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User talk:Hengsheng120/archive3

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About Random Question

Why do you want to know if I know who he is? --User:Xeraph 5:26, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

Because he's being an idiot and vandalizing the wiki. I think that'd be the answer. --Link 05:27, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
Haha, i don't think you guys wanna know who xeraph is, or even want to find out.--Hengsheng120·TALKCONTRIBS 05:45, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
Officer of Derp, which is the guild Skion is in? --Link 05:55, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
Nice info for someone from Tarlach.--Hengsheng120·TALKCONTRIBS 06:17, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
Really? Wow I am utterly disgusted I will deal with him immediately thank you for informing me --User:Xeraph 9:22, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

About Blacklist

Hey, I noticed you changed the Blacklist page to say that if you blacklist a character by right-clicking them, you won't see them on screen but will still hear them talk. I don't think this is correct. I tried it in Dunbarton square, blacklisted all the spambots there, and I didn't hear a word from them afterward. And no, they were not automatically added to my chat blacklist, which is separate. If you're getting different behavior, can you confirm? Thanks. --Fulvia 10:05, 12 March 2010 (UTC)

Well, it didn't block chat the first time i used it, but now it's working apparently...strange --Hengsheng120·TALKCONTRIBS 18:25, 12 March 2010 (UTC)
Cool thanks. Maybe it was bugged but Nexon since fixed it? :p --Fulvia 19:32, 12 March 2010 (UTC)

well i didn't know. Though there is no specific cause behind it, at least not that I know of, a VAST majority of the players have experienced more than once. Most of them happen in dungeons and continent warp.

I do know the error message it gives is the Generic Memory Error message. As for the number of the error I do not know. --Zeza 16:06, 12 March 2010 CST

screenshot of the crashing error

i read that you wanted info on the error, i uploaded it to the wiki so it can be used here to defend players being told its mods or being made up, this is the error i get when the client crashes, this occured when i tried to continent warp back to dunbarton, and is the same as the dungeon crash. hope it helps somehow. Miyani 01:20, 13 March 2010 (UTC)


I've tried reinstalling, beyond that i don't know anything that can be done on the players side, i truly do believe that this is an error from the new patch. though if you have any suggestions on what i could do i'd be more than happy to try them and test the difference and report back. Miyani 02:53, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

Here's the error log. Idk why I still have it on my clipboard. Using Windows 7 Ultimate--κєνıи тαıĸ«) 05:28, 13 March 2010 (UTC)
in module <unknown module> at 001B:000E0003, <unknown symbol>()+0x0


OS : Microsoft Windows Vista (Unknown)
Video Adapter : Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family (32902[0x8086]/10098[0x2772]/
Memory : 2047MB
Date/Time : 2010/03/12, 20:46:16
Version : 58
Account : '***', (MOO)


EAX=0012F834  EBX=00000000  ECX=03ECDAC8  EDX=03EF6588  ESI=24AF4EB8
EDI=03ECDAC8  EBP=0012F82C  ESP=0012F804  EIP=000E0003  FLG=00010202
CS=001B   DS=0023  SS=0023  ES=0023   FS=003B  GS=0000

<call stack>

[000E0003] <unknown module>::<unknown symbol>() + 0x0
[0095E129] <unknown module>::<unknown symbol>() + 0x0
[0090F625] Renderer2.dll::pleione::CScene::Prepare() + 0x1c3
[63A3EF3C] <unknown module>::<unknown symbol>() + 0x0
[05D2FD40] <unknown module>::<unknown symbol>() + 0x0
[63819522] Pleione.dll::pleione::CWiseLogMgr::Log() + 0x1aec
[6380133C] Pleione.dll::pleione::CPleione::End() + 0xf3
Oh. No. It was from ressurecting at statue in Alby Intermediate for Four. (Damn, we were almost at the boss, too. FML.) --κєνıи тαıĸ«) 06:26, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

in module <unknown module> at 001B:00050004, <unknown symbol>()+0x0


OS : Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 3
Video Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GS (4318[0x10de]/1768[0x6e8]/
Memory : 2047MB
Date/Time : 2010/03/13, 01:49:12
Version : 58
Account : '*', (XXXXXXXXXXX...)


