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Professor J

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Professor redirects here. For the Enchant, see Rank A Enchants#Professor.
Portrait of Professor JFile:Professor J.png
Professor J
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Vates

Aces Micro-Site Description

Widely praised as the inventor of the Guard Cylinder, this otherwise reclusive scholar is changing the world. A royal scientist of the highest order, Professor J is considered by many of his peers, and even some of his critics, to be the most gifted alchemist Erinn has ever seen.

But will his strong moral code and sense of justice prevent him from making truly revolutionary achievements?

Those born into power must use their gifts for the good of all, and Professor J is driven by what he believes is his duty to service the realm. Aspiring Alchemists far and wide flock to hear him lecture, and he's built a reputation as a no-nonsense genius who respects honor, virtue, and the law above all else.

Though he is a paragon amongst the Aces, Professor J can't help but admire the bravado and gravitas of Starlet's performances. Unlike Starlet, the Professor finds the wreckless[sic], unpredictable Druid Merlin to be too young, too brash, and too naive to master his power- a waste of talent in his eyes.

Right and wrong define the Professor's every action, but the law can often come into conflict with a scientist's logic. Which commitment is more important? How will the Professor's dreams clash with that of Merlin and Starlet?

Join him on his journey and discover for yourself.[1]


Sharp eyes sparkle behind a face that shows no emotion. Locks of black hair fall perfectly over the polished buttons of his immaculate coat, suggesting a man who enjoys perfection.

Professor J is a highly skilled alchemist, or Vates, of the Aces. He is the famed user of a specially designed cylinder used for offense and defense, the guard cylinder, as well as the skills associated with it: Hydra Transmutation, Elemental Wave, and Golden Time.

Professor J often bumps heads with Merlin, thinking Merlin to be childish, brash, arrogant, impulsive, and a "waste of talent," and because of this Merlin thinks J is an annoyance. Professor J also admires Starlet's talent, but thinks Merlin is bothering her too much.

Mainstream Story


  • Despite Nexon's official announcements stating that Professor J invented the Guard Cylinders, their in-game descriptions state that they were made by Merlin.
  • Professor J worked alongside Merlin to make the Moon Gates and Mana Tunnels permanently open. The apparatuses near them serve to power the gates when they would normally be closed.