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Script - Moonlight Dreams

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Future content.png The content on this page was available for a limited time as part of Moonlight Dreams.

Script - Waves Amidst the Calm >

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Kristell's Calling

Milletian, I'm terribly sorry to reach out so urgently. Have you sensed anthing strange in Uladh lately? Please come to the Dunbarton Church and I'll tell you more. - Kristell

I know I only just sent an owl, but here you are already, (Character Name).
I wanted to see you because... Well, the thing is... Have you sensed a Strange Energy in Uladh lately?
I'm not sure why, but there've been strange happenings all over the continent.
I'd like to discuss it further after you set your main character, if that's all right?

> Select as main character.

Okay. May I take a moment before I get into the details?

Spread of the Strange

Help Kristell investigate the strange phenomena that's been occurring across Uladh.

Oh... I must seem a little agitated, eh? It's just been a stressful situation, you see... I'm sure you must be confused by this talk of strange energy.
But tell me... HAVE you sensed any kind of strange energy in Uladh?
What's worse is that the stronger it gets... The more I recognize it.
It feels just like the Fomor Curse. It's not just similar, it's almost identical. I've become convinced that it will bring about something terrible if left unchecked.
I've alerted the Pontiff's Court, and I've been investigating the matter with Priestess Maydi since she arrives here. It's too much for just the two of us though, and this dark energy only seems to be growing. That's why I've reached out to you, (Character Name).
Please, will you work with us to uncover the source of this strange energy?

> Offer to help

Thank you so much. With your help and the grace of Lymilark, we'll get to the bottom of this in no time.
I believe that the investigation should start in Dunbarton. There've been rumors of cows behaving erratically near the town.
Go to Dunbarton and investigate the cows that have been affected by this strange energy. If the stories are true, then please gather milk samples from any abnormal cows for further investigation.
Here, I have an empty bottle you can use to gather the milk.
You haven't forgotten how to gather milk, have you? Just to be sure... Equip the empty bottle in your hand and click on the cow to gather the milk.
Thanks for helping out, (Character Name).

(You set out to the cow pastures of Dunbarton, where you find a Mad Cow. You gather its milk with the bottle Kristell gave you, and return to her.)

Oh, this milk... You said it was gathered fresh, right? It already looks rotten, and smells worse!
This must mean the cows Were afflicted with some kind of curse.
We may need to take action sooner than we thought.
Now... we should take a closer look at Tir Chonaill Pasture. According to my findings and Priestess Maydi, something is wrong with Deian's sheep.
I went ahead and sent him an owl, so he knows you're coming. Go hear the details from Deian at the Tir Chonaill Pasture directly.
Good luck, (Character Name).

(You go to Tir Chonaill and meet up with Deian.)

Shepherd Boy Deian
Looking for me? What can i... Oh! It's you!
Kristell said you'd be showing up. Let me get right to the point.
It's my poor sheep... Something is affecting them.
I started to notice the sheep behaving oddly a few days ago. At first it was just the one, I think? But now they've all started to go kinda weird!
I promise this is all true. You can see what's happening right here! Right now!
Why don't you go and see how they're acting for yourself? Didn't Kristell say you needed proof for the investigation anyway?
You can observe their behavior for yourself, and gather some wool while you're at it! Wander the pasture for awhile and they'll show. I'm serious! I wouldn't lie about this!
Wait... you DO know how to shear wool, don't you? Equip a one-handed sword, then click the sheep! Easy-peasy!

(You gather wool from a Mad Sheep and return to Deian.)

Shepherd Boy Deian
See? See? This wool is definitely from one of those weird sheep! And you were out here doubting me...
Look, I'll make sure the wool gets sent out. You go back to Kristell, and figure out what to do about this. Let me know when you come up with a solution, okay?
Look, the thing is...
I wasn't sure if I should bring this up or not, but... I feel weird keeping it to myself, so here goes!
If I'm remembering right, the sheep started acting all strange right around the time of... the incident!

> The incident?

Shepherd Boy Deian
Yeah! I forgot to lock the fence and some sheep got out. After a whole lotta sweat and tears, I found them in the Tir Chonaill eastern field.
I tell ya, I was just happy they didn't get eaten by wolves... But I'm pretty sure that's when the sheep started acting strangely.
Well... That's it! Can you make sure Kristell knows about this? You never know if it'll come in handy!
Alrighty, I've got to get back to it! I may be a humble shepherd, but I'll be a famous warrior one of these days. You'll see! Catch you later, (Character Name)!

(You report back to Kristell in Dunbarton.)

Ah, (Character Name). Are you back from meeting with Deian? How are things looking in Tir Chonaill?

> There are some affected sheep...

Even in Tir Chonaill, our four-legged friends are acting strangely... What in the world could it be? Did Deian say anything else?

> Relay what Deian said

So ever since Deian retrieved his lost sheep from the Eastern Tir Choaill Prairie, the rest have been acting strange...
Wait a minute... There's a connection here... Let me gather my thoughts.

Source of the strange

Launch a full-scale investigation to find the source of the strange phenomena. First, go to Kristell in Dunbarton.


(Kristell stares off into space, deep in throught. Then, her eyes widen.)

I heard that several cows went missing during the recent rain storms in this region. Once the rains stopped, they were found far away from their farms.
That was when the affected animals were first noticed. And more than that, the effect seemed to spread to some of the villagers. They get furious over trivial things, and snap at those around them.
The symptoms match. This can't just be a coincidence, right?
I think this merits a closer look.
Deian said this was around the eastern part of Tir Chonaill, right? I'd like you to check the area, please. Keep an eye out for any strange constructs or anything that might generate this energy. You never know when we might find a big lead.
Thank you for stepping up, (Character Name).

(You make your way to the Eastern fields of Tir Chonaill. Something catches your attention.)

Moonlight Dreams - Black Energy.png
A creepy energy radiates from this area. It makes you feel prickly all over, just standing there.
This looks like a source of the strange energy spreading across Uladh.
You look through the source and find a marionette. Someone placed this here.
You realize the marionette is absorbing the strange energy. Should you examine closer?

> (Examine even closer.)

(The wooden marionettte turns its head with a creak to look in your direction.)

Juju Doll
I received it. Master's command. Stop... the curse from the spreading.
I can do it... talking. I can listen and understand... talking. Master made it so. I can talk and listen.
He comes, like clockwork, to this place. It's about time for his visit, right about now. If you're lucky, you might meet him too. My master.

(And as if on cue...)

(You see a fancy-looking man. Judging from his gothic outfit and staff, he must be a mage.)

(His inscrutable gaze makes it impossible to guess what's on his mind. It almost feels chilling.)

Suspicious Man
Let's see... I know I placed those Juju Dolls somewhere around here...

(The suspicious man looks at you, then yelps in shock.)

