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Fortune Rainbow Event (2011)

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August 24th 2011 ~ September 7th 2011


See that in the sky? It's a rainbow - it's no double rainbow, but it sure is pretty lucky, that's for sure!

Upon logging into Mabinogi, you will receive a quest to meet Caravan Joe near the Unicorn Statue in Dunbarton. Caravan Joe is quite the wordsmith, and what's more, he'll give you a special Purple Gift Box. Along with that gift box, you will receive a Lucky Ticket. Now, you may open the Purple Gift Box NOW, if you like, but you'll most likely be disappointed by what you find inside. You can increase your odds of getting a better item by trading in a Lucky Ticket for a new and better Indigo Gift Box. Of course, you may open the Indigo Gift Box now if you like, however you may try your luck once again by trading TWO tickets this time and get a Blue Gift Box instead!

Lucky Tickets are given out every half hour as long as you remain logged in, and you can open your Gift Box any time you like. As your gift boxes go from purple to red, the better the rewards inside will be! Trading in for the next tier gift box will require one additional ticket than the last, so you will need one ticket to go from purple to indigo, two tickets from indigo to blue, three tickets from blue to green, and so on.

Sometimes, luck will not be with you and your box will be downgraded. Thankfully, your gift box cannot be downgraded beyond purple. You may only get a single gift box per real-world day, so trade up as high as you can before you open a gift box.

Here is the progression of colored gift boxes: Purple, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and RAINBOW.

Check out some of the items found in Red Gift Boxes:

Dragon Fang

Glory Sword

Wing Bow


War Sword


Beholder's Sword

Dustin Silver Knight Sword


Highlander Claymore

Dragon Blade

Here's what you'll get from a SINGLE Rainbow Gift Box:

10.0 cm Diamond

Blue Upgrade Stone

Red Upgrade Stone

Ancient Magic Powder

Fixed Color Dye Ampoule

Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule

Is fortune with you?[1]

Basic Information

  • Upon logging into Mabinogi you will receive a quest to meet Caravan Joe near the Unicorn Statue in Dunbarton.
    • He will give you a Lucky Box - Violet and a Lucky Ticket.
      • This box can be opened at anytime, however, you may choose not to open it.
  • Upon logging into Mabinogi each real-time day during the event, you will also receive a Summer Event Gift Box.
  • Every 30 minutes real-time from the time you logged on, you will be able to receive another Lucky Ticket.
    • The Lucky Ticket will automatically be given to you, but will not be placed into any stack of Lucky Tickets you may have.
    • Lucky Tickets cannot be traded, picked up, or mailed to other players.
    • If you did not open your Lucky Box yet, you can trade the box and a few Lucky Tickets for another Lucky Box.
      • Lucky Boxes range from the color of the rainbow, starting from the last color: Purple, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.
        • If you have a Red Lucky Box, you can trade 7 Lucky Tickets and the box for a Rainbow Lucky Box.
          • The chances of exchanging boxes successfully straight to a rainbow box are 1.5625%, if the success rate is even at 50%.
            • If you're determined on getting a Rainbow Lucky Box, you will probably have to spend at least 100 tickets, fluctuating box colors.
      • Having a Lucky Box from the higher end of the Rainbow (Purple being the lowest end and Rainbow being the highest end) will yield better prizes from the Lucky Box.
      • There is a chance that your Lucky Box will downgrade (e.g. Red → Orange, instead of Red → Rainbow).
        • You will lose the amount of Lucky Tickets required to trade the box in for another. (e.g. You will lose 6 Lucky Tickets if you failed to get a Red Lucky Box when exchanging an Orange Lucky Box.)
        • Your Lucky Box will never downgrade past Violet.
  • You can only receive 1 Lucky Box per real-time day.
    • If you open any colored Lucky Box, you will not be able to receive another until the next day.
      • If the box you opened was from another day, it will not count against you for the current day.
      • You can only have one Lucky Box at any given time.
    • After opening the Lucky Box, you still receive Lucky Tickets.


A Lucky Rainbow
How to Get Quest

Login during the Fortune Rainbow Event

Briefing Greetings, it's me! And I come to you with a plea! Follow the rainbow; visit me in Dunbarton. Perhaps luck will come with you...
Additional Information

The NPC can be found in Dunbarton in front of the Unicorn Statue.

List of Gift Boxes

  • Lucky Box - Violet: This is the initial Lucky Box you receive after talking to Caravan Joe by clicking "Get a Lucky Box" option.
  • Lucky Box - Indigo: Trade 1 Lucky Ticket and your Violet Lucky Box.
  • Lucky Box - Blue: Trade 2 Lucky Tickets and an Indigo Lucky Box.
  • Lucky Box - Green: Trade 3 Lucky Tickets and a Blue Lucky Box.
  • Lucky Box - Yellow: Trade 4 Lucky Tickets and a Green Lucky Box.
  • Lucky Box - Orange: Trade 5 Lucky Tickets and a Yellow Lucky Box.
  • Lucky Box - Red: Trade 6 Lucky Tickets and an Orange Lucky Box.
  • Lucky Box - Rainbow: Trade 7 Lucky Tickets and a Red Lucky Box.

List of Prizes

Inventory icon of Gift Box - Violet

2 × 2

Inventory icon of Gift Box - Indigo

2 × 2

Inventory icon of Gift Box - Blue 1

2 × 2

Inventory icon of Gift Box - Green 1

2 × 2

Inventory icon of Gift Box - Yellow 1

2 × 2

Inventory icon of Gift Box - Orange 3

2 × 2

Inventory icon of Gift Box - Red 1

2 × 2

Inventory icon of Lucky Box - Rainbow

2 × 2