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Category:Alchemy Skills

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Alchemy Mastery.png Grandmaster Battle Alchemy Icon.png Grandmaster Transmutation Icon.png

  • Alchemy Skills are skills related to Alchemy.
  • Offensive Alchemy use Stamina and require a Cylinder equipped as the main weapon as well as Crystal(s) specific to the skill inside the user's inventory.
  • Most offensive Alchemy Skills can override Passive Defenses.
  • Similar to Magic Skills, Alchemy generally takes time to load and most do not have cooldowns.
  • Depending on the skill, alchemy damage gains a bonus from the user's remaining Health, Mana, or Stamina.
Skills that gain bonus damage from stats.
Health Mana Stamina
Flame Burst Water Cannon Heat Buster
Life Drain Shock Hydra Transmutation