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Alby Battle Arena Coin

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Inventory icon of Alby Battle Arena Coin

1 × 1
Stack: 100

A coin differently shaped than the Gold. It is said to be the money of the Fomors. You can enter Battle Arena and pay admission fee with this. Beware not to cast all of it when you enter.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Ranald Tir Chonaill 200g (x10)
400g (x20)
1,000g (x50)
2,000g (x100)
Goro Alby Battle Arena Foyer 240g (x10)
480g (x20)
1,200g (x50)
2,400g (x100)

Monster Drops

What Where
Ogre Gairech Hill
Ogre Warrior Barri Normal,
Barri Mythril Mine,
Barri Spirit Fossil
Giant Ogre Gairech Hill (Field Boss)
Imp Various Barri Dungeons,
Albey Red,
Albey Goddess,
Banner Imp Barri Normal
Giant Imp Fiodh Intermediate
Invisible Imp Coill Normal


  • Stars won in the Alby Battle Arena can be traded for Alby Battle Arena Coins from Goro. Goro is located in the Alby Battle Arena foyer.

Used In


  • A single Alby Battle Arena Coin is dropped on the altar of the Alby Dungeon foyer to gain entry to the Alby Battle Arena foyer.
  • A stack of five Alby Battle Arena Coins are dropped on the small altar with crossed swords (directly behind Goro) in the Alby Battle Arena foyer to gain entry to the battle arena.