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Image Editing Policy212:23, 17 February 2019
Minor Note314:41, 22 June 2016
Images - Black and White Clothing111:09, 14 December 2014
New Policy919:16, 10 April 2014
Editting of images723:25, 3 April 2014
Blotting-out names on images100:45, 29 March 2014
Update on the video Policy?202:00, 24 November 2013
User Page Policy on images....217:41, 21 May 2013
"Do not copy and paste information from the game's client files."105:18, 13 November 2012
Vindictus Info619:46, 14 July 2012
Vandalism011:40, 8 June 2012
Mabi EU comments212:32, 6 May 2012
Deletion Request template113:59, 15 April 2012
Image Policy516:06, 7 April 2012
human vs Human014:03, 7 April 2012
November 13th rule1022:10, 15 November 2011
Multiple Pictures for equipment118:16, 3 April 2011

Image Editing Policy

I've been reuploading quite a few maps into .pngs, but judging by the quality of the in-game maps, it seemed to me that the original game files were .jpgs themselves. Because of this, I "cleaned" some of the maps to make them clearer and less artifact-y. However, I read over the Image Policy recently and realized that I was not supposed to edit the screenshots. Even if I did count these as cleaning the image, I also wonder if this qualifies as "editing the actual image". Since I wasn't sure, I wanted to ask before I either reverted the images back to the originals, or continue to clean and upload new maps.
Here are the maps I've cleaned, for reference.

Kiwibasket (talk)09:32, 10 February 2019

Hello Kiwibasket!

Your maps seem fine. As long as the quality is better than the original and it isn't an obvious JPG -> PNG file conversion, it's all good.

The rest of your work around here is great too, so keep it up!

Snowie (talk)01:54, 11 February 2019

For the maps it's fine, since they're originally jpg like you said. But just to add for other people referencing this post, I would discourage this for screenshots or anything that (should) originally have been lossless.

Thanks for the work so far. Sparkling

Kadalyn (talk)12:23, 17 February 2019

Minor Note

Forum links are outdated. ...This is so minor I wish I could've just done the change myself, though.

Akira (talk)18:38, 4 June 2016

Ah, thanks!

Kadalyn (talk)03:00, 5 June 2016

Say, is supposed to be a valid alternative for Because I can access the latter properly, but not the former.

Incidentally, back around the end of May I could access properly but was down... No idea if it's related though, and I can access them both fine now.

Props for all the work you put in, by the way. I read that forum post you made a while back about MabiWorld's inner workings. I started reading the list of responsibilities you held and my_brain.exe crashed halfway through. I'm glad you're capable of considering all that, because I sure wouldn't be able to make it work if I were in that position.

Akira (talk)20:09, 12 June 2016

It's the same issue, I guess he missed that subdomain. I let him know, thanks for letting me know. And thank you, I appreciate it.

Kadalyn (talk)14:41, 22 June 2016

Images - Black and White Clothing

Does this apply to all images not a part of equipment pages, for example Rest gallery?

Infodude575 (talk)11:08, 14 December 2014

Pretty sure it only applies to equipment pages, because black/white removes some outfit details.

Sakura502 (talk)11:09, 14 December 2014

New Policy

Looks so much better than the old fluffy illustration-less one. Though I can't help put poke at some small areas.

  • Where is the original thread for planning out the new policy?
  • Wouldn't the stuff here count as "player-made content"?
  • Unrelated Mythos, so someone's finally decided to strip it down. Hm, weren't there several pages somewhere that had information on the Celtic Myth? I'm not referring to the trivia.
  • I noticed a teeny tiny typo under distracting items, where Spirit Weapon has an asterisk instead of a bullet.
  • Wouldn't turning on Mini Effects help in some image and video cases by stripping down blocking effects? Though, it obviously won't work when trying to depict items or skills with effects.
  • For videos, there's another way to hide the chat: Hide Channel.
Infodude575 (talk)09:57, 4 April 2014
  • In the staff forums. It was internal of course, being the bureaucratic thing that it is.
  • Yes, it should really be in the user space, possibly with a user guide tag (eg. in the form of "guide to party ads" or perhaps something more expansive)
  • There are, though I'm less concerned about whole pages dedicated to it and more concerned about it interfering with pages about game content.
  • boop
  • I would prefer that people not turn on mini effects, so that they're able to relay the full experience.
  • That's a fairly inconvenient method. But yes, it exists.
Kadalyn (talk)15:08, 4 April 2014

Hide Channel doesn't filter chat general chat. forgot to bring that up to put it in whisper since hardly peopel whisper each other anyways.


