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Courcle Collection Book

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For more information, check the MabiNovel page


Inventory icon of Courcle Collection Book

1 × 2

A MabiNovel Collection Book about the Courcle region of Iria.

A MabiNovel Collection Book about the Courcle region of Iria.

Obtained From

  • Sold in Tupai's shop for 10,000g.

MabiNovel Additions


La Terra Highland

MabiNovel Background La Terra Highland.png


MabiNovel Background Lappa.png

Iria Falls

MabiNovel Background Iria Falls.png

Cenae Meadows

MabiNovel Background Cenae Meadows.png

Cor Village

MabiNovel Background Cor Village.png

Pantay Swamp

MabiNovel Background Pantay Swamp.png

Herba Jungle

MabiNovel Background Herba Jungle.png

Background Music

  • A Lone Warrior Fighting (Waboka's Theme)
  • Fuzzy Friend Ruwai's Theme)
  • Cheater's Temperament Voight's Theme)
  • Secret of Shamala Shamala's Theme)
  • Always Great Spirit Kawsay's Theme)
  • Goddess of the Town Kusina's Theme)
  • Tupai, it's Like a Wolf Tupai's Theme)


Name Image Emotions
Kousai Kousai.png Base - Normal
Kusina Kusina.png Base - Normal
Ruwai Ruwai.png Base, Normal, Sad, Smile, Curious
Shamala Shamala.png Base, Normal, Smile, Anger
Tupai Tupai.png Base - Normal
Voight Voight.png Base - Normal
Waboka Waboka.png Base - Normal