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Portrait of BrielleFile:Brielle.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Wandering Archeologist
Location Tory Ravine


Her lilac hair, tied back to accommodate her nomadic lifestyle, swishes like leaves on the breeze. The large bag and old book hanging from her waist speak to her curiosity about the world. Her independent nature comes through in her confidence and easygoing smile.


Brielle is an archeologist who was formerly helped by the Milletian when they invoked dark powers that nearly consumed them. She is well known by Admiral Owen for her adventures, though Shayla doesn't think as highly of her. Her assistant is the talking puppet Gillach who the Milletian also helped during Brielle's invocation.

Brielle is a follower of Lymilark, having studied under Sister Kristell to atone for her mistakes. She also helped the Sister and her assistant Maydi with taking care of some orphaned children.

Mainstream Story

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Moonlight Dreams

Crom Bás