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Rest Time is the Best Time - Part 1

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Rest Time is the Best Time - Part 1
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A book filled with interviews on how some of the citizens of Erinn get the most out of their resting time. Reading it will help you reach Rank 4 in rest.

Obtain From Hard Mode Theatre Missions
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Tradability Untradable
Effects Used in Rank 5 Rest Training
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Rest Time is the Best Time - Part 1 -

Author Unknown

Rest is something everyone does, but of course, we don't all do it the same way.

For some folks, the stress melts away when they get a bunch of friends together.

For others, rest is best enjoyed when the house is quiet, curled up with a good book and a favorite beverage.

In this series of brief interviews, we're surveying many citizens of Erinn to see how they get the most of their down time.

Without further ado, let's jump right in, shall we?

Q: How do you usually spend your down time? What does 'rest' look like for you?

A: Hrm... Nothing in particular, really. It's dangerous to let your guard down even for a second in the jungle. Grrr... Just keep your eyes on your surroundings and watch out for whatever moves. That's a lot of things, actually, but I never said it was easy.(Cor Village/Ms.S)

A: I like watching my grandfather at work. People around me scold me for taking a break, but I'm engaging in the time-honored practice of learning by watching my elders! Honestly, I can't afford to rest if I want to become as good as my grandfather one day!(Bangor/Ms.E)

A: Me? I check out all the trendiest hairstyles. From head to toe, I'm absolute perfection, as you know. Hmm, it's time to go pick up my decollete. Anyhow, what ARE you wearing? You call those 'clothes'?(Dunbarton/Mr.S)

A: Oh, definitely reading. Books are the meal that nourishes the soul, they say. Questing ceaselessly for the truth of the world is part of the calling for alchemists like me, after all. Sometimes, on the days when I have time to rest, someone...brings me a plate of food.On days like those, at least it seems as though the burdens are a bit easier to bear.(???/Mr.J)

A: *rambling* Well, see, I make music, just plucking the strings along with whatever melody flows into my head. And you know, just watching the fountain waters spread so smoothly on the surface seems to bring such rich music to mind, as though it were the inspiration of the divine. Though, from time to time, I do play with other's compositions as well.(Emain Macha/Mr. N)

A: ........Nuu.(???/Mr.C) ("Ah! He's saying he usually spends free time laying down.") (???/Ms. P)

A: Heehee. I secretly rummage through my sister's closet full of uniforms and try them on! They might be a bit big for me, but my sister loves uniforms, so she's got tons. That's part of what makes it so fun! ...Wait, are you actually gonna print this? Er...I also like to keep the windmill's gears greased? Does that sound less incriminating?(Tir Chonaill/Ms. A)

A: I like to just look down at the town square and people-watch. It's always interesting to watch the hustle and bustle of folks going about their business while I get a little sunlight myself. Aside from that, let's see... I pray for the church volunteers, and sometimes look after the lost chicks. ...Oh! Sometimes, I have tea with Ranald when our schedules allow.(Tir Chonaill/Ms.E)

A: ...Do I LOOK like someone with free time on his hands? As a public servant, I have no excuse to fool around while on duty. If I had a free day, I think...yes, I'd sleep in without anyone being able to disturb me. THAT sounds like a proper rest to me.(Filia/Mr.M)