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Tory Ravine

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Future content.png This article includes content that is unreleased in North America.
This content may or may not come in the future. This article is likely based on overseas version(s) of Mabinogi.

The Tory Ravine is a location on Belvast Island that is currently inaccessible.

According to some residents at the Commonwealth of Belvast, Tory Ravine was a frequently visited place until an unknown body washed up on shore. It is not known what species the body belonged to, only that it was not human. Ever since that incident, the people of Belvast stopped visiting and Tory Ravine became a heavily restricted area. The stream flowing from Tory Ravine to the Beach of Scathach seems to indicate that there may be an ominous presence there, most likely caused by the mysterious corpse.