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For enchant bridges, see Enchanting Sequences.

Bridges are large structures that connect between the regions throughout Iria, allowing players to cross through the different regions without the use of Mana Tunnels.

Bridges Connecting Courcle

A deposit of Ice Crystals found along the riverbank.

Connous and Rano

A bridge connecting between Rano and Courcle, located at northeast area of Maiz Prairie and south of the Marshes of Pantay, can be found via Exploration. A similar bridge connecting between Connous and Courcle can be found at the northern area of Errans Canyon and east of Cenae Meadows, using the exact same method. These bridges last approximately 16 to 20 hours in real-time, and anyone that finds the bridge will have their name display for the duration of the bridge until it vanishes, after which another player may find it again. A player may find multiple bridges in the same channel and region. There are four locations in Connous and two locations in Rano.


The bridges connecting Physis and Courcle requires an Ice Crystal, which can be found along the river north of La Terra Highlands in Courcle and Lunae Valley in Physis. Ice Crystals require Bare Hands in order to gather from the Ice Crystal deposits. Ice Bridges only last approximately 6 minutes in real-time. There are 10 locations to use an Ice Crystal to form an Ice Bridge.

The Bridge between Rano and Connous

Stone Spirit Rock
Well of the Water Spirit

The ones that connects Rano and Connous is formed through a special method, which lasts for approximately a week in real-time. There are multiple locations for a bridge to be form along the Lutra River between Karu Forest in Rano and Neres Plateau in Connous.

The Bridge between Rano and Connous
How to Get Quest

Talk to the Altar right next to a bridge stub at the west border of Neres Plateau and select "Look for item".

Briefing Combine the powers of the Water Spirit and Stone Spirit to reconnect Rano and Connous that has been separated by Lutra River. Gather up the two items that represent each power and offer them on the altar to create a bridge that crosses the river..
  • 2500 Experience Points
Additional Information