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Participation Timer

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For an overview on the types of content affected by this system, see Dungeons and Shadow Missions.


When playing certain Dungeons and Missions, a Reward Acquisition Condition System[1] will appear in the top-left of the game window. This medallion icon, which hovers over the Party list, indicates if a party member has participated long enough in combat to earn full rewards.


Not Yet Meeting Participation Requirements
Meeting Participation Requirements
  • The Reward Acquisition Condition System is a system meant to punish players who fail to contribute combatively during content.
  • The Participation Timer and its requirements differs depending on the content at hand.
    • Uladh Dungeons of Basic to Advanced Difficulty, as well as Advanced Hardmode, require 60 Seconds.
    • Taillteann Shadow Missions require 30 Seconds.
    • Tara Shadow Missions require 30 Seconds.
      • This does not include Order Missions, Secret Missions, or Lord Missions.
    • Faliure to meet the Participation Timer will result in massive reward penalties.
      • In Uladh Dungeons keys will not be rewarded to players who do not participate.
      • In Shadow Missions keys will not be rewarded to players who do not participate, and EXP and Gold is reduced by half.

Warnings for Players

  • The Participation requirements do not take into account different playstyles and can often surprise players with failure. Here are some common mistakes:
    • In general, the contributions of Bards and Healers are not respected by the Reward Acquisition Condition System.
      • In contrast, the contributions of Tanks are respected because taking damage is considered "in-combat" for the purposes of Participation.
    • Basic-Difficulty Uladh Dungeons are fairly easy.
      • It is possible to finish them under the required 60 Seconds, especially so with party members.
    • Conflict! An Unexpected Battle is easy to fail, even with its 10 Second Participation Timer.
    • Dorren's Request has a strategy where it is popular for the party member with the best Synthesis to focus on hitting the orb switches.
      • If that alchemist does not hit any of the enemies at all, they will easily fail the Participation requirement.