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Dungeon Altar

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Dungeon Altars as depicted in The Goddess Who Turned into Stone.

Dungeon Altars, often known as Goddess Statues or Altar of the Goddess in Uladh, are found in every dungeon in Mabinogi. Dungeon Altars vary in appearance from dungeon to dungeon, however their function is all the same.


In the continent of Uladh, all dungeon altars have a stone statue of the Goddess Morrighan. In the continent of Iria, all dungeon altars are some type of stone pillar or a stone slab. In the case of the Par Ruins, the altar is a giant ice crystal with a snowflake design. Once inside a dungeon in Iria however, the altar becomes a glowing stone cube.

Dungeon Entry

In the Dungeon Lobby, the Dungeon Altar warps players into the dungeon.

  • Clicking on the altar will open the inventory, indicating what items can be given to the Altar.
    • Items that are not highlighted can be used to enter the normal version of the dungeon.
    • Items that fade in and out indicate that the item can be used as a Dungeon Pass to enter harder or special version of the dungeon.
    • Items highlighted in orange cannot be offered.
  • Items bundled in two or more cannot be used to enter the dungeon.
  • There is a confirmation message upon selecting the item.
  • The player can also "gift" the Altar (by dragging an item and clicking the altar with it), ignoring the bundle rule. However, there will be no confirmation message.
  • You will receive a notice if you enter a dungeon that was previously created by another player if the same item was dropped.
    • This does not happen with Dungeon Passes or items used to create special dungeons.

Dungeon Revival Points

Once inside the dungeon, the dungeon altars act as resurrection points in the case that the player becomes Knocked Unconscious. By losing a small portion of total EXP and a portion of Health, one will be resurrected to the last dungeon altar he/she clicked on. Players can also revive at the Dungeon Entrance, should they decide to leave the dungeon for any reason.

However, Albey Dungeon lacks Goddess Statues (other than the statue found once inside the dungeon), which therefore makes it impossible to revive inside said dungeon. In Baol Dungeon, one cannot revive at the last Goddess Statue clicked on.

Dungeon End

At the end of the dungeon, the final dungeon altar will be stationed at the end chest room. Clicking on the altar will prompt the player if they wish to return to the dungeon lobby. Many dungeon-completing quests require the player to exit through the altar.



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