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Zombie Attack Event (2010)

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For similar events, see Zombie Attack Event (disambiguation).
September 8th, 2010 - September 21st, 2010

Basic Information

The fort.

Something is stirring in the sands of the Muyu Desert. A provisional camp has been set up to investigate the disturbance, but no one has heard from the explorers for days. Alexina at Qilla Base Camp will provide you with more information about the whereabouts and further information regarding the provisional camp.

As you make your way to the camp, you will come to find that it has been abandoned, with a mysterious fomor flag raised defiantly in the center. Once Palala sets, you will soon hear the unnerving moans of the ravenous undead. The provisional camp is under attack! Defend the camp at all costs!

It may seem fairly simple at first; zombies are easy prey when alone. However, the common virtue among zombies is the ability to endure and eventually overtake their soon-to-be meals. Some zombies will be vulnerable to only physical attacks, while others can only be quelled with magic. As time passes into the deeper hours of the night, more and more zombies appear, determined to foul the fomor flag in the center of the provisional camp.

If you survive and can defend the provisional camp into the morning, you will be rewarded with 100 extra points added to your score. Quickly make your way to Alexina for a reward; she will trade you an event gachapon for 90 points. When Eweca rises, your points will reset to 0, and the zombies will resume their attack on the provisional camp.[1]

Zombie attack begins at 6:00PM in-game time and ends at 6:00AM. The bulk of the zombie attack begins at midnight. If the fort is destroyed, you will lose all your points, and the fort will be rebuilt at 10:00AM.

The camp is closest to the Kaypi Canyon Mana Tunnel.

Defend the Provisional Camp in the Desert Quest

How to Get Quest

Log in during Zombie Attack Event. If you already completed this quest last year, you will not receive it again.

Briefing Help! The Provisional Camp in the desert is in danger. -Alexina-
  • 1000 Experience Points
Additional Information

In step 1, Alexina says, "One of the members from the temporary camp in Muyu Desert has been found, who claims that the camp is under attack every night when the Eweca rises. We have lost all contact with the camp after a Fomor Flag was discovered and I think the Zombies are attacking because they don't approve of our ownership of the Fomor Flag.

"Could you follow the map and go to the temporary camp to protect the Flag? If you collect 90 points while protecting the Flag, I'll reward you with a Reward Chest in exchange. But remember that your score will reset every night, so you must exchange your points before the Eweca rises."

"Defend the Camp" is checked when you defeat one of the attacking zombies.

In step 3, Alexina says, "I guess the Zombies don't want us to investigate the Fomor Flag at the temporary camp. Thank you for your help. I'll trade you a Reward Chest every time you collect 90 points from protecting the camp."



  • All zombies will explode upon reaching the flag.
  • Use melee attacks for Zombie (Male), and magic or ranged attacks for Zombie (Female).
    • Using the wrong type of attack will result in only 1 damage.
    • Attacks will not knock back these zombies.
    • Alchemy such as Water Cannon and Flame Burst are treated as magic.
  • Volatile Zombies have Self-Destruct. Try to push or lure them away from the gate to prevent them from exploding on the players protecting the entrance.
  • Innocent Zombies summon the zombies you see in Tir Chonaill (Another World) and possess Defense.
    • The summoned zombies will not provide points upon being defeated.
  • Kid Zombies are the fastest zombies in this event, and thus are one of the bigger priorities to defeat before they reach the flag and explode.
    • They are weak to melee attacks, but magic or ranged attacks will temporarily distract them.
  • The King Zombie (or "Boss Zombie") spawns at midnight and has a 100% drop rate of the Jiang Shi Hat. It will go to the person who inflicts the most damage.

Defending the Camp

  • You must get at least one point and be near the fort in order to receive the 100 points for surviving until 6am.
  • If your team fails, you can still try to get points on different channel that has yet to fail.
    • Points stay on the channel they are earned on, even if you disconnect or change channels. (Ex. Points earned on ch 5 will not move to ch 6 when you change to that channel. If you move back to ch 5, the points you had previously earned on that channel will remain unless the provisional camp was reset.)
  • If the zombies pass through one of the gates, a message will be announced: "The [south, north, northeast] gate has been cleared!" If this happens before 12am, then Volatile and Kid Zombies will begin to spawn prematurely on the infiltrated side.
  • Once midnight hits, the zombies will begin to spawn more frequently and in larger groups, and Volatile Zombies, Kid Zombies, and Innocent Zombies will be thrown into the mix. It is best to use AoE attacks such as Windmill, advanced magics, Classic Spirit Weapon Awakenings, Elven Magic Missile, Mirage Missile, Summon Golem, rank 5+ Magnum Shot and Smash, Blaze, and Lightning Bolt to clear them out.
    • Your character will not receive points for kills made by your summoned golem.
    • The King Zombie also appears at midnight near one of the three gates (Northeast, Northwest, or South).