you hate me.
Stone Spirit Rock no comment.
Guidebook_for_Dungeon_Exploration_-_Theory "attacked my mimics" is that a typo in the page, or in the game..? andand "But be carful."


Picture Dump