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Item Bag (8x6)

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Inventory icon of Item Bag Size 2x5

2 × 5

A bag to carry your items. Has 48 item slots available (8x6), and can be opened by right-clicking the bag with the mouse.
Purchasing a Personal Shop License allows you to open your own Personal Shop, and you will be able to directly sell your items out of your bag.
The bag can only be used by users of the Extra Storage Services.
Only 1 bag is allowed per user.

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Despite the description, it no longer requires premium service to use.
Can only be accessed from a player's inventory.
Only one item bag may be used per player.
Only when empty can item bags be stored in a bank or dropped.
Cannot be stored on pets or traded.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Malcolm Tir Chonaill 3,750g
Walter Dunbarton
Gilmore Bangor
Galvin Emain Macha
Lorraine Dugald Residential Town
Elain Sen Mag Residential Town
Ailbhis Abb Neagh Residential Town
Effie Qilla Base Camp
Granites Filia
Zeder Vales
Pierrick Taillteann
Ilsa Tara
Siobhanin Port Cobh
Vanalen Belvast Island