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Abyss Judgment

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Abyss Judgment.png
  • Possessed only by Sephirot.
  • Sephirot charges a colored aura and leaps into the air, landing with a devastating earthquake.
    • The color of the aura represents the "kill zone" of the attack, which deals a fixed 9,999 damage. Staying outside the kill zone deals 100 damage instead.
    • The kill zone of the Yellow aura is located directly next to Sephirot, roughly around a Windmill range.
    • The kill zone of the Green aura is located about mid range, 500~ Distance from Sephirot.
    • The kill zone of the Red aura is located away from Sephirot, roughly 3/4th of the entire room.
  • Enabling Mini Effects causes the aura to be invisible, making it harder to determine the kill zone.
  • Ignores defensive stats.
  • Damage can be lowered by using Defense with a Shield, Mana Shield, or Mana Deflector.