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Portrait of Shamala
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18
Occupation Shaman
Location Cor
Repair Dream Catcher Repairs, 98%

Track Secret of Shamala
For the Transformation Mastery sidequest, see Rumors of Transformation.
For the story sidequest, see Iria: Episode 0 - Prequel: Shamala and Nightmare#Shamala.
For the prefix title, see Titles#Event Prefix Titles.
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She stares at you with her gleaming, wild eyes. It is difficult to read her stoic, tight-lipped face.

Shamala is a mysterious woman who is capable of transforming into various creatures, most notably the King Black Panther, and is a critical character to The Saga: Iria.

She is very reserved, quiet, animal-like, and often speaks bluntly. Shamala also occasionally makes animal-like growling sounds, sniffs people, and even claims she is not familiar with the human language.

Although she is stationed at Cor, she disappears when the player completes the Shamala storyline due to Nightmare and The Saga: Iria's setting. She does not return until the player completes all 10 episodes of The Saga: Iria.

Mainstream Storyline


Dream Catcher Price (g)
Ordinary Dream Catcher 2,000g



  • Interestingly, Shamala also has an outfit named after her, but it is different to her own costume.
  • Speaking to Shamala with the Transformation Mastery Master Title permanently earns her respect and unlocks the Shamala Transformation.
  • Shamala dual-wields two Bipennis at once despite the fact that Axes cannot be dual-wielded.
  • Shamala lacks Transformation Mastery in her RPs.
  • Previously, Shamala had a gold eye color. This was erroneously changed to a silver eye color with the 2021 Beauty Update.