Suspicious Man
To think I'd meet you here, of all places... Goodness...
How do I know you?
That's a funny thing to ask.
You hear people talk about the Milletian's grand adventures across the world.
I always hoped I'd get to meet you one day, but I never imagined it would be like this... What a funny thing fate is.

I believe I should say... greetings? Gillach is my name. As you can see, I'm a mage researching certain types of magic as I wander the world...
So you're here to investigate this strange energy as well? It might be that we're both after the same thing.
I've also been researching the strange energy appearing lately. That's how I discovered sources near Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton.
I haven't ascertained the perfect method for dealing with this energy, but I have a fondness for dolls and know how to control them with magic...
As such, I've crafted magical marionettes that can siphon the strange energy bit by bit, as well as help prevent it from spreading.
However, even these Juju Dolls can only bear so much of this energy before giving out. That's why I come here every so often to fix them up.
I actually came to do repairs, so I didn't expect to meet you here, (Character Name)...
...This world is certainly full of surprises.

(Gillach ponders something for a moment, then continues.)

Gillach Well...
It seems like serendipity is at play.
How would you like to partner up for a while? Honestly, I find you incredibly fascinating, Milletian.

> Partner?

Gillach You and I are clearly working towards the same goal, (Character Name). Perhaps we should join forces in dealing with this strange energy. What do you say? Are you with me?

> Sure or Maybe Not.

> Sure

You're a person of action, (Character Name). I admire that.
We should start working on this region right here. The source of the energy seems quite close.
My plan is simple. I shall repair the marionettes. All you have to do is eliminate the nearby wolves.
These strange forces seem to have beckoned more vicious monsters. They've been muddling up my efforts.
If you go hunt ten of the nearby wolves that have been disrupting my work, I can focus on fixing up the Juju Dolls in the meantime. Your help will be very much appreciated.

(You dispatch the wolves and return to Gillach.)

The Juju Dolls ahve been fixed. I appreciate you cracking down on those wolves so I could focus on repairs.
This won't get the job done completely, but it's a start. If the energy eats away at the dolls again... I'll be back.

(Gillach stares off into the distance, expressionless. Then he opens his mouth, like he's just remembered something.)

Come, let's move to the next location... I mentioned it before, but I found a place just like this in Dunbarton. Near Rabbie Dungeon, to be exact. Once it's taken care of, that should be it. This problem that's been plaguing Uladh should finally be resolved.
So, I'll meet up with you at Rabbie Dungeon. I'll head over after I tie up some loose ends here.

(You head for Rabbie Dungeon. And there, effectively...)

Moonlight Dreams - Black Energy.png
A creepy energy radiates from this area. It makes you feel prickly all over, just standing there.
This also looks like a source of the strange energy spreading across Uladh.
You look through the source and find a marionette probably left by Gillach.
You realize the marionette is absorbing the strange energy. Should you examine closer?

> (Examine even closer.)

(The wooden marionettte turns its head with a creak to look in your direction.)

Juju Doll
I... can... do... it...
Stop... curse...

(Destroyed marionettes are strewn about, making terrible noises. You're inspecting the marionettes when Gillach appears.)

You're here, (Character Name). Hm... As you can see, the situation is much more serious than I thought...
I'm here to check on the Juju Dolls, and good thing I did, too. Looks like the energy is taking its toll on them... Most of the joints and seams have disintegrated or broken.
But... disintegration at this level isn't a total loss. I bet repairs could be made with the techniques Huw taught me...
Oh, sorry... What was I just saying?
Please excuse my ramblings. Really, pay them no mind.
Okay, (Character Name). Can you bring me ten pieces of firewood? Caombined with my marionette repair tools, that should be enough to fix the Juju Dolls.
You can get firewood by equipping an axe and chopping nearby trees. Now, that's ten pieces of firewood I need. Thank you for your help, as always.

(You gather the required amount and hand it to Gillach.)

That didn't take long at all, (Character Name). You know, I usually don't enjoy the company of others... Working in harmony like this with someone else feels... awkward.
So, using the mateirals you obtained, I'll just...

(Gillach starts whittling the firewood with a small blade. He carves out parts to fit into the marionettes.)

It's about exactly... this size... Yes, that's a perfect fit...

(Gillach inserts the finished parts into the marionettes.)

That's it. That ought to keep the Juju Dolls going long enough.

Ah, that should take care of the Juju Doll repairs.
Well, (Character Name)... That concludes our business, I believe. I don't think this energy could have been dealt with without the aid of my fascinating... I mean, my capable partner.
I plan to continue my travels and learn more about these strange forces. Perhaps I can rid us of them once and for all.
The strange energy in Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton is gone, but there's no permanent solution. This is probably not the last we see of each other... if fate wills it.
I read in a book, once... In these situations, the correct thing to say is 'thank you'?

(Gillach hesitates, then stammers out his response.)

T-thank you for everything, (Character name). If it's meant to be, then our paths will cross again... Though who knows when that may be. Take care.

(You part ways with Gillach and return to report to Kristell.)

Tracking the Moonlight

Any news on the investigation, Milletian? It might just be my imagination, but I think the strange energy has weakened a bit, I'd like to hear more on what's been happenning... I'll be waiting at the Dunbarton Church. - Kristell

I've been waiting, (Character Name). It's been awhile since the Eastern Tir Chonaill investigation. I was starting to worry! So... what did you find?

> I met with Gillach...

I see... I thought I felt the strange energy weaken, but I couldn't be sure. So, someone who appeared to be a mage dispersed the strange energy with marionettes...
My, my...
I conducted an investigation on my own while you were gone, (Character name)...
I've assumed this energy to be Fomor magic. Fomor magic can only be dispelled by someone connected to the caster of the curse.
It's possible that the magic itself has changed... Or perhaps this mage is exceptionaally talented at purifying magic. But...
Hm... You said his name was Gillach, right? I think I'd better speak to him face-to-face.

> Gillach has taken off again to study the strange energy

He's gone?
If this is the case, is there anything we could use to track him down? Something he's fond of, for example?

> He seemed to like dolls

You said he used marionettes to purify the curse, so he seems to like dolls. Then... did he happen to mention or talk about anyone specific?

> Huw

Huw, you say... If he likes dolls, it follows that he'd be interested! What did he say about Huw?

> He learned to repair dolls from Huw

Huw taught him how to repair dolls... That's it! Of course!
These are our clues so far. A mage who , and learned how to repair them from Huw...
Well, how about going to Huw and asking him directly about Gillach? I think we should regard this Gillach character with caution. I can't shake this ominous feeling... Either way, it'd be best to talk to him in person.
(Character name), you're the only one who can help. Can you learn of Gillach's whereabouts from Huw in Emain Macha? I'll be doing some additonal research on this strange magic in the meantime.
Hm. As you were talking, I realized I've actually heard something like this before... What an unusual name, Gillach. The pronounciation varies by region, but the word Gealach means moon. Either way, please be careful when dealing with this man, (Character name)...

