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Basic Information

  • Atlatls are Giant-only weapons that utilizes javelins to damage the enemy from a distance.
  • To attack using an atlatl, the user must have learned the Throwing Attack skill. This can be learned by simply equipping any atlatl.
  • Atlatl attacks can be used to hit enemies in Flight.
  • Atlatl attacks triggers Natural Shield.
  • Smash, Charge, or Assault Slash can not be used with an atlatl equipped.
  • Atlatls are considered two-handed weapons, and therefore, benefit from enchants for Two-Handed Weapons.
  • Atlatl damage is influenced by Strength.
    • Every 3 Str adds +1 to Maximum Damage; +5 Str adds to +1 Minimum Damage.
  • Currently, Atlatls lacks a mastery skill, though Throwing Attack gives a master title similar to Weapon Masteries.

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