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Portrait of Jennifer
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Bartender
Location Bangor
Repair Accessory Repairs, 98%


Well-groomed purple hair, a face as smooth as flawless porcelain, and brown eyes with thick mascara complemented by a mole that adds beauty to her oval faced. The jasmine scent fills the air every time her light sepia healer dress moves, and her red cross earrings dangle and shine as her smile spreads across her lips.

Jennifer is a woman who can be found at the pub in Bangor. She can repair accessories.

Jennifer's Quote: "A woman can cry briefly... Plus, the fact that made her cry lasts longer in her than in a man."[1]

Favorite Items

Gifts Returned for Gems

  • An item (randomly chosen from a small selection of items) will be received as a returned gift by giving Jennifer a desired jewel.
  • The chance to receive some returned gifts may only occur if the desired jewel given to Jennifer is above a certain size.
Garnet Size
Kiss on the Lips 6.00cm - 9.00cm
Iron Ore x 10 7.10cm
Gold Ore x 3 6.00cm - 10.00cm
Blacksmith Hammer with White Spider suffix 10.00cm
r8 prefix Land enchant 4.70cm - 8.00cm
Diamond Size
Silver Ore x 10
Gold Ore x 10
Gold Ingot x 2
Bastard Sword (Grade A+)
Pickaxe with Kobold suffix


Jennifer's Equipment