(You go to Emain Macha and meet with Huw.)

Do you have something to share?
So... a mage with a staff and a penchant for dolls?
Well then...
I think I know who you're talking about, but I'm no gossip. How do I know I can trust you with what I know, (Character name)?

> (Explain the chain of events.)


(Huw's face turns pale, and he clears his throat as he collects himself.)

Ahem! Huh... how interesting. Well, might I propose something?
If you can help me with a small matter, I'll tell you what you want to know.
As a matter of fact, it has something to do with what you've just described. Emain Macha Lake is currently plagued by a strange kind of fish that eats its own. It's giving the villagers a lot more to worry about.
I need you to bring me one of these ghastly fish so I can study them. Once I find a way to manage them, I'll tell you what you want to know.

(You fish up a mad Taitinn Carp and hand it to Huw.)

So this is what's been troubling the villagers... Very well. You've done as I asked, so I'll tell you what I know.
To be honest, I didn't even know his name was Gillach until you mentioned it. It was hard to tell anything specific about him, really. He always concealed himself with long robes on his regular visits to buy dolls.
He struck me as terribly antisocial, as you could imagine. We only ever spoke about doll repairs, so... I merely thought he was an eccentric with an affinity for dolls...
Just once...
Juse once, I went to personally deliver a marionette of his I repaired. I didn't see him myself, but I followed his instructions. He had me leave it near the Fiodh Dungeon entrance in Gairech Hills.
That is all I can tell you about him. I hope it helps you resolve whatever's been going on, in some way.

(You head to Gairech Hills. There, you find some ruins, and...)

(It's a wardrobe covered in bizarre decorations. You try opening it, but it stubbornly refuses to budge.)

> (Break the door down.)

(You concentrate all of your strength, and...)

(You're about to launch a bone-splintering smash... But then the wardrobe...)

(The wardrobe starts to talk!)

Strange Wardrobe
Ahem, excuse me. You there, with the leg perched so. What say you calm down?
And before you ask, the answer is yes. Yes, this wardrobe really is talking to you.
Ahem... ahem! Hm! Hm! Goodness, I haven't spoken in so long. I have a frog in my throat... so to speak! Harumph!
Now that we're settled, allow me to explain. Thanks to my master's magic, I can speak and hear like a human. That's how I can talk to you like this.
Nothing sinister about it. Kindly stay your hand. So. What brings you here?

> (Ask to open the door.)

Strange Wardrobe
Open my doors? That's awfully fresh of you! These doors don't open for anyone except my master. If it's urgent business, I can take a message for you.

> I am a friend of Gillach.

Strange Wardrobe
A friend? Hm... I've never known him to keep any friends...

(The strange wardrobe ruminates on this. This looks like your chance.)

> (Claim he asked for something important.)

Strange Wardrobe
He asked you to bring him something important? Hm... Perhaps, but still... something seems fishy about all this.
Hmmm, well, I'll open the door for you if you can answer my riddle. You said you were friends with Gillach? Well... His name comes from a word with a certain meaning. Can you tell me what it is?

> (Solve the riddle.)

> Correct answer: Moon

Strange Wardrobe
Whoa... You knew? In that case, you must be his friend.
Well, why not? I'll open the doors for you! Stand back for a moment...

(The strange wardrobe groans, and the ground around you begins to shake.)

> (Step back.)

(The ground shakes, and with a BOOM, you are briefly knocked to the ground. When you stand back up, you see the wardrobe's doors are open.)

Strange Wardrobe
This was certainly an unexpected surprise! (Character name), friend of Gillach. How can I help you?

> (Stick your hand in the wardrobe.)

(You stick your hand in the wardrobe, and you feel something gently pulling. It's like you're shifting to a different dimension... The light at the end looks like blue moonlight.)

> (Close your eyes.)

(You enter the Moonlight Room, a place lit by the cold blue moonlight. Gillach isn't here. You take the opportunity to look around.)

Moonlight Dreams - Brielle Sleeping.png
A girl, deep in slumber. She doesn't stir in the slightests, even from sudden sounds.
Her child-like features almost... make her look like a doll.
It seems like the strange energy that's spread across Uladh is emanating from the sleeping girl... Is the under some kind of curse?

(You keep looking around for traces of Gillach.)

Mage's Cauldron
(The indiscernible mass of ingredients has come to a roiling boil.)

(Moonlight spills through one of the derelict walls. Beneath it, some plants are growing in the light of the moon.)

(Judging from the shabby wall and wild plants, this place seems like it's been neglected for a long time.)

(There's a small, upright marionette. It looks like it might be able to talk, just like the Juju Doll that Gillach made.)

I... I can talk, too. C-c-can listen, too! This is how... M...Master made me. I can do simple magic too... Wanna see?

(It seems the doll can warp you back to Dunbarton. You continue looking around.)

(This desk is covered with different kinds of lab tools and a marionette. Could it be evidence of some kind of experiment?)

(You look closer and find a book wreathed in strange energy. It's the same kind of energy that's spread across Uladh.)

> (Examine the book.)

Book of Anathema close up.png
(A creepy-looking book with a pentagram on the cover. It pulsates with the energy plaguing Uladh.

(You flip the book open, but the Fomor text within is illegible.)

(Maybe this is the book of Fomor magic Kristell was talking about.)

(You Take the book back to Kristell.)

(Character name), I've been waiting for you. Did you learn anything about Gillach from Huw?

> Gillach was gone, but I found something suspicious.

Something suspicious? At his hideout?

> Hand over the Book of Anathema to Kristell

Book of Anathema close up.png

This book...

(Kristell thumbs through the book intently, her eyes widening in shock.)

Well... This is it, isn't it, (Character name)?
You must've already sensed it but this book... Goodness, where do I even begin?
For starters, this is indeed a book about Fomor magic.
An incredibly powerful, forbidden magic, in fact. This magic is so dangerous, even I've bever seen it used...
That is to say... It's a forbidden magic that can give life to the lifeless.
Truly, this power is great enough to give life to anything. Why, you could buy a piece of paper from Walter, and use this magic to make it human! But at a terrible cost. The cost of a curse... spreading across Uladh.
Supposedly, even the Fomor abandoned this terrible magic. How could it have returned...?
This makes one thing very clear.
As long as a being made human by this forbidden magic exists... This strange energy will continue to spread and grow even worse.
This book... You said you found it in his hideout? Was there anything else suspicious there?

> Describe what was in the Moonlight Room

A talking marionette? It's a simple enough trick with marionettes, so I don't thinkn it's all that relevant. What I meant was... Was there anything that seemed human-like?

> The girl, maybe...

