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Portrait of RianFile:Rian.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Lord of Emain Macha
Location Emain Macha
Throne Room


A handsome young man is wearing a tailored shirt that makes a shade in sepia color over his lean body. His red hair is contrasting against his pale face and fair skin. Although he's a noble-looking young man, it is difficult to find any facial expression in his face at all. From time to time, he makes a deep breath that sounds more like a sigh.

Rian is Ruairi's younger brother. He is the lord of Emain Macha. He rarely speaks and relies on Esras to relay his will. He can be heard speaking, but she often interrupts him, and Rian simply acknowledges Esras's words.


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Mainstream Story

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  • The given name Rían, (pronounced /riːʌn/) contains the Old Irish word for "king", , and the diminuitive suffix -an, giving the name the meaning of Little King.
    • Ruairi and Rian both have names that include the word "King" in Old Irish.
  • Rian, just like Esras, can only be met with when the player has Generation 2 active. They are located in a special instance of the throne room.
    • It is possible to set a Warp Imp into that room in order to be able to access the two NPCs outside of Generation 2 afterwards.
  • Due to changes implemented with the Genesis update, a significant part of Rian's backstory has been cut from Generation 2. However, once the player has finished G2, the cutscene named "The Tragedy of Emain Macha" shows what happened to Rian that brought him under Esras's care becomes accessible at the Crystal ball.
    • This cutscene was not updated with the Masterpiece update, still using the original translation and no voiceover.
  • Rian has an alternative model that is used during scenes where he is seen standing.