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Vandalism Policy

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If you find any acts of vandalism please report them here. It will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

Wiki Tips

  • Wiki Tips for New Editors - includes codes and general advice
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  • Typing four tildes (this ~~~~) automatically signs your name, makes a link, and timestamps
  • Correct spelling gets you points.
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    • Eyeball the code until you see something that you recognize
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    • Replace the text as needed.

Mabi gameplay tips

How to turn off PVP while getting camped

  • Type

Teleporting in-game without wings

  • Use Housing Flyers. They're your friends. You can get from Tailteann to Zardine in less than 5 minutes, plus or minus channel changing lag.

Windmill is Awesome

Here is why:

  • Basic info
    • 222 broadsword = 73 damage
    • r1 WM Base damage = 250%
    • r1 Crit damage = 250%
  • dual wield broadsword = 146 damage
    • Base WM damage = 365 damage
  • If you have str 200 = +80 damage
    • Base WM damage at 200 str = 565 damage

WM ignores protection, so your crit will always be your crit, which is maxed at 30%.

So 30% of the time you'll see this:

  • Base WM damage w/Crit = 913 damage
  • Base WM damage at 200 str w/Crit = 1,413 damage

Now, r1 WM spans almost the entire dungeon room, even in the larger rooms. If it's a large monster like Argus or Giant Spiders, the r1 WM will reach them even from nearly the opposite wall. I've wm locked a Argus and Headless in Baol that were in opposite corners by wming from the middle many times.

It loads at 0.9s.

Therefore you have a 30% chance of dealing 1.4k damage to an ALMOST AN ENTIRE ROOM in 0.9s. Even if you don't crit it's still a good chunk of damage and knocks back anything without Advanced Heavy Stander.

Yes, it eats your health. Yes, it eats stam.

But Magnum eats stam and Adv Magics eats MP. If you play smart with windmill you'll rarely, if ever, get hit; I've run entire dungeons in deadly before.

Yes, it's hard to train. But there are no shortcuts to get damage this pwn. SUCK IT UP.

Still unconvinced of The Awesome?

Read this.

eta: apparently the damage formula for crit is sliiiightly different from expected, being crit damage is
(rolled damage modified by balance and min) + (max damage x 1.5)
ie. (100%) + (150%)

Using that formula gets you WM str 200 damage at 1,432 on crit, instead of 1,413.

Countering with Windmill

  • go to alby or albey
  • find some white spiders
  • make them !! you by running around them or using throw stone
  • and then run to a corner.
    • possible to use a wall, but more difficult
  • When they knock you back and you go flying into the air, hit Windmill ASAP
  • so that the moment you LAND, you Windmill.

Dropped Armor And No Feather In Sight?

  • If you drop clothes/armor and you're fine with restarting the dungeon, type
    • When you log back in, you'll be dead at the altar with your dropped equips next to you.
      • You can either revive on spot or be feathered by someone at altar, and then remember to pick up your gear.

Regarding HP Potions

  • Have around 20~50 HP pots going into a dungeon; more for the intense dungeons, and more if you use Windmill alot.
  • Use the potions after finishing off an enemy and before engaging the next enemy
    • Rarely is it possible to pot during an attack sequence.
      • WindHeal is an exception, use the pots during Heal.
    • The best thing to do immediately upon knockback is to use Counter, Windmill, or Defense

Hot-key Your Skills!

  • Increases response time, Decreases Carpal Tunnel.
  • This can be done via Options, then on the Game tab.
  • What I do is have my pinky finger on ctrl key at the corner of my keyboard. That means that my fingers are at rest position on z, x, c.
    • I have my Skill Tabs on All Skills for this to work

Bottom Row

  • z = defense
  • x = firebolt
  • c = icebolt (I use icebolt like defense)
  • v = counter
  • b = cancel skills
    • This set makes it easy to fire counter, ice counter, and fire ice counter. Also easy to cancel out of def when monster is smashing.

