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Category:NPC Animals

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For pets, see Category:Pets.
  • These animals are not typical NPCs, as they (usually) can't speak, but nor are they monsters as they can't be directly attacked by a player and won't attack a player.
  • Most of these are collection animals and allow you to get some form of raw material from them. The exceptions are:
    • Dogs - They do nothing except attack wolves (pets and monsters). They also have been observed to have a similar AI to a Human. They can also level up upon gaining enough EXP. However, they do not have a "Finish".
    • Mustangs, Ostriches and Hippos - Can be ridden by right clicking them and selecting "mount" when they are standing still. If you try to PvP someone while their ontop of the mount, they will not get hit by the player until they dismount. Monsters can still attack you when mounted.
      • Note that they can be killed if a monster is targeting a player while he/she is mounted on top of it.
    • Bear (Tarlach), Rab, Ruwai and Weird Cat - Can be interacted with to a greater extent (some more than others) and have individual identities, however, they are still animals and are therefore listed here rather than as part of a race in Category:NPC Races.
  • Most NPC Animals can also be killed by non-basic AoE monster attacks.
  • As NPC Animals that appear only in events are not considered part of the regular playing experience, they are listed separately to avoid confusion (see Category:Event NPCs).