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Seal Scroll (Scroll)

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For the Generation 1 item, see Seal Scroll (G1).
One piece of sealed equipment, a Mysterious Robe.
Inventory icon of Seal Scroll (Scroll)

1 × 2
Stack: 10

This scroll seals and protects one of your possessions. Sealed items cannot be sold at shops, traded, discarded, enchanted, special upgraded, synthesized, or converted. You may store a sealed item in your bank, but cannot share it across characters. You can apply this scroll to any item with a remaining seal duration of 7 days or less to extend the seal duration of that item.

Basic Information

  • Applying a Seal Scroll will seal the item of your choice to your Inventory.
    • You can only seal items that can be equipped.
    • The sealed item cannot be dropped, sold, Special Upgraded, synthesized, receive erg enchantment, traded, burned, enchanted (including elementals), stored in pets, or fed to a Spirit.
    • The sealed item can be stored in a bank, upgraded (excluding Special Upgrades), dyed, be blessed with Holy Water of Lymilark and Holy Flame, repaired, and be used normally.
    • You can seal personalized items (e.g. character-only).
    • You cannot use a Seal Scroll on a Wedding Ring or Engagement Ring.
  • The scroll comes in either one or ten in a stack.
  • The scroll comes in a duration of 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days.
    • All of the scrolls can be purchased at all General Shops.
  • A Seal Scroll's effect stack with one another, but can only be reapplied if the duration of the seal has less than 7 days left.
  • Seals currently cannot be removed from an item prematurely.

Not Implemented

Future content.png This section includes content that is unreleased in North America.
This content may or may not come in the future. This section is likely based on overseas version(s) of Mabinogi.
  • You can purchase a Seal Scroll that seals an item for an infinite amount of time from the Item Shop.
  • You can purchase an item that immediately removes the Seal on an item from the Item Shop.

Methods to Obtain

General Shop

Who Where Cost (1 Day) Cost (7 Days) Cost (30 Days)
Malcolm Tir Chonaill 1000g 3000g 5000g
Walter Dunbarton
Galvin Emain Macha
Gilmore Bangor
Pierrick Taillteann
Ilsa Tara
Siobhanin Port Cobh
Ailbhis Abb Neagh Residential Town
Lorraine Dugald Residential Town
Elain Sen Mag Residential Town
Marcellus Cuilin Residential Town
Effie Qilla Base Camp
Granites Filia
Zeder Vales
Kelpie Calida Exploration Camp
Vanalen Belvast Island
Butler (Partner) Anywhere 1000g or 10,000g (set of 10) 3000g or 30,000g (set of 10) 5000g or 50,000g (set of 10)