Top Row

  • a = final hit
  • s = lightning bolt
  • d = smash
  • f = windmill
  • g = return to normal
  • spacebar = heal
    • This set makes it easy to windheal or smashmill. Lightning Bolt's awkward to reach, but useful for pre-chest opening. final hit is also awkward to reach, but then I'm not spamming it


  • cntrl + f = hp pot (under the windmill button)
  • cntrl + d = stam pot (so that I can have one finger on windmill and another on stam)
  • cntrl + s = mp pot (rarely used, but placed under lightning bolt)
  • shift + z = feather


  • w = return pet
  • r,t,y,u,8,h,j = pets
  • i = pet inv

F Keys

  • f1 = play dead (at edge and thus easy to reach)
  • f2 = stone throw
  • f3 = pet smash
  • f4 = pet heal (saved me a couple times)
  • f5 = pet counter (at edge and thus easy to reach)
  • f6 = pet mend
  • f7 = whatever skill I'm ranking and need to obsessively check
  • f8 = spirit awakening (at edge and thus easy to reach)
  • f9 = pally (at edge and thus easy to reach)
  • f10 = rest
  • f11 = meditation
  • f12 = whatever other skill I'm obsessively checking
  • The other set of F keys are all life skills and actions.

Try not to get hit.

  • This is one of the main aspects where Mabinogi's battle system greatly differs from other game's; where in the other games getting hit is a given, in Mabinogi for the greater part of the monsters it's possible and even highly encouraged to not get hit.
    • ie. currently I can run Rabbie Normal without getting hit. The only reason I die is if I'm living in Deadly and accidentally open a mimic or lag on skeleton wolves.
  • It's possible to do this by learning the Monsters AI pattern and by using Battle Tactics and by understanding Aggro.

Regarding Armor, and It's Usefulness

  • In Mabinogi, armor doesn't help as much as in other games. However it still helps, especially if you go buy the entire heavy armor set and rank Defense.
    • The Armor
      • The max possible def/prot of a fully upgraded, Blacksmithed heavy armor is 17/8 (Defense path) or 15/10 (Protection path).
      • With Helmet (1/1), Smithed Val gauntlets (2/2), Smithed Spika boots (2/2), that makes a total of either 22/13 (Def path) or 20/15 (Prot path) and costs anywhere from 660k to 3m depending on server and enchants.
      • A Kite shield of any kind bumps that up with +2 base Def with an unshown +35 def while equipped
    • The Skill
      • At rank F Defense, while skill is on: +21/+5
      • At rank 1 Defense, while skill is on: +70/+25
    • The Enchants
      • Some enchants raise Defense and Protection.
        • Some of the best enchants for this are Imp, Oak, and Defensive.
        • See links for more.
    • The Numbers
      • (Damage - Defense) * (100 - Protection) / 100
      • Assumed Protection Path full Set of Armor, with no Def/Prot Enchants, ie. 20/15 = Def/Prot
      • While using Defense (Human) at Rank F: Damage*0.8-62.4 (Protection path)
        • ie. You'll negate 20% of all damage, and ~62 points after that. Plus 40% protection from crit.
        • ...which is still mostly useless against Ghosts or Dragons.
      • While using Defense (Human) at Rank 1: Damage*0.6-76.2 (Protection path)
        • ie. You'll negate 40% of all damage, and 76 points after that. Plus 80% protection from crit.
        • ...which is mostly STILL useless against Ghosts or Dragons.

Regarding Clothes, and It's Usefulness

  • Fully upgraded clothing can get you about as much defense and protection as a new set of smithed armor. Armor will always have more def/prot.
  • Clothes are (mostly) cheaper than armor to repair, and to get back from Lost and Found.
    • Yes, even cheaper when you repair at 98% at Simon.
  • You can wear two accessories with clothes, which means 4 more enchants.
  • Multiple sets of clothes are useful to have around, with different enchants on them (or elements)
    • ie. I have a High Damage set (for use on easy monsters with low def/prot) and a High Crit set (for use on high def/prot monsters that armor doesn't help with), I'll probably get a high MP set for when I start ranking my adv magics, and a high Dex set should I ever do archery.


  • for the most part suck because of the tax. However you can get around this several ways.
    • Tir's cheapest license is 100 gold, with a max of 50k; if you have a good friend or another computer with mabi on it, you can get your money into the bank this way.
    • Don't turn in fomor scrolls until you need the money: they cost 0 gold to stick into bank...which means for scrolls like Metal Skeleton's that's 16k stored in there for basically free.
    • Pet storage.
    • Two computers that can play mabi and alts on another nexon account; have both computers running and just trade items. Could get tedious.
      • Could be less tedious if you trade via mail; most small items and stuff like dye are transferred for free

And Above All, Remember to Smell the Roses

In the end, Mabinogi is a game. But a well conceived and very complex game that's sometimes truly gorgeous.

Vales sights.jpg

Remember to enjoy yourselves, remember to look around and take some time to ponder deep thoughts.


...Such as why is Glas in Karu Dungeon? o.0;

I leave you with that.

Karu boss wall.jpg