EAX=0012F86C  EBX=00496941  ECX=02D0B108  EDX=02D096E8  ESI=206DECE0
EDI=02D0B108  EBP=0012F864  ESP=0012F83C  EIP=00050004  FLG=00010246
CS=001B   DS=0023  SS=0023  ES=0023   FS=003B  GS=0000

<call stack>

[00050004] <unknown module>::<unknown symbol>() + 0x0
[00834E53] Renderer2.dll::pleione::CEffect_Item::_Prepare() + 0x60
[0082E129] Renderer2.dll::pleione::CActor::Prepare() + 0x10
[007DF625] Renderer2.dll::pleione::CScene::Prepare() + 0x1c3
[63A3EF3C] Pleione.dll::pleione::CCSAuthModule::Dispose() + 0x1ab324
[05995330] <unknown module>::<unknown symbol>() + 0x0
[63819522] Pleione.dll::pleione::CWiseLogMgr::Log() + 0x1aec
[6380133C] Pleione.dll::pleione::CPleione::End() + 0xf3
[00030E3A] <unknown module>::<unknown symbol>() + 0x0

well it finally happened to me too --Hengsheng120·TALKCONTRIBS 06:55, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

I think the different errors might actually be the location or action in progress during the time of the crash. I have tried reinstalling in different locations, it didn't help. and the people i know that do mod aren't crashing or only crash once in a great while, where i crash about once every 3 dungeons. Also my main reason for posting evidence was trying to show that they didn't intend vandalism, this is a legitimate error at this time. I may be a bit quick to judge the patch, i;ll give you that one. But in my own defense, i don't mod, and i've never once had a problem like this, and the only time i've had a client error is when i overloaded my computer and it had to cut resources somewhere and mabinogi went unresponsive. And lastly, i am not comfortable posting sensitive information about my computer and client on such a widely accessed page, such as the mabi wiki. i hope you understand. my drivers are also up to date (i have a very twitchy graphics card it makes sure i notice if it's not updated.) Miyani 07:31, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

Making a lil note, encouraging players not to play right now might be better for them, a friend of mine, and a good reliable girl, has confirmed losses do to client crash, where all the gold in her inventory and some items were gone after relogging from the crash. not saying it warrants a wiki statement, just giving info on what i've heard.

Miyani 07:35, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

New crash point: when warping via the mana tunnel from quilla base camp to cor. just thought you'd like to know. Miyani 18:36, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

About your crash solution

Would replacing all the DLL files not cause errors upon using certain new features, such as using a Dye Potion or going to visit the leprechaun? As far as I know it to be, monster names and locations are stored in the DLLs rather than XMLs. ~Zallist 00:45, 14 March 2010 (UTC)

Leprechauns shouldn't crash you since that's stored in the server. Monster names are stored in XML. Locations are in the server. --κєνıи тαıĸ«) 01:32, 15 March 2010 (UTC)

Some questions...

1: How does replacing the r58 dlls with the r57 dlls fix this error? 2: How certain are you that this does fix the error? 3: Wouldn't you crash when you see a Black Unicorn? --κєνıи тαıĸ«) 01:29, 15 March 2010 (UTC)

    1. Read my post here
    2. I'm 100% sure it'll fix the (renderer2.dll) error that i described, probably not others, and provided one knows how to replace the files. It's been tested by many people.
    3. No, because no one that had the fix crashed because they saw a black unicorn. Black unicorns were implemented in the by nexon kr over a year ago.
  • Also, all the mabi clients including foreign ones are experiencing this error. It is possible for everyone and anyone playing mabi to crash, given the right conditions under the current revision of the files.--Hengsheng120·TALKCONTRIBS 02:18, 15 March 2010 (UTC)


I replaced the dll files following your instructions on mabiguru. However I notice a big change in rundal hardmode skeleton AI. Before the replacing they usually don't respond to attacks immediately but now they keep charging towards me after getting knocked down. I'm not sure if it is replacing the files that's causing the problem or there's other problems that I have not yet noticed. --W960i 13:14, 18 March 2010 (UTC)


Request ban.--Hengsheng120·TALKCONTRIBS 14:42, 30 March 2010 (UTC)—Preceding unsigned comment added by ABC (talkcontribs) . Please always sign your comments with the Signature.png button or by typing ~~~~!

