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Dungeon Pass

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Basic Information

Brown Pass.png
  • A dungeon pass is an item which, when dropped on the Altar of the appropriate Dungeon, will take you to a special dungeon with (usually) more difficult enemies and more rooms, but also greater rewards.
  • Most dungeons allow up to 8 players.
  • Most passes expire one week after being obtained.
  • Dungeon passes can be stored in houses or banks to swap between characters on the same account.
  • This page details the location of all passes associated with their dungeon.

Unrestricted Dungeon Pass

Unrestricted Dungeon Pass.png

Alby Dungeon

Alby Beginner Pass

Alby Basic Fomor Pass

Alby Intermediate Fomor Pass

Alby Advanced Fomor Pass

Hard Mode Alby Advanced Fomor Pass

Ciar Dungeon

Ciar Beginner Pass

Ciar Basic Fomor Pass

Ciar Intermediate Fomor Pass

Ciar Advanced Fomor Pass

Hard Mode Ciar Advanced Fomor Pass

Ciar Boss Trial Dungeon Pass

Math Dungeon

Math Basic Fomor Pass

Math Advanced Fomor Pass

Rabbie Dungeon

Rabbie Basic Fomor Pass

Rabbie Advanced Fomor Pass

Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Mirror World Pass

Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Pass

Barri Dungeon

Barri Basic Fomor Pass

Barri Advanced Fomor Pass

Barri Spirit Dungeon Pass

Pass to the Hidden Mine

Coill Dungeon

Coill Basic Fomor Pass

Coill Intermediate Fomor Pass

Abyss Coill Advanced Dungeon Pass

  • Advanced and Advanced Hardmode Dungeon End Chest Reward
  • Shadow Mission Reward

Fiodh Dungeon

Fiodh Intermediate Fomor Pass

Fiodh Advanced Fomor Pass

Rundal Dungeon

Rundal Basic Fomor Pass

Rundal Advanced Fomor Pass

Hard Mode Rundal Advanced Fomor Pass

Rundal Siren Dungeon Pass

Rundal Boss Trial Dungeon Pass

Peaca Dungeon

Peaca Basic Fomor Pass

Peaca Intermediate Fomor Pass

Abyss Peaca Advanced Dungeon Pass

  • Advanced and Advanced Hardmode Dungeon End Chest Reward
  • Shadow Mission Reward

Mainstream Quest Dungeon Passes/Items

Future content.png This section is outdated.
This section is outdated and may contain contents that are missing or inaccurate.

Quest Dungeon Passes/Items

  • Malcolm's Pass
  • Trefor's Pass

Dungeon RP Passes/Items


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