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Homestead Candy Bonanza Event (2015)

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Homestead Candy Bonanza Advertisement
February 12, 2015 - March 31, 2015
For the previous candy tree event, see Homestead Candy Tree Growing Event.


Your Homestead grows and changes with the seasons, and now is the perfect time to indulge in some seasonal Valentine's Day treats. Whether you're a botanist looking to grow a Candy Tree, a fisherman seeking some special goodies or an interior-decorating shopaholic, Candy Bonanza offers something for every homebody.

Event Dates:
Thursday, Feb. 12 - Tuesday, March 31

Event Details:
Homestead Candy Bonanza is actually three events in one!

Homestead Candy Bonanza Event

  • Select a main character for the event period (one per account) and plant a Candy Tree in your Homestead. You can plant different size trees based on the level of your Homestead.
  • Use the Herbalism skill to gather Candy Jars from your tree every day, and use the Candy Tree Dye Ampoules found inside to paint your tree every day. Trees reset and can be harvested (then painted) once again every day at 12 AM Pacific time.
  • As you paint your tree, you'll earn Homestead Candy Bonanza Event Coupons. These coupons are redeemed to Caravan Joe for a variety of prizes, including Heart Fireworks, Dye Ampoules, Heart Swords or even a Knitwear Penguin Whistle! The more coupons you turn in, the better the reward.

Please Note: Even if you participated in this event previously you may participate again. However, you may not have more than one of each size tree. Only one main character may earn event rewards, though alternate characters can still decorate their Homestead with Candy Trees by purchasing them with Pons.

Homestead Items On Sale!

  • During the event period, Homestead growth is significantly faster, and Homestead items which can be purchased with Pons are 50% off! Furthermore, Caravan Joe is selling the materials you need to make your property beautiful.

Homestead Fishing Event

  • In addition to a nice variety of Homestead building supplies, Caravan Joe is selling Candy Bait! Grab some and get to fishing; you could nab instruments, tools, skill books, and Candy Jars for painting your tree.[1]


  • Upon logging in, you will receive the quest, Homestead Candy Bonanza.
  • Talk to Caravan Joe. When you are talking to him, he will ask you to select one character as the main character to participate in the event. This choice can not be undone, so pick the character wisely.
    • You must log into the Character you want to participate in order to designate it as the main character.
    • The character you choose is the only one that is able to plant the free Candy Tree and participate in the event.
      • Other characters on your account are able to purchase Candy Trees with Pons; however, the jars collected from trees are not transferable- thus you cannot aid your chosen character with the quest by supplementing him/her with jars from other characters. You are still able to receive items from the jars on these characters.
  • Plant a Candy Tree in your homestead.
  • Herbalism at any rank is used to harvest Candy Jars from the trees.
    • You may only gather a certain amount of times per day. Small, Medium or Large Candy Tree, produce 5, 6 or 7 Candy Jars respectively.
      • Lucky Bonus and bonus Partner gathers do work when harvesting from the tree.
      • Candy Trees restock at 12:00am PST100.
      • The number of Candy Jars remaining in a Candy Tree will be reset after upgrade.
    • Harvesting after the event yields Branches, Berry, Large Nail, and Small Gem.
    • Candy Jars can be gathered from Candy Trees obtained from previous events during the current event period.
  • Candy Jars acquired through the Homestead Fishing Event, or from your Candy Tree, can be used to obtain Candy Tree Dye Ampoules.
  • During this event, the required time to build items is decreased by a large amount and Pons on all items can be purchased for half price.
  • During this event, Caravan Joe sells various items used for creating various homestead objects.


Homestead Candy Bonanza
How to Get Quest

Log in during the event and have not yet selected a character.

Briefing Have you visited your Homestead lately? If not, you should! A special event is taking place! Enjoy faster grow speeds, easier building construction, and plenty of NX and Pon rewards! Talk to Caravan Joe to learn more.
Color on the Candy Tree
How to Get Quest

Log in every day at 7:00am PST100 after completing the quest Homestead Candy Bonanza

Briefing Obtain a Dye Ampoule and use it on a Candy Tree in your Homestead!
  • Use Candy Tree Dye Ampoules (5,000 EXP) [2]
  • Use Candy Tree Dye Ampoules (10,000 EXP) [2]
  • Use Candy Tree Dye Ampoules (20,000 EXP) [2]
  • Use Candy Tree Dye Ampoules (40,000 EXP) [2]
  • Use Candy Tree Dye Ampoules (80,000 EXP) [2]
Additional Information
  • If you do not complete the quest after the reset time, you will still receive the quest again after completing it then re-logging or changing channels.


By talking to Caravan Joe, Homestead Candy Bonanza Event Coupons can be exchanged for:


Goods sold by Caravan Joe.

Candy Jar Rewards

Upon using a Candy Jar, there is a very high chance that you will receive a Candy Tree Dye Ampoule in addition to one or two of the items listed below, but only while you have the Candy Tree Colors Quest. Stackable items rewarded by the Candy Jar will be placed in new inventory slots and will not be automatically stacked with other items of the same type.


Homestead Seeds

Homestead Props


Fishing List

Items fishable with Candy Bait.




Skill Books