"false information?"

I'm fishing on Nekojima right now, so I figured I'd be nice and update the fishing list when I come across stuff that isn't there. I started with 1 of every potion in my inventory. My screenshots bugged out and rewrote the last few potion screenies I did, so I'll just have to wait until I catch more to screenshot them for you.—Preceding unsigned comment added by JaniceAlvein (talkcontribs) . Please always sign your comments with the Signature.png button or by typing ~~~~!

wonky link

D= I dunno. I tried it both on windows xp and my mac. ::CONFUSED:: -- Ladywinter 07:47, 7 April 2010 (UTC)

Wiki Tips for New Editors

Some info in your profile is really useful! May I add it to the Wiki Tips for New Editors page?

Specifically these: 5 How to Get 100% Quality Perfect Pictures in Accordance with Wiki Policy 6 How to Get Accurate Information for the Wiki 6.1 Important Files to Look at 6.1.1 Exceptions -- ladywinter ~{talk page}~ 01:14, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

hmm, good point about the unpacker, I just put in the picture guide instead. =) -- ladywinter ~{talk page}~ 15:47, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

Mabiguru move

I figured this would be the easiest way of telling you where the Guru community moved:

The mods moved because it was impossible for them to contact Itchy to update for the site for about a year. However, due to ads, Itchy gained about $20 per day for doing nothing. A rather good deal for him, but definitely taking advantage of others. The amount of money he's giving away now is just a small sliver of the profits he's already gained. --Pleinair 21:11, 16 April 2010 (UTC)

Comment signing

Please stop signing every comment on every user talk page, especially if you don't know what you're doing. You completely messed up User talk:Sinnoaria#Response 3 because you didn't even look at what the contents of the section were. Read it carefully and you will see that each paragraph is not a new reply, but each indented paragraph is a reply to one posted on my talk page. I am changing it back. Saiyr 21:21, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

In what universe is it easier to read a discussion with only one side of it? The only reason I can bear doing it is because I have two monitors so I can read one in each window. Replying to each paragraph individual is by far easier to follow. Nevermind the fact that you completely screwed up the indentation since you didn't read it. You didn't even fill in the signatures correctly. If you want to see what I mean, compare User talk:Sinnoaria as it is now to what you had it as. Each paragraph was not a reply to the previous one, but you indented it outward in a diagonal line. That talk page that you linked has every side of the conversation inlined in one post. Fine, maybe every paragraph should have been signed, but you definitely should not have touched the formatting. By the way, please show me the policy that says that the user talk pages must be formatted for other people to read. The first point says, "The User_talk page is to be used to contact other users and for other users to contact you." Doesn't say anything about third parties reading any of that. Saiyr 23:20, 24 April 2010 (UTC)
Yes, I already said that. That does not justify your screwing up the formatting. Also, using quotation marks is redundant when indentation serves the same purpose. Saiyr 23:23, 24 April 2010 (UTC)
IMO, you should just leave a note if it's complicated like that conversation was. Saves you time and frustration of figuring it out and saves us (me?) frustration of seeing the formatting being all wrong. Just a thought. Saiyr 22:34, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

Can you give me your mabipackagetool/mabiunpack?

Mine for some reason cant open any of the *_full.pack's (Tested with 56_full.pack and 172_full.pack (NA and JP respectivly)) ~kotarou3 TALKCONTRIBS 03:45, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Your siggy

I stole yours >:O And edited it >:O ~kotarou3 TALKCONTRIBS 06:49, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

The new package file of g12s2

I was wondering if you have the new package file of g12s2? I've been trying to find it with no avail. I'm really interested in what has changed, though information about it on this wiki is limited. --Miyuna 11:24, 5 May 2010 (UTC)

