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Anvil (Public)

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You may be looking for the in-house tool Anvil (in-house)
You may be looking for the homestead tool Anvil (Homestead)


Anvil Public.png
Anvil (public)
  • Anvils (public) are production tools and use the blacksmithing skill to make equipment, weapons, tools, and miscellaneous items.
  • They are also public tools which means they have fixed locations, like most NPCs. A player must travel to a town in which an Anvil (public) is located if they wish to make use of them.
  • To use an Anvil (public), a player must left-click on it, or use the Blacksmithing Skill near it, while equipped with Blacksmith Hammer in the right hand and a blacksmithing manual in the left hand.

See Category:Blacksmithing Tools for more blacksmithing tools, Category:Public Tools or Public Tools List for more public tools and Category:Production Tools or Production Tools List for all production tools.


There are Anvils (public) only in a few towns, their locations are as follows:

Production List

See the Blacksmithing List for all the items that can be made using an Anvil (public).