A girl who sleeps eternally? Dp you know for sure that she was human?
she might be... This girl could be the creature made human using the forbidden magic!
Maybe... Maybe he feels guilty? Gillach could be traveling to all corners of Uladh to battle the curse he unleashed...
I'm starting to piece everything together from the clues you've gathered. If the Book of Anathema was in his hideout, we need to find Gillach now. The curse will only continue to spread if nothing's done about it.
But without knowing Gillach's whereabouts...
I'll send word to the Pontiff's Court to find Gillach.
(Character name), I trust you'll send word if you happen to find Gillach as well.
It feels like we've gotten much closer to the truth with your help, (Character name). I'd like to thank you once again, and I'll be in touch if I learn anything about Gillach. And... I know this investigation is important, but be careful if you run into him.

(Interlude) Kristell's Request

Milletian, did you say that you located Gillach's hideout? What if we investigated his hideout, the Moonlight Room, while he's gone? - Kristell

I've been meaning to tell you... When you brought me the Book of Anathema, most of the pages were torn out. It's rather hard to read in this state.
I feel like there must be a section on breaking curses, but... Wel, there's no way to be sure without the actual pages.
Can you go to Gillach's hideout and loook for torn-out pages? Or any clues, really.

> Help Kristell

Thanks, (Character name). If you could find the torn-out pages of the Book of Anatheme at Gillach's hideout, I'd appreciate it. Good hunting.

(You go to Gillach's hideout and look for torn-out pages of the Book of Anathema. Once there, you don't find anything... You ask Pino, just in case.)

Piece of paper? Torn? I... I've seen it! But the rats ate it all! Squeak-squeak-squeak! You can get torn paper... If you teach the rats a-a-a lesson. Wa... wanna try?

> Do it (Enter mission)

Shadow Mission: Find the Torn-out Pages

> On-screen text: You see an unidentifiable circle and three colored orbs. See what Pino has to say about this.

The rats you want... That ate the paper... They won't come out. But if the light comes on... in their favorite color... they'll scurry out! Squeak-squeak-squeak!

(Pino moves its arms and hands over a piece of paper that's crumpled at the edges. It's a color wheel.)

Show me... the orbs... the colors... I'll look... I'll help... make the rats come out.

> Look at the color.

> If the color matches:

This color... The rat... likes it... Ooooohhmigooodd... R-rats scare me... Gonna stand right here!

(Dark Rats appear. You grab Gnawed Pages from them. It seems you'll need to restore them...)

The paper... Chewed up by rats... Can't use it like that. You need double double, toil and trouble... Fire burn and cauldron bubble to restore... Need potions from different color rats and b-b-boil them in the cauldron... Then... P...Poof! You get everything you want. Match up the colors of the orbs, and the squeaky rats will P-Pino hates rats!

(You gather the potions from enchanted rats, and then dump it all into the cauldron. You stir it all, and...)

(You obtain Restored Pages.)


(You move back to Dunbarton to give Kristell the pages.)

These... are definitely pages that were torn from the Book of Anathema. Thank you so much, (Character name).
I'll work on deciphering and analyzing the pages you brought back. Still, so many pages remain missing that I may need your help again.
I'll be in touch if I find any leads on Gillach. And... I know this investigation is important, but be careful if you run into him.

(Interlude 2) Stopping the Strange (Maydi)

(A woman wearing a Lymilark priest's robe darts around frantically as she murmurs to herself.)

So! Let's see... The laundry hung early this morning needs to be taken in... The bell needs to be rung on time... Oh, and the Holy Water of Lymilark!

(The priestess jumps in surprise as you approach.)

Er... Um... So...
You must be (Character name)... right? You're here to help Priestess Kristell?
Sorry for shouting like that. I just have so much on my plate right now... I get pretty high-strung sometimes... Not a good idea to sneak up on me! Sorry.
I'm Maydi, a priestess-in-training of Lymilark. The Tara Pontiff's Court believes in develooping the faith of recruits from the get-go, so when they heard of this strange energy they dispatched me here to assist with Priestess Kristell's work.
Pristess Kristell probably told you the details, but this once-imperceptible mysterious energy has been growing stronger, to the pooint that it's causing changes across Uladh.
We're doing our best to keep it contained, but... We still don't know where it's coming from. Kind of... limits our options, you know?
On top of everything else, there's not a lot of help to be had here. I have so many duties to attend to that I can't work on the real problem!
So... I was really hoping...
Maybe you could help me out, (Character name)? I don't expect you to work for free, of course! I'd be happy to compensate you for your help.

> I would love to help.

Oh, (Character name)! Thanks a bunch! As you can see, things are really hectic around here, and, well... Okay, honestly I'm not sure where I should have you start.
Instead of making you wait around, I'll send an owl when I need something. All you have to do is follow through, and I'll repay you with useful items!
Thank you for offering your help so readily, (Character name.) It really is a load off my mind.
With your help, maybe we can actually get to the bottom of this. May the blessing of Lymilark be with you, wherever you go.

(Interlude 3) Maydi's Commission, Juju Doll

(You inspect the Commission)

Letter.png A commission from Maydi. You can select whichever task you want to help with.

> Gather Milk from a Mad Cow or Gather Wool from a Mad Sheep or Go Fishing for Mad Taitinn Carp

(You deliver the item.)

Oh my, this is... This is a mad (Taitinn Carp/Sheep Wool/Cow's Milk)! The spread of strange energy may have stopped thanks to your work, (Character Name), but this will be a huge help in getting rid of what remains.
Here's some Special Holy Water, chock full of Divine Light, to show my thanks. Hopefully you find it useful...

(With the Holy Water in Hand, you head to the location of one of the Juju Dolls.)

Juju Doll
I received it. Master's command. Stop... the curse from the spreading.

(You sprinkle the Holy Water on the doll.)

(It feels like the strange energy is vanishing as you sprinkle the water.)

Juju Doll
You. You are a good person. You did so much to fix everything. Gratitude... I will repay.

(You receive an item from the Doll as a reward.)

Truth in the Moonlight

Milletian, can we talk? I found something about this Gillach character. - Kristell

You're here, (Character Name). We've received some new information on this Gillach character.
He must have noticed we were tracking him, because he's started blending into the crowds at Dunbarton and avoiding the Juju Dolls.
I saw someone who looked a lot like Gillach at the Town Square. He got away when I tried to chase him down, though. Vanished like he had never been there at all...
Where did I last see Gillach... He had to be somewhere near Dunbarton Bank. Hopefully he left some clues behind, too.
Hm... I think it would be best to ask directly.
(Character Name), could you pay Austeyn at Dunbarton Bank a visit? If Gillach did leave anything there, we need to know.

(You head to the bank and speak with Austeyn.)

A suspicious event? Hmm, perhaps...
Perhaps this is unrelated, but... I've actually been looking for you. There was a letter addressed to you... Where did it go...
Ah, here it is! It's quite the suspicious letter. No mention of who sent it!
Someone slipped it into the mailbox a few days ago. It was just addressed to (Character Name), so I assumed it was for you. No one's read it, of course. Here, take it.

