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  • Artifacts are props or items of historical value found in Iria and involved in exploration.
    • Some artifacts may not be found in Iria, and some may have importance in Mainstream Quests.
  • Artifacts can be found through L-Rod Exploration or dug up through Land Maker. Some artifacts are already pre-spawned.
    • Items found by the L-Rod disappear after 5 minutes or less, quite often relocating to another part of the map.
      • The relocation does not always happen for quest-related hidden items.
    • All objects have a fixed spawn point.
    • Uncovering an object will uncover it in all other channels in the server.
    • Artifacts may also appear in the form of treasure chests containing certain items or other artifacts, but are sometimes guarded by monsters. One of the monsters holds a Treasure Chest Key, but all of the monsters must be dispatched in order to open the chest.
    • Zardine has no hidden artifacts.
  • Artifacts can be Sketched.
  • Some artifact props can be gathered from, dropping artifact items.
  • Courcle has unique artifacts that appears as items which can be exchanged to Voight.
  • Some artifacts may be obtained via the end chest of dungeons in Iria.