Re: the new package file of g12s2

Ah, I see. No wonder I can't find any details of it in English. I guess I'll leave it to you or other people who have the file and can understand Korea to update the wiki when the time comes. =p --Miyuna 11:33, 5 May 2010 (UTC)

I'll keep that in mind. Sorry, it's just that I'm a newbie in looking at packages however I am very curious to what's in it. ^^ That and the NA pages of Awakening of Light, Fury of Light, and Spear of Light has no English Skill Description yet and was wondering if it is already translated in our Client files? --Miyuna 14:42, 7 May 2010 (UTC)
Thanks for adding in the description! I'm sorry for bothering you with such a request. ^^; It's just that some pages feel a bit empty without them. .-. --Miyuna 14:54, 7 May 2010 (UTC)

Re: monster tables

You might want to put your comment on ladywinter's talk page, she is unlikely to see it on mine and she is the one creating the new monster table. --ZRoc (Talk) 17:33, 20 May 2010 (UTC)

re: monster tables v. web 2.0

Yes the npc tables look pretty cool. There's a specific reason why I'm not following it's format though, and the reason is this wall of code:

{| class="infobox" style="border: 1px #aaaaaa solid; background: #ffffff; float: right; padding: 7px; width:250px; font-size: 11px;" |- |- |colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|{{{Image}}} |- |colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>'''{{{Name}}}'''<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |- |width="90" valign="top" style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>'''Race'''<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont2"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>{{{Race}}}<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |- |valign="top" style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>'''Gender'''<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont2"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>{{{Gender}}}<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |- |valign="top" style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>'''Occupation'''<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont2"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>{{{Job}}}<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |- |valign="top" style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>'''Location'''<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont2"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>{{{Location}}}<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |- |valign="top" style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>'''Part-time Job'''<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont2"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>{{{Part-time}}}<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |- |valign="top" style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>'''Repair'''<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |style="text-align:center;"|<div class="roundcont2"><div class="roundtl"><div class="roundtr"></div></div>{{{Repair}}}<div class="roundbl"><div class="roundbr"></div></div></div> |}<includeonly> {{ #if: {{{Implemented|}}} | {{ #ifeq: {{{Implemented}}} | n | [[Category:Future NPCs]] | <span style="font-size: x-small; color: #ff0000;">Incorrect parameter value given to Template:Infobox. For implemented NPCs leave the "Implemented" parameter undefined (i.e., don't use this parameter on an implemented NPC's page) or give it a blank value (i.e., "<code>Implemented=</code>") and for non-implemented NPCs give it a value of "n" (i.e., "<code>Implemented=n</code>").</span> }} | [[Category:NPCs]] }}</includeonly>

That wall of code has to be processed for each NPC page, which is fine because there's not that many NPCs, compared to monsters. And the NPC box doesn't even contain that much information. x.x; For comparison, the NPC template has 13 boxes. The monster template I've been working on has over 40. So to do that is asking the wiki's server to process over 4 times that amount of code for almost a thousand entries...And I'd rather have a consistently working wiki rather than something that looks pretty...and then crashes.

The current monster template, because of all it's occurrences on the wiki already lags the server, and when apparently kotaru was editing it, it'd crashed it. XD

However, if you're simply referring to a color change thing, and clear borders, and not the rounded edges thing, I'll look into that. It may be doable, though again I'd prioritize minimal impact to the server's processing over pure appearance. -- ladywinter ~{talk | contribs}~ 19:15, 20 May 2010 (UTC)

cosmetic color change test, dunno if I like it though that may just be inertia. I like the font better tho. Ask around to ppl's opinions too? User:Ladywinter/sandbox -- ladywinter ~{talk | contribs}~ 02:23, 21 May 2010 (UTC)
The rounded corners is simply a standard css3 style "-webkit-border-radius" or the firefox version "-moz-border-radius" ~kotarou3 TALKCONTRIBS 08:54, 27 May 2010 (UTC)

DataItem Template Change clue as to the specific thing you're talking about, I've been changing up alot of templates, link me? -- ladywinter ~{talk | contribs}~ 21:35, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

I didn't touch the font. It's just the background, and the bolding. Angevon agreed with me that it was an eyesore, esp since the rounded boxes didn't span the columns correctly and line up right. Also, the code was an unnecessary resource hog for an appearance thing that didn't even translate onto all browsers. Thank you for pointing out that the code was still trailing, I thought I caught all of those.. --ladywinter ~{talk | contribs}~ 23:51, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

How to make an "About Me" page

Hello Hengsheng,

I was seeing all of these people with their user pages, and I was wondering if there was a standard layout for such pages. Also, what information would you recommend showing in the page? Can some information nor be displayed?

