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Welcome to my wiki page. I correct stuff, and verify what I can.

Job List

Currently working on:

Grammar and accuracy checking: In Progress...
Icon swapping from jpg to png: Active
Redoing Transparency on png/gif files: Active
Procrastinating on what ever non-wiki work I should be doing: 100% all the time, without a doubt, doing.


Maybe we will meet in-game.
I play on the Mari server and is usually on channel 6.
Add me if you like.
Also my favorite weapon is the Mace now. Also, my Ego weapon is a Two-handed Sword named Smashcalibur.


I have 28 pets.
Trickywolf = Gray Wolf
Trickydog = Yellow Jindo
Trickycat = Dark Russian Blue
Trickyfox = Brown Fox
Trickypixie = Orange Pixie
Burningfuse = Dalmatian
Explosives = Japanese Bobtail
Flashgrenade = Samoyed
Stealthbomb = Bluebird
Finalfuse = Albino King Snake
Anitmatter = Siamese (Yes I know it's a typo)
Deathcharge = Borzoi
Bluefuse = Light Russian Blue
Luccehshot = Persian
Jailcell = Antique Mimic
Jetsled = Alaskan Husky
Missle = Shire (This one is a typo, too, but I didn't know it was until someone told me. T~T)
Atomicflash = Unicorn
Xkisameh = Oak Magic Broom
Spiritkitteh = Lime Sprite
Luckycarpet = Magic Carpet
Aniphant = Blue Elephant
Dameditas = Griffin
Hiroictulip = Thoroughbred
Dumascus = Rat Man Kid
Notthinking = Snowy Owl
Stupidlizard = Green Gecko


Bleh, I needed something to do....

Rank 1/Dan 1 Skills Smash
Combat Mastery
Production Mastery
Soul of Chaos
Body of Chaos

Enchant Sequence to Remember

Basic - Prefix/any rank enchant - Maiz Gargoyle Boot - Scroll
Solid - Prefix/Rank 5 - Barri Normal/adv. for 3 - Scroll
Marble - Prefix/Rank 4 - Barri Basic - Scroll

Tricky's Battle Tips

Tip #1 :

Tip #2 :

Tip #3 :

Tip #4 :

Tip #5 :

Tip #6 :

Tip #7 :