"Don't replace images that already follow the policy, it's not very nice."

Shouldn't this include videos as well?

Infodude575 (talk)18:05, 7 April 2014

Yes, it must have slipped my mind.

Kadalyn (talk)20:39, 7 April 2014
Edited by 2 users.
Last edit: 23:58, 7 April 2014

Speaking of such acts (including a certain rudeness if I may add), what about mentioning the consequences? Or is that a "common sense" thing?

Infodude575 (talk)01:26, 10 April 2014

I think that's under the respect part of the policy.


Yeah but I don't see "if you do this, you get (insert punishment here)".

Infodude575 (talk)08:27, 10 April 2014

Because I don't want it to be a threatening environment. People don't need to know, anyway, since they're not enforcing the rules.

Kadalyn (talk)19:16, 10 April 2014

Editting of images

Are image edits such as the one I did for this[1] fine?

Zugon (Talk | contribs)22:10, 31 March 2014

If you changed the color in anyway, changed the image size after or before cropping it, in fact, any changes ever made(not counting cropping) should be a no. In my opinion, since we don't even allow Simulator colors. Unless your edit was adding the black background thing.

8I Also that image is in jpg.

Edit: Wait nvm.

Your edit doesn't really bother the model, so I think it's allowed.

Nise Panda (talk)22:29, 31 March 2014

It's fine so long there wasn't any changes to the model. Small edits like blacking out HP bars is fine, but can easily be remedied by just healing to full HP and having 0 wounds

I would much prefer that any composition of the image including HP bar removal is done through in-game methods before taking the picture, as Lexis has explained here. However, it doesn't really bother me if you edited out the HP bar over a solid black background.

Kadalyn (talk)20:09, 3 April 2014

Oh ya, entering combat mode forces the HP bar to appear x.x I don't think it's much of a problem except maybe weapons?


I'm aware of the methods to remove the HP bar beforehand, what I did this time was editting out the HP bar of a previously existing image uploaded by someone else who failed or forgot to exclude the HP bar.

Zugon (Talk | contribs)23:25, 3 April 2014

But that image is a jpg conversion. Saving as a jpg or any other low quality file type or setting then resaving as a png is not allowed (at least in the old policy, haven't had time to read the new one yet).

Edit: Now I see why Sakura edited her/his post, didn't realize you only edited out the bar and not upload the original. Sorry for my assumption.

Kapra - (Talk)00:35, 1 April 2014

Still isn't allowed of course. We want lossless quality as the current policy says. I can't really tell if that image is or not, though, so I'm not commenting on it specifically.

Kadalyn (talk)20:06, 3 April 2014

Blotting-out names on images

Character Stat Window.png
Dart Board.png

How would that rule work on images that can't be hidden without blotting it out? There's cases like that, like on the images to the right.

Infodude575 (talk)16:40, 14 March 2014

When it said that, it was specifically talking about the name over your head, I think.

Kadalyn (talk)00:45, 29 March 2014

Update on the video Policy?


  • Videos should be made specifically for the wiki.
    • In effect, don't link videos without the author(s)' knowledge and permission.
  • As with pictures, ctrl+n must be used to hide character names.
  • Please have the chat window disabled in the in-game options.
  • Do not show videos with mods in them.
  • Do not show videos of in-game glitches.
  • Do not add your own soundtrack.
    • Ideally, the music should either be muted, or the in-game music should be playing at a lower volume than the sound effects, if sound effects are important to what is being presented. The volumes can be changed in the in-game options.
  • Videos should not be used for decoration. To demonstrate a skill or mini-game is acceptable, for example, but showing off clothing is not.
  • Videos from foreign servers may be used but should ideally be replaced when the content is out in NA.
  • To show a youtube video on a page, use the {{youtube|}} template, placing the video's youtube ID after the |.
    • Usage example: {{youtube|YbaTur4A1OU}}.

Pending Updated Policy[edit]

Subject to change anything added or changed is in Italics.

