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Bangor Collection Book

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Template:DataBangor Collection Book

MabiNovel Additions


Gairech Hills

MabiNovel Background Gairech Hills.png

Morva Aisle

MabiNovel Background Morva Aisle.png

Barri Dungeon

MabiNovel Background Barri Dungeon.png


MabiNovel Background Bangor.png

Fiodh Dungeon

MabiNovel Background Fiodh Dungeon.png

Background Music

  • Let Us Not Fret (Riocard's theme)
  • Unjust Swings o a Pickaxe (Seumas's Theme)
  • The World Painted by the Girl (Ibbie's theme)
  • Grief-stricken Glass (Jennifer's Theme)
  • Deep Forest (Fiodh/Coill Dungeon's theme)
  • A Dreaming Village (Bangor's Theme)
  • My Heart! Gilmore's Theme)
  • Leave It to Me! (Elen's theme)
  • Passionate Duel (Fiodh/Coill Dungeon Boss Room's Theme)
  • A Boy's First Love (Sion's Theme)
  • Young Explorer (Gairech's Theme)
  • My Life Led by Him (Comgan's Theme)
  • The Father's Promise (Bryce's Theme)
  • This is My Pride (Edern's Theme)
  • Hate (Barri Dungeon's Theme)
  • Sword Lifted for the SUn (Morva Aisle's Theme)


Name Image Emotions
Bryce Bryce.png Base - Normal
Comgan Comgan.png Base - Normal
Elen Elen.png Base - Normal
Edern Edern.png Base - Normal
Gilmore Gilmore.png Base - Normal
Ibbie Ibbie.png Base - Normal
Jennifer Jennifer.png Base - Normal
Riocard Riocard.png Base - Normal
Seumas Seumas.png Base - Normal
Sion Sion.png Base - Normal