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Portrait of Kousai
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Chief of Cor
Location Cor


His long, gray brows are trembling in the breeze. You can glimpse the shadows of the past, present, and future of this continent in his deep, blue eyes.

Kousai is the village elder in Cor. He can sell you potions, heal you, and allow you to skip G7 if you do not wish to do it.

According to Kousai, the Great Irinid was also known as the Rain Maker, who allowed the Region of Connous to be filled with vegetation. However, in other parts of Iria, she was known as a sign of death and destruction.

Learning Magic Shield Skills

After talking to Kousai with the "Magic Shield" keyword, to learn Natural Shield, he can teach you three other Magic Shield skills in exchange for certain orbs found through Exploration in Courcle.

Speaking with Kousai using the "Skills" keyword will allow you to learn Mana Shield.