(A suspicious letter from Austeyn... The seal is clearly addressed to (Character Name), so it's definitely for you.)

> Prompt: Read or Do not Read

Suspicous Letter
I heard that you were looking for someone. Come here if you want to know the truth...
I'll be waiting in a place full of moonlight.

On-screen text: The edges of the suspicious letter start to spark, moments before it went up in flames.

(A place full of moonlight...)

(You head back to the secret hideout.)

(Gillach, the man you<ve been pursuing for so long, is standing next to Brielle's bed. He's deeply engaged in a book and doesn't notice you approaching.)

"The moon and the evening primrose were very much in love."
"But with heaven and earth so far apart, the two could never meet."
"First, the evening primrose raised its head to reach the sky, but it could not."
"So, despite the misgivings of the sun and stars, the moon descended for its beloved evening primrose."
"The moon lost its luminous glow, but..."

(Startled by your presence, Gillach looks up from his book.)

...(Character Name). You must have read my letter. I've been waiting for you.
I told you, didn't I? Our paths would cross again if it was meant to be.
Hah... Why are you so surprised? That's a very funny gace you're making.
I've known I was being tracked for some time... I know you've been coming here, whenever you please, taking my things.
I'd like to ask why.

> Prompt: (Regard Gillach with caution.) or (Ask about the Book of Anathema.)

> Ask about the Book of Anathema.

Oh, that book. I was wondering where that went... Well, it doesn't matter much now, I guess... I suppose you know what kind of book that is, too. I understand why you'd distance yourself from me. I really do.
What reason would I have to summon you here then, (Character Name)?
You must have many questions.

(Gillach falters, then his expression hardens.)

I want...
I want to tell you a story.
Maybe I'm exactly what you think I am, (Character Name)... Maybe I am.
I'm not really sure what I want, what I'm thinking, or how I'm feeling.
But one thing is clear.
How I feel about humans... I despise them.
I wanted to use everything at my disposal to corrupt this world and make its inhabitants suffer.
And... it's probably too late, but... I think I understand now. Not all humans are so despicable.

(Gillach's lip trembles slightly as he continues.)

But this is the truth, (Character Name).
You might be disgusted by what I said. I know that.
I finally found the solution to everything. And you, (Character Name), are necessary for its execution.
You look puzzled. You must think I'm crazy.
I think it's time for me to come clean... and tell you the truth about this whole affair, (Character Name).
Beyond that door is Junk Storage. Will you bring me the pages I wrote? The truth is written in those pages.
I'll be waiting.

(You talk to Chio in the Moonlight Room to enter the Junk Storage mission.)

Oh, it's you... I was wondering why things were such a mess lately... Master gave me the power to speak... I'm a talking marionette, just like Pino... I was locked up in storage until just a few days ago... I guess... you can't beat being outside. N-need help with anything?

> Prompt: Find Faded Book Pages (Enter Storage Mission)

Faded Book Pages? I... I know where those are! But the scary ghosts make them hard to find! Will you try finding them?

> Prompt: Do it (Enter Mission)

Shadow Mission: Records Hidden Deep in Storage

(You enter the storage room.)

This place is filled with... mysterious energies. Retrieve the pages... left in the desk.

> Prompt: Search Storage

Now... go. Retrieve... the pages.

On-screen text: (The obstacle was removed by Chio's magic.)

(You make your way to the first bookshelf.)

On-screen text: As you take the faded pages from the bookshelf, they release a strange energy that changes your surroundings.

(Each time you pick up some more faded pages, your surroundings change as well.)

(You eventually manage to collect all the pages.)


(You report back to Gillach with the pages in hand.)

I see you've found all the book pages I told you about. As you've probably figured out, I lost control when the curse started to spread. It's at the point now where I can't even leave the Moonlight Room.
Okay, (Character Name). I'll tell you the truth, as promised. Do you mind waiting while I work to restore the faded pages?

The first page... is the story of a child.

(Gillach makes a wide gesture with his staff and new letters emerge upon the faded page.)

This child was unlucky from the day she was born. You see, she was born with powers she never asked for. Powers of immense and incomparable strength.
Renowned mages and alchemists across the world could not figure out how a child could be born with such a gift.
The child was an object of curiosity at first... But in time, that curiosity turned to fear.
She was just a child. What did she know? Unable to control her powers, she unwittingly hurt many people. Over time, she was abandoned by everyone she knew. Even her parents.
And the child... was alone.

The second page... is the story of the child's solitude.

(Gillach makes another wide gesture with his staff and new letters emerge upon the faded page.)

It's hard to convey the squalid conditions of a child living in the gutters. Scavenging for scraps in the trash, reviled by all... The child barely managed to survive her plight.
The child loved her marionette. It did not hate her, blame her, or judge her. It was truly precious to her.
The child learned to control her magical powers in time, and she used them to empower the marionette to listen and talk like a human. Its speech wasn't perfect, but it could listen to everything the child had to say, and respond in kind.
Before long, the child used her powers to create a world of her own inside a wardrobe. She used it as a hideaway from the people who scared her. And she filled it with everything she loved.

This is the last page... This story is about the child's terrible mistake.

(Gillach makes another wide gesture with his staff and new letters emerge upon the faded page.)

The child had everything she wanted at first. Her new home was filled with dolls that she could play with.
The child was only human... Even after being treated so poorly, she found herself missing the company of others...
That's when it started. She became obsessed with turning dolls into real humans. Her desire was so great that it consumed her.
Blinded by this desire, she could no longer tell right from wrong. She began conducting dark experiments with other children. She never once considered the terrible price she would have to pay for her actions.

(Gillach chokes up and falls silent.)

Will you please come close, and hold my hand, (Character Name)? Just for a moment? I will show you the terrible decision she made... The mistake of a child with no understanding of dark magic...

> (Hold his hand.)

Close your eyes...

> (Close your eyes.)

(You see a vision of a girl and a marionette inside the Moonlight Room.)

Yes... Everything is ready.
All that's left is to cast the spell.
There's nothing to it.
There's nothing to be afraid of. I can do it.

(The mage starts casting, and a pentacle appears under the marionette.)

Co rocco...
Navo... rekina...

What... Wha?

(She holds her head in pain.)

Ugh... Argh... N-no...
Can't... control the power...

(As she collapses, a large amount of energy escapes the magic circle at her feet.)

(Where the marionette once stood, now stands a man. He slowly takes a few steps towards the mage)

It can't... be...

(As gillach watches over Brielle's collapsed form, he himself falls to his knees and yells.)

(You come back to your senses, Gillach still in front of you.)

Do you see the truth now?

(Come to think of it...)

To be honest, I didn't even know his name was Gillach until you mentioned it. It was hard to tell anything specific about him, really. He always concealed himself with long robes on his regular visits to buy dolls.

Strange Wardrobe
Womp-womp! That was a big fat lie. Friendship? With you? Fiddlesticks!

