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Gairech Hill

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Dragon Ruins


The human army base during the war in Sen Mag.

Scorching heat, dry weather, and barren soil conditions make sparsely populated Gairech a poor farming location. However, ancient remains have been discovered in the area as well as reports of Fomors digging up mineral deposits in the region.[1]

Gairech Hill is a hill in southeastern Uladh. The summit of the hill is north of the Dragon Restoration Ruins. The arid climate and exposure to extensive sunlight allow very little support for wildlife and possible construction of farmlands. Gairech was also a historical army post for human battalions during the war in Sen Mag Plateau.

Many report a widespread Fomor activity predominantly in Reighinalt. Most are seen attempting to mine whatever is left of now defunct deposits abandoned by humans.

There is a statue of a Dragon present in there area trying to be mined out, however it serves no real purpose.

In the forked road to the north of the hill, there is a red tree. A post in front of it says it has a story, and it is Erinn's 223rd National Treasure. One rumor suggests that Redire and Aranwen had came and dated underneath that tree.


A map of Gairech Hill

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Miner Dragon Ruins
the Part-Timer
Miner Dragon Ruins


Field Boss