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Emain Macha Cooking Contest

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Cooking Contest


This is a repeating event, with the Chef Exam being held every Saturday except for the last Saturday in a month, which is when the Monthly Cook Off is held. Both the Chef Exam and Monthly Cook Off are part of the Emain Macha Cooking Contest, where the Monthly Cook Off is a contest for the winners of the weekly Chef Exams held earlier in the same month.

Note that a general announcement for the final round of this contest is referring to the final Chef Exam contest available on a particular Saturday (more than one is held on a Saturday but at different times) and is not referring to a permanent ending of the contest.

The book Making Pasta, which is required to raise the cooking skill to rank 8, can only be obtained by competing in a Chef Exam and creating 4 or 5 star dishes for each of the judges.

During this event, the message "Emain Macha is currently in progress on Channel 3" will periodically appear on the system message scroller.

Entering the Exam

  • To get access to the Chef Exam held on every Saturday, you must do Shena's part-time job, which she only offers on Channel 3 and can only be done on Monday through Friday. Shena is the waitress at Loch Lios, Emain Macha's lakeside restaurant.
  • A reward for completing Shena's part-time job is the Chef Exam Ticket, which is required to enter the contest.
    • The exam ticket expires after 7 days, so you have to get it in the same week you enter the contest.
  • When you ask Shena about part-time jobs for the first time, you will obtain the keyword "Chef Exam." Use this keyword when talking to the NPCs around Emain Macha for possible tips on the exam. The NPCs will say random tips so you can repeatably use the keyword for more of them. Examples of the tips given are:
    • "The daytime exam will require a ladle"
    • "It is a good idea to bring sugar for the nighttime exam"
  • Most ingredients are provided for you for free during the contest.

Daily In-Game Times for Shena's Part-time Job:

Start Time Report Time End Time
8:00 AM 12:00 PM 9:00 PM

Shena's Part-time Jobs:

Level Task Rewards
Basic Make 2 glasses of Lemonade 600 EXP, 840g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket
or 324 EXP, 1,092g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket
or 1,417 EXP, 273g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket
Intermediate Make 2 dishes of Butter Biscuit. 600 EXP, 840g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket
or 324 EXP, 1,092g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket
or 1,417 EXP, 273g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket
Advanced Make 2 whole Roasted Chickens. 600 EXP, 840g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket
or 324 EXP, 1,092g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket
or 1,417 EXP, 273g and Chef Exam Entry Ticket

Chef Exam

The three judges, Glenis, Gordon, and Caitlin.
The Fish Meat Shop and one of the Stoves for Cooking.
The Veggie Fruit Shop.
  • The Chef Exam is held on Saturdays at 1:00pm PDT100 and 8:00pm PDT100 on channel 3 (for the second exam, it happens during the same time as the Guild Battle)
  • Speak to one of the judges with a Chef Exam Ticket in your inventory to join the examination.
    • If you have more than one in your inventory, the judge will take all of them.
  • You do not need to bring many ingredients to the exam since they will be provided for free.
    • New ingredients implemented as of Generation 14, Season 4 are not provided by the shops and will require you to acquire them during or prior to the exam.
    • Cooking tools are required and can be purchased from the judges if needed.
    • All ingredients bought at the exam costs 0 gold at the ingredient carts but they cannot be consumed and will expire after a certain amount of time.
      • There are two Fish & Meat Shops and a Veggie & Fruit Shop in between. There are three stoves, each in front of the three food cart shops.
    • Dishes created with these ingredients cannot be consumed and will also expire.
      • You can cook ingredients bought from the exam and outside ingredients but it will still result in a dish unable to be consumed and will expire.
      • You will not fulfill any of the requirements to rank the Cooking skill using these ingredients.
  • Examinees must go through three rounds. Each is a request from each judge, in the order of Caitin, Glenis, and Gordon.
  • They will request a random dish for you to cook from Mixing (Novice Rank) to Stir-frying (Rank 9).
    • It is possible for judges to request the same dish as another judge.
    • Some dishes may require a very high cooking rank or many different methods to create the dish.
    • You must be the one who cooked the dish to submit the dish; you cannot trade your own dishes to other participants for them to submit as their own.
  • If you complete all 4 or 5 star dishes required for the judges, you will obtain the who Placed in the Cooking Contest title and the book Making Pasta.
    • The title will last for the week and will be unusable if the player does not participate the next week's exam.
  • The deadline to finish submitting the three dishes is 2:00pm PDT100 for the weekly contest and 9:00pm PDT100 for the nightly contest.
    • You can re-submit the last dish if you are not satisfied with your previous submission ONLY in Weekly Cook-offs. The judge will not accept your re-submitted dish if the quality is lower than your previous submission.
  • The winners are announced after the one hour deadline.
    • The top three chefs will be displayed on the scrolling banner on top of the screen.
  • The winners must talk to Gordon to receive their prizes.

Monthly Cook-Off

The three winners wear their uniforms. The white is first place, black is second place, and beige is third place.
  • The Monthly Cook-Off takes place at 8:00pm PDT100 on Channel 3 (during the same time as the Guild Battle) on the last Samhain (Saturday) of the month.
  • This contest is essentially the same event as the chef exam, but only those who finished 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the exams during the month and have the cook-off ticket may enter.
    • The judges will each request a dish and you will have access to the carts for free ingredients.
      • New ingredients implemented as of Generation 14, Season 4 are not provided by the shops and will require you to acquire them during or prior to the exam.
  • The judges state that they have higher standards on the dishes they judge than during the entry exam. However, they do still accept 4 star dishes.
  • Just like the entry exam, the player will obtain the title who Placed in the Cooking Contest when conditions are met.
  • Examinees are given the choice of resubmitting any of the dishes (unlike Weekly Cook-Offs) for each chef.
  • The 3 winners must go to Gordon to receive their prizes.
    • The winners of the monthly cook off will receive a Tork's Chef Uniform (M) or a Tork's Chef Uniform (F) as a prize.
      • There are male and female varieties only. (There is no specific race for the chef uniform. If a giant enters, they will receive a Human/Elf only uniform based on their gender).
      • The uniforms cannot be repaired nor dyed.
      • First place will obtain a white suit, second place will obtain a black suit, and third place will obtain a beige suit.


  • While the contest is underway, the three judges must leave their post and substitute NPCs will take their place during the event.
    • They will only appear on Channel 3 where the contest takes place.
    • You can talk to these substitute NPCs like normal and shop for items normally sold by the judges that left.
    • You cannot do any Part-time Jobs from these NPCs.
    • You cannot advance quests by speaking to these NPCs.
    • These NPCs will appear for two real-life hours starting from the start of the contest.
    • You have an option to teleport to the contest area in Emain Macha from these NPCs.
    • In Tir Chonaill, Eltin substitutes Caitin.
    • In Dunbarton, Pernice substitutes Glenis.
    • In Emain Macha, Roden substitutes Gordon.

Eltin.png Pernice.png Roden.png

  • Food from the carts may be used for part-time jobs as long as they are used during the contest times.
    • NPCs will not accept expired produce.
  • The ingredients and dishes made in the exam can be gifted as food to Partners despite the inability to consume them.