Do you see who it is now? The truth that I wanted to tell you?

> Prompt: (Respond.)

The name of the girl in the Moonlight Room is...

> Answer: Brielle

That's right. I...
I was once no more than trash that filled the gutters of Emain Macha...
Finally, I...
I was finally able to come face to face with Brielle as a human. But the price... she fell to a curse that she can never wake from.

(His eyes overflowing with tears, Gillach takes a moment to compose himself.)

When I first became human, I did everything I could think of to wake Brielle. But she wouldn't awaken, no matter what I did.
It filled me with rage.
I blamed the humans for causing our misery. I wanted to make them pay. I didn't lift a finger to stop the curse from spreading. I didn't care if humans were corrupted by it, or if it turned the whole world upside down.
But as time passed, I could no longer deny the pain I felt.
It wasn't like the books said... I couldn't understand why... I was so miserable...
Then it finally hit me. I just couldn't live without Brielle. And I absolutely had to undo this horrible curse.
I started familiarizing myself with the magic Brielle used. But studying it wasn't enough. I practiced endlessly.
I learned everything and anything I could about magic. Thus began the long and arduous task of purging the growing curse. That's when I met you, (Character Name).

Turning Back the Clock

Listen to Gillach's story and help him purify the strange energy from the continent of Uladh and undo the curse on Brielle.

Like I said before, (Character Name)... I told you everything because I finally have a solution. I know how to stop the curse in its tracks and wake Brielle.
And (Character Name), you are absolutely necessary to achieve this.
My preparations are finally complete. Will you help me?

> Prompt: (Help Gillach.)

I don't know how I'll ever be able to thank you enough, (Character Name). Very well. I'll stay here and do what I can to undo the curse. (Character Name), will you go and purge the remaining cursed sources in Uladh? You just have to check on the Juju Dolls I left North of Emain Macha. If the Juju Dolls are in good condition, report back to me here. Well, I'll be here, (Character Name).

(You head to Emain Macha and check on the Juju Doll as instructed.)

Moonlight Dreams - Black Energy.png
A creepy energy radiates from this area. It makes you feel prickly all over, just standing there.
This looks like a source of the strange energy spreading across Uladh.
You look through the source and find a marionette probably left by Gillach.
You realize the marionette is absorbing the strange energy. Should you examine closer?

> (Examine even closer.)

Juju Doll

(The juju Dolls have taken too much damage from the energy. They can no longer move or speak. Try sprinkling Divine Holy Water over the area, once you get some from completing Maydi's Commissions.)

> On-Screen Text: You have given Divine Holy Water to Juju Doll.

(As you sprinkle the Divine Holy water, the Juju Doll turns its head to face you.)

Juju Doll
I feel completely refreshed, like I just stepped out of Iria Falls. Er, if dolls could do that. Normal water isn't so good for me...
Anyway, I feel much better now. So, who are you? You saved my life, you know.
Ah-hah! I understand now.
Master sent you, and you came.
I'm feeling better, thanks to you.
Say, before you go, could I trouble you for 1 mad Taitinn Carp? Their numbers must be kept in check.
You're a good person for helping out, you know. This is quite a favor.

> On-Screen Text: You have given Mad Taitinn Carp to Juju Doll.

Juju Doll
This is a mad Taitinn Carp. Thanks to your help, there are fewer of these, and more of the good fish.
I have no regrets now, no matter what the curse does to me. I must stop the curse.

(The Juju Doll's condition seems to be normal again. Return to Gillach in the Moonlight Room.)

(You head back.)

Hello, (Character Name). Are the Juju Dolls in good condition?
Oh, did you dump Divine Holy Water over the malfunctioning Juju Dolls? Ha ha ha... Oh, excuse me, I didn't mean to laugh...
Really, it doesn't matter as long as it helps the Juju Dolls.
After you go take care of the Juju Dolls in Emain Macha... I think it'll be safe to say that we've stopped the spread of the curse.

The End, And..

Help Gillach break the curse that spread from the forbidden magic. Kristell mentioned the curse could only be broken by destroying the being that was made human with this forbidden magic... Will that really turn everything back to normal?

Now, last but not least... There's a certain material we need. It is essential to the magic that will undo the curse.
It is... Dreamy Cotton Candy.
Yes, Cotton Candy. Dreamy Cotton Candy is the most important material to this process.
But... there's a catch. I stored the Dreamy Sugar in the Old Puppet Shop for safekeeping, but I've neglected this place for so long that I've lost control of it to the influence of this strange, terrible energy.
And that's where you come in, (Character Name).
Hah, I can see it on your face... What does this have to do with you? Simply put, I need you to go in my stead. There is much to do here. I haven't finished making the preparations to undo Brielle's curse.
I could be all set by the time you return with the Dreamy Sugar, (Character Name).
I'll stay here and ready the ritual for undoing the curse. As always, thank you.

(Talk to Chio in thge Moonlight Room and enter the Old Puppet Shop mission.)

(You retrieve Dreamy Sugar.)

Hello, (Character Name). How was the Old Puppet Shop? Did you have fun?
Ooh... the Dreamy Sugar! A very important ingredient...
If you recall, (Character Name), cotton candy is the key material. Not sugar. Which means that a little cooking is in order.
You can see that my cauldron hasn't been used for cooking in quite some time. And honestly, I'm a terrible cook anyway.

(Gillach gives you a pleading look.)

What I'm trying to ask you, (Character Name), is... Can you please use this Dreamy Sugar to make Dreamy Cotton Candy?
I think this is what my books rever to as... Eh, how you say, a... shameless request? Please, I promiose this is the last thing I need, (Character Name).
Let me know when you're done making the Dreamy Cotton Candy. As always, I'll be waiting...

(You whip up the Cotton Candy in no time, and bring it to Gillach.)

That was quick, (Character Name). What did you do to make the Dreamy Cotton Candy? Can you show me how to make it later?

(You can hear a slight quiver in Gillach's voice as he asks how to make cotton candy.)

In any event, all the preparations to undo Brielle's curse are complete. I spent a lot of time... gazing at her while you made your way back.
But this is the truth, (Character Name).
(Character Name)...
I confess, I completed my preparations a while ago... I just... I wanted more time.
You've seen the Book of Anathema, so you might already know. To undo Brielle's curse, her dark magic creations must be destroyed.
That was all I needed to prepare, really. I had to prepare to be destroyed.
I searched high and low for another way... But this seems to be how all dark magic ends. I must be separated from her.
I never understood the meaning of death when I was just a marionette...
(Character Name), I've never told anyone this before, but...
I'm so...

(Gillach starts crying.)

I'm so scared...
I'm so very scared...
I'm really, really scared, (Character Name)...
But this... is the only way...
I have to be strong... for Brielle... I'm sorry...

(Gillach sobs as he holds up his staff and starts to chant an incantation. He's going to sacrifice himself to undo Brielle's curse.)