How can you display images in the page?

Is there anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance.

Arkton/Arktonslave/Almostlink/Vekker (Mari)—Preceding unsigned comment added by VekkerAsPaco (talkcontribs) . Please always sign your comments with the Signature.png button or by typing ~~~~!

"How to make Mabinogi Faster"

/: Does that method still work after the recent log on mabi and press start game to start mabi? (I have vista, and when I right click a shortcut of mabi, and go to properties I can't click in the target box [I'm an admin in my computer as well]) SoraHikari 15:26, 31 May 2010 (UTC) Thank You Very Much!!! :D SoraHikari 18:52, 31 May 2010 (UTC)

Edits on Cichol/Morrighan

"Your edits on Cichol and Morrighan are pure speculation. Unless you have factual proof that all the cutscenes (made long before the ideas for future generations was even developed) can predict the future storylines, the edits do not belong in the wiki. Also I do not see any numbers next to anything when i hold down alt, that's my main problem with your edit." -Hengsheng120

My edits are NOT purely based on speculation, and I have screenshots to prove it. Yes, my mods show CP, but if you have a problem with mods, think of this: how did we acquire so many EXACT monster CPs? Mods. I use a CP viewer mod, and I held alt during a few Generation cutscenes and noticed Cichol and Morrighan had special names ("Morrighan the Goddess" and "Evil Cichol") along with a specific CP (9999.00). Generally, most NPCs have 1998.00 CP, and those that don't, in the cutscenes, usually have 0.00 CP. That means these were not the same as other characters seen in cutscenes. They weren't even substitutions, such as Crumena was in G9, instead using a Red Dragon, with the Red Dragon's CP. This is where I can see your argument on speculation, because I am speculating that Cichol could possibly be fought in a later Generation, and Morrighan's was worth noting due to her having a RP quest in G12. Is it particularly useful? Not especially, but that's why it's called the trivia section. However, I made it quite clear that none of this was confirmed nor denied, and it should be obvious to any reader that I already recognize this information is unconfirmed. However, for the characters Cichol and Morrighan, their CP remains and whether you can see it or not, it's there. If you'd like to see screens of them, I'd be happy to show you, and I have screens of other NPCs as well as cutscene NPCs with standard CP. Though it gets a bit sloppy since there are a few exceptions to the CP "rule" for NPCs in a cutscene, no other, unless it is a fightable monster (a good example being Glas Ghaibhleann) has had that CP. The only CPs I have seen on NPCs in cutscenes are 1998.00 (most characters), 0.00 (Cromm Cruaich, as seen in G9, as well as Nao when you see her in Soul Stream), 1.00 (Nao again, this time in a G3 cutscene). Other NPCs, such as Wanst, have different CPs (Wanst's being 100.00). The reason for this is unknown but a good 95% of the NPCs, in and out of cutscenes, is 1998.00, so when I saw Morrighan and Cichol with 9999.00, it was logical to speculate (yes, speculate, as I said I stated pretty well in my edits) that they were reflective of their actual CP as seen in either a RP or fight against them. I hope you can understand everything I just said and that it's not too jumbled, thoughts were bouncing around in my head even though I tried to explain this as clearly as possible. Either way, I don't make edits without good reason.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Neon the Chao (talkcontribs) . Please always sign your comments with the Signature.png button or by typing ~~~~!

Blaze-user's headgear

Hey, this is Arkton (Mari).

Would you mind telling me what hat the char on the Blaze page is wearing? You can note me in game, if it needs to remain personal. Arkton/Arktonslave/Vekker/Almostlink (Mari) 16:38, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

There are no threads on this page yet.