  • Videos should be made specifically for the wiki.
    • In effect, don't link videos without the author(s)' knowledge and permission.
  • As with Image Policy, names of characters must be hidden using the Hide Name function (Default keys: Left Ctrl+N).
  • Remove as much of the User Interface as possible, closing all chat windows, minimizing the bottom interface and closing all Item Bags.
    • If necessary, you can hide all of the interface with the \ (Backslash) key.
    • To prevent Party Advertisements and the Guild chat from appearing while recording, change the tab to the "Whisper" tab and press enter. This will prevent all chats nearby from showing up, as well as the Party and Guild Chats.
  • You may add text using a video editor, such as Windows Movie Maker.
    • The text should be legible and should not stray from its intended purpose.
    • The text should not obstruct anything in the video.
    • Do not use distracting or frivolous fonts.
  • Do not show videos with mods in them.
  • Do not show videos of in-game glitches.
  • Do not add your own soundtrack or copyrighted music.
    • If music must be added, it must be in-game at a lower volume than the sound effects, or any track used in Mabinogi.
      • The volumes can be changed in the in-game options.
  • Videos should not be used for decoration. To demonstrate a skill or mini-game is acceptable, for example, but showing off clothing is not.
  • Videos from foreign servers may be used but should ideally be replaced when the content is out in NA.
  • To show a youtube video on a page, use the {{youtube|}} template, placing the video's youtube ID after the |.
    • Usage example: {{youtube|YbaTur4A1OU}}.

I felt something was lacking. :s I'm trying a new video format for examples (One of which is on Spellwalk and the other is the Dressing Room) and maybe make examples more visual than just showing off the skill. Kinda want some feedback and if any changes need to be made, I'll be sure to do so in the future of any example videos I record.

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)23:10, 18 November 2013

In my opinion, words are sometimes harmless and can describe features that only visualization doesn't. I don't object, but obviously don't do anything that would be considered opinionated or silly, like putting ":D" and stuff.

Infodude575 (talk)00:15, 24 November 2013

During my Dressing Room exhibition, I tried so hard not to use emoticons...

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)02:00, 24 November 2013

User Page Policy on images....

Other than 10 max, do replacement images count towards the 3MB (3,000KB) limit (i.e. revisions/file history)?

Nah. I doubt we even need the size limit anymore, but might as well keep it in place just to stop people from uploading absurdly large files.

Angevon (Talk)17:32, 21 May 2013

oh...just wondering considering it's written in the policy.


"Do not copy and paste information from the game's client files."

Does this apply to every server or just NA?

kaede-kit (Talk)08:05, 8 November 2012

I think it's within' all of the game files of any Mabinogi. However, I'm not sure if this also applies of getting the information from other websites.

Dejosa (talk)05:17, 13 November 2012

Vindictus Info

Why are we not allowed to add simple tid-bits of Vindi trivia?

Vindictus does it all the time for Mabinogi in their Wiki. And Vindictus and Mabinogi DO intertwine, despite all their differences.

Example: Ferghus

Ferghus can also be found as a blacksmith in the game Mabinogi: Fantasy Life. He is infamous for his failure rate while repairing (90%; the lowest of all (but one) repair rates). Even the NPCs say his repair job is lousy.

Sometimes after repairing, Ferghus will say "Oops, my hand slipped," a reference to his notorious failures in Mabinogi: Fantasy Life.

Code 200808:12, 14 July 2012

Not all wikis are the same, though. But since the rule was placed, I put a complication on my userpage.

The only thing that we've actually accepted is Legatus's tidbit, because he actually says it in-game.

Infodude57509:43, 14 July 2012

Also, Vindictus's storyline is no longer canonical to Mabinogi's storyline, as stated by DevCAT.

Pyro - (Talk)13:58, 14 July 2012

Although Legatus' statement implies Vindictus is the prequel and took many many years before Mabi... DevCAT should fix that...

Infodude57515:58, 14 July 2012

Maybe it spun to a point where it..."trailed" off. o-o

S•A•R•I•A17:31, 14 July 2012

Most people don't seem to believe devCAT anyways, and still go with the thought that Vindictus IS the prequal to Mabinogi.

I guess we'll just see how Season 2 goes for that game I guess?

Code 200819:37, 14 July 2012

Yes, but an informal wiki needs to go with canonical information, not fanonical or removed.

Pyro - (Talk)19:45, 14 July 2012

Perhaps we should revoke user pages of vandals?

Pyro - (Talk)11:40, 8 June 2012

Mabi EU comments

All of these can be removed now as EU has shut down?

Galabear12:19, 6 May 2012

Except for things like Queens English and etc.

