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For Emain Macha Wine, see Emain Macha Wine.
For Winemaking, see Winemaking.
For the Kitchen Dungeon monster, see Wine (Monster).


Inventory icon of Wine

2 × 2

A bottle of gift wine.

Methods to Obtain

Store Locations

Who Where Cost
Caitin Tir Chonaill 200g
Glenis Dunbarton
Jennifer Bangor

Monster Drops

What Where
Snow Imp Par Normal,
Par Snow Crystal

Used in


Deliver Wine

How to Get Quest

Finish "Collect berries" quest

Briefing Hey there~ buddy, I have a somewhat strange request... Have you heard of the 'Stomp' skill yet? I'll teach it to you if you deliver something for me to Kirine. Just make sure you don't tell anyone about it. -Wanst-
  • Talk to Wanst
  • Stomp skill training
  • Talk to Wanst
  • Deliver wine to Kirine
  • 500 Experience Points
Additional Information

In step 1, you gain the Stomp skill.

You may stomp the ground with nothing in range to train Stomp, if you wish.

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