> Prompt: (Respect his decision.) or (Stop Gillach.)

I've looked at this every way I can, and the only one I can entrust her to... The only person I trust not to lead her astray... is you, (Character Name)...
The human life Brielle gave me made me happier than I'd ever been. I learned and saw so much... Hah, I don't know why I'm telling you this now...
My one regret is that I won't be able to share everything I've learned with Brielle... I had so much I wanted her to see...
I'm very frightened... but I'm going to gather my courage. You haven't forgotten the key material, right? When Brielle wakes...

> On-screen Text: Gillach vanishes with a ground-shaking flash. Investigate the Moonlight Room where he disappeared.

(You check on the girl.)

Moonlight Dreams - Brielle Sleeping.png
A girl, deep in slumber. She doesn't stir in the slightests, even from sudden sounds.
Her child-like features almost... make her look like a doll.
It seems like the strange energy that's spread across Uladh is emanating from the sleeping girl... Is the under some kind of curse?

(You look in every nook and cranny of the Moonlight Room, but... there's no trace of Gillach to be found.)

(You're thinking about Gillach when you hear someone rousing behind you.)


(Roused from her sleep, the girl rubs her eyes, looks up... and promptly screams.)


(She immediately starts crying.)

S-s-sorry! I'm so sorry, please... Just don't hurt me...
You can take whatever you want... Gold... Anything... Please, please...

(She seems traumatized by childhood memories. What to do...?)

> Prompt: (Talk about dolls.) or (Gently comfort her) or (Give her Dreamy Cotton Candy.)

> Prompt: Give her Dreamy Cotton Candy

Is... this... f-for me?
But... why? A-are you... a good person?

(She gobbles it down. She must have been hungry, or just loves cotton candy. Did Gillach say that cotton candy was the most important because of this?)

I... I don't know much about people... Um... So... Uh, h-how did you get here? And how did you know that I like cotton candy...?
Ooh! Did Gillach tell you...? Have you seen him...?

> Prompt: (Tell Brielle the truth) or (Take time to prepare.)

> Prompt: (Tell Brielle the truth)

What? What are you saying...?
Aahh... Ah... Aaughh...

(Brielle clutches her chest and falls to the ground in a heap.)

I ruined everything... If it weren't for me...
If I hadn't put Gillach through that... Gillach's been punished because of me...
That's what this is...!

> On-screen text: KA-POW!

(Right as Brielle screams, something falls heavily nearby. It sounds like it came from the Old Puppet Shop.)

This can't be right... I don't want to...
This is all my fault... This is all because of me!

> On-screen text: KA-POW!

(Once more, you hear a strange sound coming from the Old Puppet Shop.)

It's me... I ruined everything...

(Brielle's eyes are glassy, and her surroundings seem to slow to a standstill. Suddenly, Marionette Pino yells out from by the Magic Cauldron.)

Ooooohhmigooodd! Gh.. Ghost in the workshop! Pino is scaaaared!!

(Something is definitely going on in the Puppet Shop. Better check it out.)

(You enter the Puppet Shop.)

(You notice a marionette you've never seen before in the Puppet Shop. It has gray hair and red eyes. Could it be...)

But this is the truth, (Character Name).
Ah... Aahh... Is this real... Is that really you, (Character Name)? Did I not die? Am... I dreaming?

> Prompt: You are not dreaming.

Oh... thank heavens... I can stay with Brielle... like this...
Thank you...
From the very bottom of my heart... Thank you. If I could cry... If only I could shed tears...

(Gillach thank you over and over, then remembers something.)

Brielle! Is she okay?

(Gillach runs to the Moonlight Room while murmuring Brielle's name.)

(You follow suit.)

Moonlight Dreams - Brielle and Gillach.png
(Gillach and Brielle are bathed in moonlight as they hold each other, weeping.)



Aw... Gillach... I'm sorry... I ruined everything, didn't I...

It's okay.

It's my fault... It was me! You're this way because of me...

Don't cry, Brielle... We've just reverted to what we always were, that's all.

I couldn't make you human in the end... That's why this... Sorry... I'm the one to blame... Gillach...

That's not important.
Human or marionette, it doesn't matter. That's not what's important, Brielle.
Everything... Everything's back to normal now. That's it. Don't cry, Brielle.

Aw... Gillach...

Moonlight Dreams - Brielle and Gillach.png
(The two embrace and talk for a long time. The cold, blue moonlight filling the room suddenly feels warm and inviting.)


(You're not sure why, but... what Gillach read from his book comes to mind.)

'The moon and the evening primrose were very much in love.'
'But with heaven and earth so far apart, the two could never meet.'
'First, the evening primrose raised its head to reach the sky, but it could not.'
'So, despite the misgivings of the sun and stars, the moon descended for its beloved evening primrose.'
'The moon lost its luminous glow, but...'

(Gillach didn't expressly say it aloud, but you can imagine...)

> Prompt: They probably lived happily ever after with the evening primrose. or They probably regretted not listening to the sun and stars.

(Giving the two some space, You report back to Kristell.)

I was actually just about to send you an owl, (Character Name)... I don't know what happened, but the curse has weakened considerably. Did you have something to do with this?

> Prompt: (Describe what happened.)

What?! That's tremendous! My goodness...
All this time we've been chasing Gillach... And he turned out to be a marionette? I never would've guessed.
Ah... What a cruel twist of fate. Brielle's story really tugs at my heartstrings.
Gillach and Brielle... Brielle and Gillach...
It's great that they've been reunited, but we'll have to make sure they have the courage to step out into the world, little by little. After all, Brielle will fall back to darkness again if nothing changes. I'm sure Lymilark would want us to love and support them as best we can.
It appears the curse spreading through Uladh is coming to a halt. I'm going to report back to the Pontiff's Court and conclude this investigation.
But we still need to continue our efforts in purging the remaining energy. Once it's all been dealt with, everything will return to normal. We may still need your help for a bit, (Character Name).
(Character Name)...
You've helped us in so many different ways. Thank you for coming through once more. I was so worried this would grow beyond our ability to handle... But luckily, we can always count on you!

Worldly Courage

Hello? You're (Character Name)... right? Gillach told me about you. Thank you for being such a huge help.

Welcome, (Character Name). I was hoping to see you.

If you're a friend of Gillach... I'm not afraid!

(Character Name)... Do you remember what I said? I wanted to show Brielle the world I saw and felt when I was human. And I will do just that!
Eventually, I'll shit this place down and show her the world. I'm sure many obstacles lie before us, but I know Brielle will do fine.
Oh, we won't be leaving right away. Brielle must adjust to reality first, adn I'll be helping her with that. Learning to interact with the rest of the world is not so simple.
How would you like to embark on a special task with us?
Yes, a very special task indeed. We'l like to prepare a gift, so others like us won't make the same mistakes.
Brielle is cooking up something special, and I'm preparing a doll... We're just missing a couple of things. Could you fetch them for us?