Pyro - (Talk)12:26, 6 May 2012

Didn't mean them at all, that's a totally seperate bit :-)

Galabear12:32, 6 May 2012

Deletion Request template

Not sure if this is just being nitpicky, but for the sake of the newbies, few of which have yet made this mistake, there needs to be a small correction. Typing "{{Delete|reason=}}" automatically defaults the deletion reason to "No reason given. Please give a reason." no matter what's typed after the "reason=" part. The correct version should be {{Delete|Reason Goes Here}}.

Oneris13:54, 15 April 2012


Angevon (Talk)13:59, 15 April 2012

Image Policy

Can somebody add that you can't save images as *.jpg then change them to *.png so you can upload them as *.pngs? This just defeats the purpose because the discoloration from the initial *.jpg upload is still present.

Pyro - (Talk)20:42, 22 February 2012 about: "You can save a .jpg/.jpeg image as a .png for placeholding purposes."

I'll reserve the png spot and still show what the equipment looks like, but will be grainy :x...

Mikaya21:04, 22 February 2012

But then people will be like "Oh it's already a png, there's no need to reupload it". I don't really see any point in making a placeholder image if the *.jpg already satisfies that.

Pyro - (Talk)21:13, 22 February 2012

Yeah, that's true. guess we could move the category tags from the bottom of the editing section to the top so that people would see the reason when they try to edit the page without having to scroll all the way down. You would only need to do to the NeedPicture Categories :x but I don't think it would matter...

Mikaya21:15, 22 February 2012

I agree with Pyro on that, but the problem is there are pictures that are in perfect quality set as .jpg for items OTHER than clothes/armor etc.

Foxy21:16, 22 February 2012

So are you guys considering this?

Pyro - (Talk)16:06, 7 April 2012

human vs Human

Should there be a clear statement of which is to be used? Because I've seen some people edit "Human" down to "human", and vice-versa. The game itself, I'm pretty sure has confused its capitalization issues some when referring to the race, and then on top of that they sometimes use the term to refer to Human (Ethnicity).

Akira14:03, 7 April 2012

November 13th rule

I think the header should be bolded in my opinion. After all, the April rule for the Banning section was bolded.


Any contribution-less user who has created a page before the implementation of this policy has 5 days to make sufficient contributions.


You should state the consequences. And I think a Ban-Hammer might be necessary for those who still don't contribute because they wouldn't be doing anything. It's like you're firing someone because they didn't do their work.

Infodude57516:41, 13 November 2011

This is minor but you might want to change the site notice's link to "Mabinogi World Wiki:Policy", it is a redirect at the moment.

Pyro - (Talk)20:48, 14 November 2011

As things are now, new contributors cannot use Talk pages until they've edited other content. They have to have a signature on Talk pages that links to their Home page, and cannot have Home pages until they've contributed. That's my enterpretation anyway.

~Shadoe20:30, 15 November 2011

Who said they couldn't use talk pages?


They're perfectly allowed to use talk pages, but that doesn't count as valid edits and things that belong on the forums belong on the forums, things that belong on talk pages belong on talk pages.

Pyro - (Talk)20:53, 15 November 2011

The section on Talk says they must use a signature on talk pages that at minimum links back to their home page, which they may not have yet. I'm just wanting to clarify if it's suppose to require someone to do enough contributions (outside of talk pages) to have a home page before they can use Talk pages, or if it's not supposed to be a requirement any longer to have a Talk page signature that links back to a homepage.

~Shadoe21:01, 15 November 2011

You need a link to your user page in your signature even if it doesn't exist. You don't need it to be made to use a talk page, just have it linked.

Pyro - (Talk)21:38, 15 November 2011

They just wanna know who wrote that. A userpage itself would have very little meaning.

Infodude57522:01, 15 November 2011

The linking part? I did. Some users had signatures that didn't have a link at all, but made their signature different from their username, making it a bit more difficult to find out who made the post.


Ok. Thank you for the clarification :)

~Shadoe22:10, 15 November 2011

Multiple Pictures for equipment

Some of the equips that are human and giant or all three races look way different on giants. Is it possible to start having a elf/human version and a giant version of the pictures?--Saix7 00:18, 4 April 2011 (UTC)

Saix716:18, 3 April 2011

Isnt that what the /Images pages are for?

κєνıи тαıĸ«)18:16, 3 April 2011