> Prompt: Help Gillach and Brielle

Much appreciated, (Character Name).

Is this because you're Gillach's friend? (Character Name), I feel like you're such a good person!!

It's simple. I just need you to get some Dreamy Sugar and some Faded Book Pages.
Well then, we'll be here doing our own think while we wait, (Character Name).

(You hand over the Dreamy Sugar and Book Pages.)

Whoa! It's Dreamy Sugar!

You have the Faded Book Pages as well. Thank you, (Character Name).

(Character Name), you're a really good person, aren't you?

The materials you've gathered will be used for something special we're preparing. We're not quite ready yet, so we might need your help again.

Thanks, (Character Name)!

Extra Dialogue: Regular Conversation

Hello? You're (Character Name)... right? Gillach told me about you. Thank you for being such a huge help.

> Prompt: About Gillach... or About Brielle... or Times helping Gillach and Brielle

> About Gillach

Gillach is a marionette I found back when I was living as a street urchin!
I... I guess I just felt a certain kinship with him Maybe because we were both abandoned? Out of all the dolls I empowered, he's the most eloquent!
But sometimes... Just sometimes... He nags too much about being active, or doing laundry, or about buying so many dolls...
I get so sick and tired of the nagging. He doesn't look human, but that's about the only thing that isn't!
And sometimes, just sometimes, he talks way too much about Huw... But still... I can't help that he's my favorite!

> About Brielle

Hi there! My name is Brielle. My parents actually named me Briallen. It's supposed to mean 'primrose'... But I think Brielle is easier to say, so that's what I call myself! Hee, hee. It's a pretty name, right?
I haven't spent much time with people, so I'm not much for talking. Actually, Gillach's probably the better talker between the two of us.
I'm thinking of swearing off dangerous magic and forbidden spells from now on. Especially since Gillach's showed me what's really important.
I'm still scared of people. Gillach says I don't have to be... He says he'll show me lots of new things, but... Ahem... I'm just... still... all mixed up about it.
I want to be strong, though. If I can't muster the courage to go out into the world, I'll be overcome by darkness again. After all, I have Gillach with me... If I ever need a hand... I can call on you sometimes, right (Character Name)?
Oh! (Character Name)! Since you're here, would you care to join Gillach and I for a glass of juiced frog legs? You can really taste the green!

> Times helping Gillach and Brielle

Well, let's see... (Character Name), you've helped (number of times) so far! Thanks for always being so helpful! Hee, hee.

Welcome, (Character Name). I had a feeling you might show up, from the way the moonlight fell.
It hasn't been long since Brielle woke up, so she's still adjusting. She's doing it in her own unique way, as she always has.
There's no telling if her desires will make her lose herself ot the darkness again. I must gather my courage to protect Brielle.

Fate has a cruel sense of humor. I've returned to my original form, but I can stay with Brielle now.
I may be a marionette, but I still remember all my human emotions. Happy, sad, you name it... I'm going to treasure them and make sure Brielle and I live the best lives we can.
When I look back on it all, I feel such gratitude towards you, (Character Name). This wouldn't have been possible without you.
I know my whole thing about books was... odd. I know. I'll learn more about the world naturally from now on. With Brielle.
I'm going to figure out what I like, what I'm thankful for, and what excites me. I can't believe it took being turned back to a marionette to understand myself. For the record, I've always liked you and Brielle, (Character Name). Ha...
Is it comfortable being this way? You know what, I don't care what form I'm in, as long as I'm with Brielle.

Maydi's Thanks

Hey there, Milletian. Just to check, you said the people who liked dolls were Brielle and Gillach, right? I'd like to send them a message. I'll give you the details in person at the Dunbarton Church... Can you stop by? - Maydi

(Character Name). Good to see you again.
I wanted to discuss something with you, (Character Name). It's about these two people that everyone's been talking about across Uladh.
It's Gillach and Brielle. The two of them have been regularly sending dolls, food, and anything else you could think of to the orphanage I help out at.
It's been such a tremendous help, and the children love the talking dolls. I'd like to invite them to the upcoming festival if possible... But I've been sending letters through the Strange Wardrobe, and haven't heard back.
If you don't mind, (Character Name), could you make sure they got my letter? I'd like to invite them as thanks for their support, and so the children can meet them.

(You head to the Moonlight room and meet up with Brielle.)

Hello, (Character Name)? What are you doing here?

> Prompt: (Give the invitation from Maydi.)

Erm... Somewhere with lots of kids... And lots of people? I don't know about that... There's going to be lots and lots of people... I dunno...

We accept...
Please let them know we accept, (Character Name).

But, Gillach! I'm too shy to go!

I promise it'll be fun, Brielle.

Ugh... I don't like being around lots of people...

It'll be fine if we go together.

You... think so? Hhhnnng... Well, as long as you're with me, Gillach!
Oooohh! ooh, ooh!
If you're returning to Maydi, do you mind delivering this for me?
I was keeping this in the cauldron! It's a gift! Kids love gifts! Make sure it's delivered right away!

(Brielle is shaking with excitement, but Gillach whispers to you.)

(Character Name), throw those cookies away. They might be dangerous for the children.

Hey, Gillach! WHat are you whispering about?

Oh! J-just that the cookies will be a big hit with the children...

Of course they will! I made a special batch with capsaicin and sugar! Gillach knows how good they are!

(You report back to Maydi.)

Ah, (Character Name)! Did Gillach and Brielle get their invitation?
Really? They accepted? That's fantastic. The children have really been looking forward to meeting them! This is going to make them so happy.
Huh? What's this? It's from Brielle? I'm touched. Is it really okay for me to accept this...?

> Prompt: Be careful... or (Say Nothing.)

Oh, would you give this to that kid over there? He's one of the children I'm looking after, and I just know he'll love this.

(You go speak with the kid Maydi pointed out to you.)

Maydi's Friend
Huh? Who are you?
Maydi told me to be careful about talking to strangers!
Huh? You're a friend of Maydi's? Oh, I see! I'm Lodi, and I live with big sis Maydi! I'm visiting Dunbarton with her today, and boy is it pretty!
Wow, is this a gift? So many toys! This is for me? Whoa! This is awesome! Yay!!
Ooh, wanna see my doll? I got it as a present a few days ago... It's called Pino Type B and it's a talking marionette! Isn't it cool? It's the best!
Pino is a really good friend. My parents told me a long time ago that they'd come back for me after then big sleeps, but... I'm sure I've had more... And they're not back, so that's why I'm living with Maydi...
The other kids used to tease me for not having parents, but... I've become real popular ever since I got Pino! Hee hee hee.
I've never had a friend like Pino, it's true... To be honest though, I like the new friends I've made a lot more!

(Lodi flashes a wide, gap-toothed grin. It may be that this child knows what's really important, just like Brielle and Gillach.)